Autumn Term No 1

Newsletter Autumn Term No 1

Dear Parents/Carers

A warm welcome back to you all after the summer break, which hopefully was enjoyable for you all. I’d like to extend a special welcome to our new families. There are quite a few bits of information to give you this week – sorry the newsletter is normally lighter than this!!

1. General Information
Can we ask that all uniform, PE kit including pumps, coats, book bags, PE bags and lunchboxes are clearly named. We have over 300 children in school and it impacts on learning time when we are looking for mislaid items of clothing etc – PLEASE HELP US

The children have all settled in really well. We are spending this week embedding in rules, routines and getting to know the children. Our timetables will evolve from next week and by the end of the week you will receive a copy of our Parents/Carers Class Information Booklet from your child’s class teacher – this is so you know what your child is doing on a daily basis and how you can help them.

Today the following have been send home:
• Pupil Data Collection, Permission & Medical Forms – please fill these in and return them to the class teacher by Monday 9th September; it’s very helpful if we receive these back speedily!
• Parents/Carers Copies of School Policies have also sent out today for your information – these will be updated regularly and any changes will be uploaded to our web-site ( – other policies are also uploaded to this site so do check.
• Term Dates Card – a small card with school details and term dates for this academic year which can be kept in your purse for reference.

2. Uniform
The children all looked lovely and very smart, ready for learning! We have our uniform very simple to save you money and but do insist on flat sensible school shoes, no trainers, to help growing feet (local high schools send children home who wear trainers). Our school rule is no jewellery, shirts tucked in and long hair tied back.

3. Book & PE Bags
Another reminder to our new parents/carers is that all children require a book bag for reading books, homework, letters etc – these are available from the school office for £3.50. In KS2 these are kept under the desk and in FS & KS1 they are kept in boxes – no other bags are allowed in class.

We also need your child’s PE kit in a small PE bag that can be hung up in the cloakroom. We are a popular, and full, school and the cloakroom areas were not designed well and are very small so there is little space and therefore do not fit large back packs on the pegs – again these are available from the school office priced at £3.50.

Similarly, packed lunch boxes need to be rectangular and not too large as these are stacked neatly in wheeled trolleys in the corridors.

4. Dismissal
At the end of the school day:
Foundation Stage (Nursery & Reception R1 & R2) are dismissed at 2.55pm
KS1 (1B, 1S, 2M, 2C) are dismissed at 2.55pm – Y1 classes first and then Y2 classes
KS2 (Y3, Y3/4, Y4/5, Y5, Y6) are dismissed at 3.00pm – Y3 & Y3/4 first followed by the other classes
In order for this to be done safely parents/carers need to stand behind the red lines at the doors so staff can spot you and dismiss your child – it has been difficult this week especially with new staff getting to know the children and parents/carers.

5. Electronic Gates
We are just awaiting the main gates, which are due Friday, and everything will then be ready for our new safety systems to be put in place. We have also had our main door into and out of the school linked to this system and so the door now has no press button activation which means that the children are even safer!

The governors have agreed at present to open the gates in the morning and allow parents/carers to park on the sports ground or use the drop-off zone (this is a NO PARKING area – those found parking and blocking this area will not be allowed on site in future), which no other school does. The gates will automatically lock at 9.15 sharp.

Vehicle gates will not be open during the afternoon, like other local schools, so our site is safe and can be used by the children until the end of the school learning day. Parents/Carers have been told this since May and need to make alternative arrangements. I am hoping more of the older children will cycle to school. I may look into putting a door on the cycle area, although the gate will be locked after 9.15am each morning and the gate area is now fully covered by CCTV so security has been improved in this area. Scooter pods will also be sited soon.

Many families who live near school could make the healthy lifestyle choice and walk. Alternatively there is always space on Harpfields Road (I checked yesterday!) to park and stride. BUT parents/carers much not block up Wheatly Avenue, which has double yellow lines or Springfields Road; one or two residents are ready to phone the police so please be aware of this.

Our pupils are looking forward to being safe on our site – thank you for your support in this matter.

6. Y6 Leavers Presentation
This was on Tuesday before we broke up (16th July) and was a very traditional evening with memories, songs and presentations in front of family and friends and supporters. All of the Y6 children were presented with a bible from the school. Our special awards went to:
Academic Award: Jay Johnson & Hayden Stanney
Effort Award: Chloe Dodd & Katie Preston
Progress Awards: Lucy Adams
Sports Awards: Thomas Beamon
Contribution to School Life: Sophie Sutton
Participation in the life of the Church: Milli Vrapi
Head Teachers Award: Holly Prowting

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor