RAF Cosford

On Friday 20th March, we went on a trip to RAF Cosford to link with our topic ‘Why were Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong brave people?’

While we were there, we took part in an activity designing and building a rocket, thinking about the forces of gravity and air resistance. Azka and Emily designed the winning rocket, which flew further than anyone else’s. Well done!

We also visited the ‘Fun ‘n’ Flight’ gallery, an interactive gallery where we learned how to fly a plane and guide packages down to a ‘drop zone’. We also learned about magnetic force and different materials used to build planes and rockets.

As we walked around the shelters, we also got to look at different planes from the past, and the engines inside them. We also looked at the uniforms the pilots and nurses wore in World War 2.

Joshua Clement said “I liked the Fun ‘N’ Flight area because I got to drive an aeroplane. It was so fun!”

Jessica Huckfield said “My favourite part was looking at all the different planes. They were really interesting.”

Overall, we had a fantastic day and it was enjoyed by all.

Here are some of our rockets. They were made from paper, with a rubber stopper for the nose. We had to design the wings ourselves.