My world project

During the summer term (2016) the year 6 pupils of St. Johns primary school, Trent Vale, took part in a work based project called My world.

During the project the students, aged 11 years old, experienced the world of work and took part in six workshops presented by outside agencies. Finally the project finished with a graduation ceremony led by the pupils themselves.

Although the overall aim of the project was to introduce students to work it also had many more aims: the project also emphasised the importance of developing self-confidence, raising self-esteem and resilience. All pupils showed great enthusiasm and enjoyment throughout the project with many reporting that they were eager to learn more about other jobs in our communities. The project also gave pupils the opportunity to consider what they are good at as individuals and what skills they would require to fulfil different roles.

Various places of work were visited during the project including Hanley fire-station, the Britannia stadium and Tatton park this enabled the children to consider the roles and responsibilities of a wide range of jobs including footballer, administration clerk, park ranger, events planner, engineer within the fire service etc.

Throughout the project the children worked within the same team: the children developed a team name, logo and created a final presentation together using practising skills require in the work of work (e.g. team work, communication, compromise etc.) and summarising what they had learned during the project. Overall the children enjoyed the project and it was a success.