Pupil Premium 2011-2012

The pupil premium allocation for 2011/2012 was £38,700. This was used to help fund an additional KS2 teacher to enable the school to have four small classes and better focussed personalised learning. It also provided additional TA hours to give our Pupil Premium pupils additional reading, 1:1 support, mentoring and paid for after-school opportunities. School visits and the breakfast club were subsidised. Some Pupil premium allocation
paid for theatre groups and special activities re Planetarium, Animal Man coming into school.
This had impacted on our Free School Meal (FSM) pupils through greater confidence, catching up on learning gaps, an increase in self-esteem, behaviour and readiness for learning.

Tracking data for 2012 showed 100% of FSM pupils made 2 levels of progress in English and 92% in Maths during the 2012 tests.

Our 2012/2013 allocation is £79,232. We are funding a KS2 teacher, 2 extra TA’s, 1:1 coaching, 1:1 reading, 1:1 maths, mentoring and WOW days such as a Forensic Science Day, an Animal Lady visit, a Willow Art project, a Circus Skills Day, a Music Day, day visits to Stanley Head Outdoor Centre.
Additional after-school & holiday clubs including football, cheerleading, multi-skills, sports camps are also taking place and the breakfast club and school visits are also subsidised. Individual pupils are taking advantage of paid after-school swimming lessons to enhance those provided within our curriculum.