Sport’s Premium 2014/2015

Sports Funding is provided to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. The funding is provided jointly by the Department for Education and the Health, Culture Media and Sport Department. It is allocated to head teacher to decide how to spend it to benefit the pupils. Our school allocation is £8000.P.E.additional funding is given to P.E. from the school budget.

Key Objectives for our Sport’s Funding Allocation Costings
1.To provide a greater range of sporting opportunities for all pupils:-

  • E. has a high profile at St. Johns and lessons are organised to be strenuous and have high impact.
  • A programme of P.E. activities is provided across the age ranges, both at lunchtime and after school. TFS/external coaches are employed to deliver some of these.
  • Detailed schemes of work are provided for 2 hours of P.E. a week
  • Quality and varied P.E. resources have been purchased for lessons and extra curricular activities.
  • An extra swimming lesson has been purchased for a KS2 class.
  • Sports leaders in upper KS2 amongst G&T pupils are used to develop leadership and extend their knowledge and skills.
  • Permanent resources have been improved by the installation of a basketball posts and a court.
  • A set of balance bikes has been purchased for FS staff to teach children to ride.
  • New team kits have been purchased for athletics and sports.





2.To improve the teaching and expertise of staff:-

  • A specialist coach is used to work alongside our own teaching staff on a rolling programme to aid staff development. P.E. observations help improve performance.
  • Training for staff through the Open network.
  • Teaching assistants support Time For Sport -a bought in coaching company -who deliver games for some PPA cover and after school activities.
3.To promote healthy lifestyles amongst our pupils and families:-

  • In addition to 2 hours P.E. from reception to Y6 the children will have a 10 minute activity (PA) session each day.
  • Fitzy Fox will be re-launched in Foundation Stage.
  • Active lunchtimes are promoted through the provision of quality resources.
  • Sports camps are organised during half terms for pupil premium pupils.
  • A sport’s healthy lifestyle week is held each year and various intra class competitions are held each term.
  • Work takes place as a regular curriculum feature to help children make informed choices about healthy lifestyles and parent courses are held on healthy eating.
4.To promote school sport throughout the city:-

  • A percentage of the premium is used to support the newly formed sport’s network established by Helen Moores (the former stoke South sport coordinator) to develop physical activity and competitive sport amongst primary schools that are members of the OPEN -Outstanding P.E. network. This network offers lots of opportunities to collaborate with the Youth Sport’s Trust and active School’s Programme. It also provides quality professional development for our teachers. It also provides competitive sporting opportunities and sporting experiences for pupils e.g. dance and athletics festivals.
  • All key stage 2 classes will visit Fenton Manor Sport’s hall where they will have the opportunity to take part in some new sports led by a qualified coach.