End of year 2015 concert

17th June 2015
Dear Parents/Carers

Our pupils are performing an end of year concert called

St John’s Summer Special

and we have arranged 3 performances:

Tuesday 7th July at 1.30 pm
Tuesday 7th July at 6.00 pm
Wednesday 8th July at 9.15 am

This year this is only for KS1 & KS2 (Y1 to Y6 children).

Capacity in the hall is linked to fire regulations and for this performance we are allowed approximately 180 seats for guests – as we have 209 families this means each family will be allowed up to 3 tickets in total (the equivalent of 1 ticket per show).


I am asking parents/carers to try and make sure all our performances are full for our pupils as the practices so far reveal wonderful talent amongst your children. If you are free during the day please come to the morning or afternoon performance.

Please complete the slip below for tickets for all performances but for your information:

  • Only 1 ticket per family can be allocated for the evening performance (if we have any spare tickets we will give these out by Friday 3rd July – drawn ‘out of the hat’)
  • Up to 2 tickets per family can be booked for the same performance either morning or afternoon (additional tickets will be given out by Monday 6th July)
  • You can request a total of 3 tickets per family

Hopefully this system ensures all families have equal access to all performances.

Could you arrange for your child to arrive at school by 5.30 pm on 7th July for our evening performance and to be collected (by an authorised contact who is known to our staff) at 7.00 pm – via the normal cloakroom doors. Please complete the slip below if you know a reason why your child is not able to return for this concert.

Tea and coffee will be available before each performance; this is with thanks to our staff/governors for giving up their time. Although we are not charging for tickets there will be a plate collection at the end of each performance which will go towards expenses/additional equipment for our pupils – so please bring along a purse or wallet!!!

I look forward to seeing you at these performances and know that this will be an enjoyable and momentous occasion!!

Yours sincerely

Mrs P Bloor


Please click here for a printable pdf of the form complete with the request slip.