French Visit 2015

Y6 made a visit to the Somme region in France in January of 2015. They stayed at the Chateau du Broutel which is within an hours travel from Calais. It is in the Somme where in 1916 60,000 British soldiers, all volunteers were lost on the first day of the battle alone.

The aim of the visit was to see the battlefields of the First World War, learn about another country and speak French. The children visited the Albert Museum, Newfoundland Park near Beaumont Hame which has remains of trenches. They also saw the mine crater ( Lochnagar Crater ) at La Boisselle which is the largest hole made by mankind in anger. Then they visited the Thiepval memorial which marks the 73,000 soldiers with no known graves who died in the Battles of the Somme between 1915 and 1918.

The children had fun activities in the evening and visited french shops in rue and ordered a hot chocolate in French. The visit was a great success and very memorable for all the children.