Autumn Term No 10

Newsletter Autumn Term No 10

Dear Parents/Carers

As we gallop through November our weeks in school are getting busier, as yours probably are, but we have a lovely learning and co-operative atmosphere that has been commented on by visitors this week.

prayer-hands1. Talking Topic
This week our assembly theme and talking topic is ‘prayer’. We have in our community at school many faiths; Christians; Sikhs; Muslims; Buddhists and we set a marvellous example of mutual respect which adds to our looking outwards to the world.
Please talk to your children about prayer and have a special thought for the people of the Philippines who are in such need following a tornado last week (we are going to make a contribution from Fridays ‘Children in Need’ collections to this).

2. Y6 Science Visit
Y6 have made 2 out of the 3 planned visits to Thistley Hough Academy on Wednesday mornings to use more specialist science equipment. This week they learnt ‘reversible and irreversible reactions: copper sulphate crystals and magnesium reactions’.

3. Remembrance Assembly
Two of our Governors, Rev Chris Rushton and Heather Rushton took a lovely remembrance assembly on Monday; we held a 2 minutes silence remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. Sometimes, remembering though is not enough, it should lead to us all taking the right actions as there is much peacemaking to be done in the world. It would be great if we started with our own families, school and neighbourhood and all set the right example.

4. Book/PE Bags
We are having increasing difficulty keeping cloakroom areas tidy and organised. We are a bigger, more popular school now, one of the few in the area with a very successful Ofsted. However it would help if all PE bags had their names on the outside and all clothes named. Some children in KS2 are bringing large rucksacks to school, the cloakroom peg unit is coming away from the wall with the weight. The only bags allowed in classrooms are red book bags which go in the rack under the table along with key skills books, reading books and group work. PE bags should be small ones. I know that both cloakrooms were poorly designed and the architect obviously didn’t think about children and we are having some additional pegs added but it could be more organised if children brought only their named book bag, small lunch box/bag and named coats to school. Thank you for your help.

5. Values Champion
Our value this week is responsibility – very well done to those who have demonstrated this in school this week. We are lucky to have so many sensible mature pupils. Jesus told the story of the ‘good Samaritan’ to show how people should use comparison and do the right thing.
Well done to: Paige Adlington, Elise Steventon, Macey Simpson, Grace Wain, Thomas Beech-Daly, Zagros Negeem, Anopa Mutize and Mia Sepe.

6. School Council Questionnaire
This is included in the newsletter as it shows how safe all the children feel with the new gate and additional CCTV. It makes very reassuring reading for parents/carers.

pudsey-20137. Children in Need
Friday at 9.05am is the Y6 Class Sssembly and ‘Children in Need’ day. Please come along with family and friends. We support this charity every year as it does such good work. Y6 have asked for it to be a ‘Mad Hair Day’ for £1 and at break they have organised an activity for each class for 20p a go. These range from spin the arrow, teddy on a string, guess the weight of the cake and name a cartoon. All of the activities have been organised and suggested by Y6 themselves, which shows great responsibility and leadership. It is a learning day as normal but it should prove a lovely one. Please support Y6 in their fundraising effort again this year.

8. Home School Link Worker Information
Can all parents/carers please check book bags everyday for letters and information from school – there are letters dating back to September in some children’s bags!!!

9. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 21/10/13 were:
Francesca Zander, Esme Clarke, Angel Johnson, Robyn Whieldon, Charlie Hindmarsh,
Sanjay Arokiaswamy, Johna John, Jenson Nguyen, Ella Curzon, Kiera Whieldon, Samara Sheppard, Anthony Evans & Reece Cartlidge.
Mrs Bloor’s Award: Y2, Y5, Abigail Dunn & Kara Tatler
Dusty Bin: Y6
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Liam Bates, Evie Beech-Daly, Erin Hill & Jack Goodall
Mrs Ramsden’s Award: Y1S
Smart School Uniform: Julia Pustula
Good to be Green: KS1 – Adam Colley, Erin Hill, Charlie Simpson, KS2 – Amelia Harvey, Raza Babickas
Walk to School Trophy: Y4/5
Kindness Tree: Bethany Morrey, Elizabeth Soloman, Macey Simpson, Sebastian Boothe &
Maria Xanthopoulou
Swimming – Length Certificate: Demi Hanks
Awards for w/b 04/11/13:
Class Attendance: Y3 & Y5 – 100%
Whole School Attendance: 95.7% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Jack Barlow & Oliver Woodward

10. Information re Events Taken Place
Last week
» French Day – Wednesday was a French input day. All the children had input and worked on speaking French.
» Good Attendance/Behaviour Visit – Last Thursday a coach full of KS2 pupils had a free reward visit to Apedale Country Park as another treat for our ‘always children’, those who had above 95% attendance and good behaviour last year. It was lovely to see how the children enjoyed the 3 mile walk, even through the rain we’ve had recently meant lots of puddles! For many it was their first visit to this great Country Park. Thanks to Miss Pickerill, Mrs Barrow and Miss Guest who staffed this successful visit with me.

11. Reminders
» School opens at 8:10am for pupils; please do not enter the grounds until this time!
» School grounds are strictly NO SMOKING!

12. Attachments
School Council Questionnaire

13. Community Information
» Christmas Fair – 16th November 2013 – St John’s Centre, Trent Vale, Newcastle Road
Also at this event, tickets for the free of charge, children’s ‘Christmas Party’ in December will be available. Raffle tickets have been sent out via the children and need to be returned before Friday 15th November 2013.

14. Dates for your Diary
• Friday 15th November – 9.05am Y6 ‘Children in Need’ Class Assembly
• Friday 22nd November – 9.05am Y4/5 Class Assembly
• Tuesday 26th November – Y6 Height & Weight Screening
• Wednesday 27th November – Y3 Scootability
• Monday 2nd December – Y6 Visit to Stanley Head
• Tuesday 3rd December – Y5 Visit to Stanley Head
• Wednesday 4th December – Y3/4 Visit to Stanley Head
• Thursday 5th December – Y4/5 Visit to Stanley Head
• Friday 6th December – Y3 Visit to Stanley Head
• Friday 6th December – Panto for whole school
• Monday 9th December – Science Day (Fossil Work)
• Wednesday 11th December – Science Day (Fossil Work)
• Thursday 12th December – 9.30am KS2 Christmas Carol Concert (more details later)
• Thursday 12th December – 11.30am-1.00pm Grandparent’s Christmas Dinner
• Thursday 12th December – 2.00pm KS1 Christmas Carol Concert (more details later)
• Friday 13th December – 9.10am Foundation Stage Christmas Nativity (more details later)
• Friday 13th December – 11.30am to 1.00pm Grandparent’s Christmas Dinner
• Wednesday 18th December – 2.00pm Christingle Service (more details later)
• Wednesday 18th December – 3.00pm-4.00pm F/S & KS1 Disco
• Wednesday 18th December – 4.15pm-5.15pm KS2 Disco
• Thursday 19th December – Party Day (more details later)
• Friday 20th December – 2.00pm School Closes for Christmas Holidays
• Monday 6th January – School Opens for Spring1 Term

Thank you for your support!

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor

“Don’t forget the our local councillor, Jackie Barnes of Springfield/Trent Vale who is also one of our school governors is always available to help and can be contacted on: 07813 539410 or