Pupil Premium Funding 2016 – 2017

Pupil Premium Funding 16/17

Pupil Premium Grant:

Number of Pupils Eligible for PP Grant            


119 £157080


Number of Children from Armed Service 


3 £900
Number of Looked After Children


2 £3800


Desired Outcome Success Criteria
1.      To improve disadvantaged pupils attainment To maintain the increasing trend of value added for disadvantaged children
2.      To reduce the gap To reduce the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers at the end of KS1 in English, Maths and Science
3.      To accelerate progress To ensure all PP children make at least good progress
4.      To develop personal skills, co-operative play, confidence and aspirations Children more confident speaking to adults, vocabulary extended and engagement in cooperative play
5.      To provide additional opportunities and enrichment of the curriculum All PP pupils attend additional learning and enrichment visits such as ‘WOW days’ and school clubs.
6.      To improve attendance To improve the attendance of PP children from 95.1% to 95.5%
7.      To improve engagement with families Family learning courses/demonstrations attendance of PP families increases by 20%. Open evening attendance improves by 10%

Funding Streams:

Funding Stream 1:

–          To Provide Basic Needs

Uniform, Book Bags, PE Bags, Swim Bags, Breakfast Club, Lunch, Snacks, Educational Equipment/Resources, Homework Books, Emergencies

Funding Stream 2:

–          To Reduce the Gap and Improve Disadvantaged Pupils Attainment to Accelerate Progress

Additional 1 to 1 Reading,  Reading Books/Material, Small Group Support , Writing/Reading/Phonics catch up groups, Early Intervention, Coaching, Awards/Prizes, IT Support/Resources

Funding Stream 3:

–          To Develop Personal Skills, Confidence and Aspirations

–          To Provide Additional Opportunities and Enrichment of the Curriculum

Subsidised Educational Visits, Wow Learning Opportunities, Residential Visits, Transport, Musical Instruments, Co-operative Play Opportunities, After School Clubs, After School Coaching, Gifted and Talented Opportunities, Transport, Holiday Clubs, Additional Swimming, Sporting Activities, Coaching/Personal Mentoring, Behaviour Improvement

Funding Stream 4

–          To Improve Attendance

–          To improve Family Engagement

Parent/Carer Activities, Resources for Parents/Carers, Good Attendance Initiatives/Visits/Rewards, Support for Vulnerable Families

Planned Expenditure:

Funding Stream Expenditure Allocation £
1 Uniform, PE Kit, Book/PE/Swim Bags, Breakfast Club/Lunch/Snacks, Basic Educational Equipment/Resources, Homework Books, Emergencies 4500
2 Additional teaching to support, daily 1 to 1 readers and individual children with identified needs

Additional TA staff for small group support in class and Intervention in the afternoon for EY/KS1/KS2

Booster sessions in Y6 by additional staff

Additional books/rewards to raise attainment of reluctant readers 400
Intervention in afternoon for Maths, Additional resources/on-line homework, 1 to 1 Maths Coach for Y6 PP Pupils 8200
IT Support/Resources 6800
3 Subsidised Educational Visits out of school 9000
WOW Educational Experiences in school 1500
France 2017 Visit 3800
Equipment/Resources 200
Co-operative Play Equipment/Resources 4000
Curriculum Coaching, Lunchtime/Afterschool & Holiday Clubs 11500
Behaviour Visits/Prizes/Awards 1000
Staff Training 165
4 Additional Services/Staffing 18975
Attendance Visits/Prizes/Awards 3500

 Early Years Pupil Premium Grant:

Number of Pupils Eligible for EYPP Grant             10 £3021
Number of Children from Armed Service 


0 £
Number of Looked After Children


0 £

Planned Expenditure:

Funding Stream Expenditure Allocation £
Early Years Intervention Speech & Language Therapist Services 3021