Environmental Art Project

Official opening of the ‘Our City’ Environmental Art Project- November 2012

Our member of Parliament Trishram Hunt, fellow governors, parent/carers, grandparents and the staff and children involved, were invited to the official opening of the ‘Our City art project’ last week. It was a lovely day and each piece of sculpture was officially opened by the group of children responsible for its design with the staff involved Mrs Barrow and Miss Pickerill.

The project came about after the head teacher, Mrs P. Bloor, submitted a bid in answer to an advert by Aspire Housing in the Sentinel newspaper]for an art project competition. The theme of our bid was “core values of our city”

The aim was to promote positive values, when Stoke is so often put down by people, who do not know the strengths of the people in our city. Also to show case the talents of the young people of PM training, which includes some of our ex pupils and to show our pupils that other options are available to them in the world of work, as well as higher education. The high profile of the location on a main transport link into the city was another factor as it would enhance the area and give the children and their families pride and ownership of the project.

The school was successful in the bid for an environmental art project involving 3D sculptures that would go on the bank by the A34, the main road into the city. It was to be sponsored by the Realise Foundation and Stable Development and built by PM engineering who have done other impressive art work around the city.

All the children in the school were asked to come up for a design one week for their homework on one of the following:
1. Friendship
2. Work
3. Faith
4. Respect and Love

The best designs were selected and worked on further in small groups and more design work done on combining designs and looking at colours, position etc to make the design eye catching for the central location planned. Then PM Engineering turned the designs into art works which had to go to the council for planning permission. Finally, all the young designers and their families, governors and our M.P. were invited to the official opening celebration and invited to a buffet afterwards. Two former pupils came from their high schools to attend with their family which was wonderful. It was a great success.

Their magnificent work will be on display for many years.