World Book Day 2015

World Book Day.

Following a week of story telling with our visitor; Tony Wilson, we celebrated World Book Day with some whole school story writing!

Staff and children worked collaboratively on a “Story Chain” activity where each class added their own creative ideas to stories which were passed around the school throughout the day. In total, we wrote 6 new stories which have been combined to create a book that can be shared by all.

Children of all ages were able to contribute to the story writing and thoroughly enjoyed their authorship experience, being really excited each time a sheet arrived in their classroom to see what the next story would be.

We are also creating several “Writes of Passage” displays in school, where children make book recommendations. They were asked to choose a book they would consider to be a “really good read” and briefly tell us what made it so good and who they thought would enjoy it. The hope is that these displays will help children to choose a book they will enjoy and promote a love of reading through peer recommendation.

Reception children and staff dressed in their pyjamas and brought in their favourite books to share.


They read lots of stories throughout the day and explored books in their classrooms and the school library.

World Book Day 2015 – The Story Chain.

The stories below were written by children at St John’s Primary School on World Book Day 2015. They were written as a Story Chain activity where a sheet was passed from class to class, with each adding a few sentences to the story until it was complete. All year groups, from Reception to Year 6, were involved.

It is clear to see that the children have used many of the writing strategies taught in classes throughout the school. Particularly clear are the different sentence types that are taught. For example; 2AD sentences, A BOYS sentences, WHO drop or W drop sentences, description using similes, use of time words or phrases and different sentence openers.

One bright, sunny night a very intelligent boy was reading a book. It was a very special book because it was magic. He loved reading so much that he read all his books backwards, upside down and even when he went shopping!

As soon as he opened the book, he was transported back in time to a dinosaur swamp. He was so busy reading that he didn’t notice the T-rex licking its lips and getting closer and closer and closer!

A wave of stinky breath and slimy slobber drooled down the boys back. He was so petrified that he dropped his magical book into a pool of blazing hot lava. In front of him, the massive volcano was erupting with boiling lava gushing, finding any path.

Amazingly, the special book was undamaged and it rose from the ashes. The boy looked in the book for a picture of his home. He made a wish and he disappeared. The magic felt warm and cosy. When he opened his eyes he was in his own bedroom. He was very happy!

* * * * * * * * *

It all began in the mid 1940’s. The streets were full of dust and smoke from the explosion. John peered from his window at the sky and saw the revealing figure of a ghostly bomber gear-man disappearing towards its base. As he gasped into the blackened sky with trails of fire and smoke, there was another explosion in a nearby house.

John could hear the fire engines getting closer. He crept out of his own house and stood on the street in the dark, damp air looking up at the starry sky. The fire was orange and dangerous but, as John watched, the firemen started to put out the spreading flames.

Suddenly, the sound of another plane made John look up into the smoky darkness. “Run for your lives! There’s more bombs coming!” He saw a bomb fall from the plane so he started to run.

John waited for the loud bang but there was nothing, not a sound. He looked back nervously. John couldn’t stand any more devastation. He went to sleep to shut it out and forget about it.

The next morning, the sun woke John by shining on him. He saw an astonishing rainbow and heard the birds tweeting softly. The war was over

Once upon a time there lived a bossy queen and a wicked king. They lived in a dark, gloomy castle with twenty knight. They wanted a baby. One night in a dream, the queen was told by a dark, shadowy figure, that she would have the baby she longed for if she learned to be kind to others. The queen, knowing that she would be unable to be kind, went to visit a wizard. The wizard offered her a potion, however, he did warn her that the potion would have bad side effects. Should the queen take the potion?

Suddenly, she snatched the potion from the wizard’s old, wrinkly hand and gulped it down in one mouthful! A couple of minutes later, she started breathing fire like a dragon. A curly, pink tail and a button-like round snout began to appear.

The queen woke with a start. She was unsure if it was all a dream or not. She dashed to the mirror and her reflection showed a fire breathing pig! She let out a loud scream and ran to the kitchen where she tried to wash off the potion but it just got worse! Her hands turned into trotters and she shrunk down to micro-pig size.

She ran to find the king but the king didn’t realize who she was. She tried to speak but all that came out was a squeaky “oink”. The king let out a high pitched scream and ran away shouting, “There’s a fire breathing pig in here!” He ordered the twenty knights to take the pig to the dungeons.

On the way to the deep, dark dungeons, the pig escaped and ran as fast as she could back to the wizard. She asked him for some magic potions, one to turn her into a nice queen and the other to turn the king into a kind king. She went back to the palace and they lived happily ever after.

* * * * * * * * *

Mortified, traumatized, shaken – have you ever felt these things all at once? Unsurprisingly, this is how James felt as he stood frozen to the spot confronted by an horrific, cold-hearted creature of the deep, dark river. His purple, gooey, ovel body held a squished, stinky, hairy head. He moved slowly towards James.

James pulled out a sharp, dangerous sword and started attacking the ugly monster. Suddenly, he saw a creepy, pitch black shadow appear behind the monster. It was sneaking around the corner with its tail swishing like it was swatting flies. The creature was sniffing for blood. It was battle scarred and had blood red eyes. Immediately, the creature grabbed James and bit him angrily.

James struggled to get away. He was terrified for his… trainers! James cut the monster’s head off with his laser sword and a cute, bouncing puppy jumped out and said “woof”!

One snowy night, a little puppy called Wilson was playing with his ball when suddenly he heard a loud cry. Wilson rushed inside to find a baby sitting all alone in the dark! Wilson heard a squeak and noticed a shadow moving slowly towards the baby.

Seconds later, a huge, ugly rat as vile and bloodthirsty as a vampire, towered over the defenseless baby. Wilson, who was watching from under a chair, couldn’t help but notice the gruesome, angry scar which ran down the length of its scrawny body.

Wilson pounced out from under his chair like a jaguar and growled as ferociously as a wolf. The rat looked up and saw Wilson’s sharp, spiky teeth. The baby began to scream like a pig having its tail pulled. It stole Wilson’s attention and the rat lunged forward like a lion on springs. It ripped a chunk out of Wilson’s ear. Wilson, who was scared, fought off the rat and he escaped. Suddenly he was gone in a flash but he left a trail of blood for anyone to find.

Exhausted, Wilson lay on the floor whimpering in pain. Then he noticed that his collar was glowing like a shooting star in the sky. The baby laughed at this and crawled over to Wilson. Touching Wilson’s scar, he miraculously healed Wilson’s ear. Suddenly, the baby turned into a magician. He decided to follow the trail of blood and get revenge on the rat. He picked Wilson up and started on his way.

Down a dark road they met a kind boy and his dog. The boy offered them some food and a drink of ice cold water.

To be continued…