Autumn Term No 12

Newsletter Autumn Term No 12

Dear Parents/Carers

As we enter a very cold spell it has been lovely to see the children so well wrapped up. Let’s hope the mild weather soon returns.

1. Our talking topic
This week we have been thinking about friends and what makes a good friend, please talk to your child about this.

2. School breakfast club
It is so important that all the children start off their learning day with a good breakfast. Our breakfast club is subsidised to help our working parents at 50p a day – there is a choice of cereal or toast with juice included. It is very popular and efficiently managed by Mrs Bettany and Mrs Inskip. We open the doors at 8:15am exactly and do not open the gates until 8:12am. Children enjoy the club and we have a policy that any misbehaviour results in the loss of a place. The hall has to be cleared and the dishes washed up before the start of the learning day when both staff start to hear readers so we are unable to accept children after 8:30am.

3. Y3 Scooterbility
This week we have arranged 2 courses for Y3 pupils run by Velo Cycle Trainning, teaching both skills and safety on their scooters. They have proven very successful and were enjoyed by the pupils. We propose building a shelter for the 2 scooter pods we have to encourage pupils to scoot or cycle to school.

4. Clubs in school
This week I looked at the Taekwondo Club which is a new venture for St John’s and very popular.
It is taken by Peter Johnson who is a ‘6th Dan’ and a very high quality coach. It has proved very successful and teaches the children martial arts skills and self discipline. One or two children have dropped out but their places have been offered to other children. On Friday 6th December, the last week for all after school clubs, the coach will be putting on a demonstration for parents at 3:30pm to see their skills. They are very impressive!

5. Christmas Concerts/FS Nativity
Much hard work is taking place ready for our concerts, thank you for your support! Can I remind parent/carers to look carefully at the start times for the Church Carol Concerts as I know you would want to be early in church to admire the wonderful interior and peaceful atmosphere. The FS Nativity starts at 9.10am, here at school, and once started the office will not be allowing late admittance as it disrupts our younger children – they have worked extremely hard for this and it would be such a shame for it to be ruined, I’m sure you will agree.

6. Stanley Head
A reminder that all KS2 (Y3-Y6) are going to Stanley head for an outdoor physical activity day provided free by the school – see below times of these trips. KS1 children are having a free outdoor learning day there for the ‘Gruffalo’ in January. My staff whose own children are at other schools wonder if you know how unusual it is to have such a lovely trip free of charge? However, at St John’s we have always put children at the heart of what we do and provide the best possible for them! All the letters have gone out and hopefully have been returned – please check your child’s book bag and make this part of your daily routine. We had a few complaints the other week about letters not getting home but when we looked in the book bags they had not been emptied!

7. School Disco
This is now on Wednesday 11th December from 3pm-4pm for FS and KS1 (Nursery to Year 2) and from 4:15pm-5:15pm for KS2 (Y3-6). It is a ‘Strictly Disco’ organised by Miss Pickerill with dancing prizes for performances on the stage (suitable footwear not withstanding). As usual we reserve our right to stop children attending who get a red card from this Friday and parent/carers will be text; we want to reward our ‘always children’. This is our only fund-raising event during the Christmas period and entry is £2 each child for a drink and chocolate bar or packet of crisps – other refreshments are available priced from 25p-75p.

8. New signs
We have had signs put on our gates to help everyone. We are still getting 1/2 drivers tailgating staff and Small Steps after school. CCTV is in operation and parent/carers could be prevented from coming on site for non compliance. The rules apply to all drivers including taxis! I went to a residents meeting last week and heard numerous complaints about poor parking, blocking driveways and dropping of litter; the police and council were in attendance. Can I please remind all parents/carers who have to drive to park with consideration to the residents and never block any driveways! Hopefully more are walking or parking and striding so children get more exercise; parking enforcement officers will be coming shortly, I was told. As the sign says on the gate ‘Show you Care Park Elsewhere’.

9. World War 2 Workshop
All lower KS2 classes had a drama/dance and music workshop on their topic, what life was like in WW2; the children dressed like evacuees and thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a lot.

10. Home School Link Worker Information
» If your child has recently been diagnosed with asthma please see Mrs Ramsden to sign the relevant forms and make sure that your child has an inhaler (to be left in school) with their name on.
» Recently we have had 2 great family workshops in KS1. It was disappointing that some parents/carers who filled in the slips saying that they would like to attend, did not turn up! Family learning only allow 10 parents/carers to attend and on both workshops I have had to turn parents/carers away because of places filling quickly. If you say you are going to attend please do so or let Mrs Ramsden know ASAP if you cannot make it so that places can be given to others.

11. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 22/11/13 were:
Holly Butler-Gaskill, Jack Colley, Oscar Green, Alex Ballard-O’Shea, Paige Adlington, Oliver Woodward, Joshua Brereton-Lewis, Preston Latham, India Vickers, Alexander Morrey, Carley Jones, All of Y4/5, Alexander Jordan and Elise Steventon.
Mrs Bloor’s Award: Sedra Osman & Tyler Jordan
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Jayden Sheperd-Moss & Ella Curzon
Smart School Uniform: Eliza Williams
Dusty Bin: R1
Good to be Green: KS1 Chloe Barlow, Charlie Simpson, Ruby Howard, KS2 – Hughie Knight
Kindness Tree: Nancy Doward, Skye Lea-shaw, Elizabeth Soloman, Abigail Dunn and Joshua Whieldon
Awards for w/b 04/11/13:
Class Attendance: Y3 – 99.3%
Whole School Attendance: 95.1% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Ebony Johnson & India Spooner
Swimming Awards:
Length – Naomi Edwards-Cherry, Reece Westwood, Reece Cartlidge, Caleb Johnson, Ethan Tunnicliffe,
Leah Milward, Megan Wootton, Chloe Godwin, Josna Joseph
Beginners – Jojo Joseph, Josna Joseph, Jyothy Joseph
Elementary – George Beech-Daly, Lewis Hindmarsh, Laura Lou-Hopley

12. Reminders
» We are having trouble keeping the cloakroom tidy, some Y4 children are brilliant cloakroom monitors but so many coats have no name on. Can you please name items this weekend!
» The school office will be closed every afternoon from 1.45pm to 2.50pm to allow the office staff to complete their work with no distractions – please collect your child and then see the school office if you have any queries but don’t forget that the staff on the doors each morning and evening do now take all messages for class teachers and forms/letters are available just inside the Office Reception in the revolving stand.

13. Attachments
A wonderful piece of work done by Joda Tagboto (Y1S)
Parent/Carer Questionnaire re Learning, Safety & Behaviour – we always elicit your views to help move the school from good to outstanding in every way so please fill this in and return it next week – thank you.

14. Dates for your Diary
• Monday 2nd December – Y6 Visit to Stanley Head (leave school at 8.45am/return at 3.15pm)
• Tuesday 3rd December – Y5 Visit to Stanley Head (leave school at 8.45am/return at 3.15pm)
• Wed 4th December – Y3/4 Visit to Stanley Head (leave school at 9.00am/return at 3.15pm)
• Thursday 5th December – Y4/5 Visit to Stanley Head (leave school at 9.00am/return at 3.15pm)
• Friday 6th December – Y3 Visit to Stanley Head (leave school at 9.00am/return at 3.15pm)
• Friday 6th December – Panto for whole school
• Monday 9th December – Science Day (Fossil Work)
• Wednesday 11th December – Science Day (Fossil Work)
• Wednesday 11th December – 2.00pm Christingle Service
• Wednesday 11th December – 3.00pm-4.00pm F/S & KS1 Strictly Disco
• Wednesday 11th December – 4.15pm-5.15pm KS2 Strictly Disco
• Thursday 12th December – 9.30am KS2 Christmas Carol Concert at St John’s Church
• Thursday 12th December – 11.30am-1.00pm Grandparent’s Christmas Dinner
• Thursday 12th December – 2.00pm KS1 Christmas Carol Concert at St John’s Church
• Friday 13th December – 9.10am Foundation Stage Christmas Nativity at school
• Friday 13th December – 11.30am to 1.00pm Grandparent’s Christmas Dinner
• Friday 20th December – 2.00pm School Closes for Christmas Holidays
• Monday 6th January – School Opens for Spring1 Term

Thank you for your support!

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor

“Don’t forget the our local councillor, Jackie Barnes of Springfield/Trent Vale who is also one of our school governors is always available to help and can be contacted on: 07813 539410 or