Autumn Term No 14

Newsletter Autumn Term No 14

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you and your families are enjoying the excitement and the build up to Christmas. We are certainly seeing happy, excited children at school as we put a lot of extra learning into our last two busy weeks.

1. Our talking topic
This week our talking topic is the death of Nelson Mandela and the message of love and forgiveness that he gave us. Please talk to your child about this iconic leader.

2. Christmas Concerts
All the children have really enjoyed practising and singing ready for their performances. We have had the sounds of lovely singing around school for 2 weeks. Our KS1 and KS2 concerts at St John’s church were wonderful and really well supported. Thank you for your lovely comments. Our Foundation Stage Nativity is tomorrow at 9:10. Please arrive early as the office staff will be watching it and therefore you will not be able to gain entry. All the staff have worked really hard to train and motivate all the children – no mean feat with our full classes and tired children.

3. Walking on Wednesday (WOW)
This is our latest campaign to encourage sustainable travel and healthy lifestyles. From now until the summer, why not leave the car at home and walk every Wednesday, so much better for your health and your pocket. Sometimes just small steps can have an impact on our habits. Our walking to school campaign has really taken off with the children this term.

4. E safety
Next week all classes are having a lesson on E Safety as part of our on gong safety awareness in this very important area. There are some links on our web site if you want to check up on any area.

5. Ofsted
The Head of Ofsted today stated that schools are putting up with too much low level disruption to other children’s learning and that too many headteachers and staff fail to make it clear to children that adults are in charge. Clearly at St John’s, parents/carers should be reassured that we do!

6. Information re Events Taken Place
Last Week:
Stanley Head Visits – All the KS2 classes thoroughly enjoyed these visits and we have had many tales about bull-eyes at archery and climbing to the top of the climbing wall, which we hope you enjoyed hearing. Here is a selection of lovely comments:
Y6 – Ethan Tunnicliffe “I enjoyed the archery and came 2nd”
Y5 – Abigail Dunn “I was confident to go onto and up the climbing wall”
Y4/5 – Laynee Tunniclffe “The climbing wall was great fun”
Y3/4 – William Cooper “I climbed right to the top of the climbing wall and was a little bit scared”
Y3 – lily Groves “It was exciting when I got the the top, Alan Babu followed me there”
Indoor Athletics – Twenty, Y5 and Y6 children were chosen to represent the school in an indoor athletics competition last Thursday held at Fenton Manor. Very well done to Sarah Khan, Jayden Shepherd-Moss, Thomas Beech-Daly, George Beech-Daly, Elise Steventon, Demi Hanks, Jojo Joseph, Josna Joseph, Jyothy Joseph, Kyle Lovatt, Charlie Malbon, Freddie Taylor, Lewis Hindmarsh, Biben Benny, Owen Gaskell, Kitty Sinclair, Nicola Tams and Danielle Bright. Elise and Kyle were voted as star performers!
School Pantomime – The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Aladdin and it might be a Christmas book idea as the children will know the story now.
Taekwondo Club – This very successful club coached by peter Johnson a renowned coach, put on a demonstration for parents/carers last Friday that was really well attended as we found out about their skills. The highlight was the party popper finale. I know parents/carers were really impressed as I and
Miss Guest were. This club will continue next term for these children, provided the children bring their PE kit to ordinary lessons, as we have a waiting list.

This Week:
Fossils/Bones Science Days – KS1 and KS2 children have thoroughly enjoyed their science investigation lesson with the touring scientist.
Disco – This was our fund raising activity this term and well supported and enjoyed by the children. A few children were stopped attending due to bad behaviour which is a consequence but it was an enjoyable activity for the children who displayed great energy!!
Grandparents Christmas dinner – This is a tradition at St John’s and a new venture for our cook Jenny Mountford. It is always a lovely occasion to reward grandparents and give them the opportunity to have a meal with their grandchildren and involves much re-timetabling to staff it. However it is worth it and I hope parents/carers enjoyed the occasion.

7. Home School Link Worker Information
» If your child is ill please ring the school number and leave a message (press 1) to tell us the reason and how long you think your child will be off for. This needs to be done even if you have informed a member of staff!
» Well it’s that time of year again (comes around quickly)! I’m sure Santa is busy getting all the presents ready but parents/carers could you please make sure that all play station, x-box type games are for the appropriate age!

8. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 06/12/13 were:
Oliver Brereton Lewis, Elliot Maddison, Eli Sheppard, Ayaan Chaudhry, Pia Cousins, Kane Silvester,
Rhys Woolliscroft, Isabelle Maddison, Nteokan Egopija, Chanelle Tooth, Molly Hancox, Whole of Y4/5, Leenah Elabd, Kodi Amison & Levi Murray.
Smart School Uniform: Alyssa Stanley & Orlando Heselwood
Sport Award: All of 3/4
Awards for w/b 25/11/13:
Class Attendance: Y1S – 98%
Whole School Attendance: 93.6% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Nicole Steele & Eleanor Williams
Value Champions: Georgia Gould, Isabelle Godwin, Mia Sepe, Erin Hill, Zagros Negeem, Orlando Heselwood, Alex Jordan, Nicola Tams, Elise Steventon, Bethany Morrey, Elizabeth Soloman, Humaira Shakil, Lara Mclean and Harvey Whelan.
Swimming Awards:
Beginners – Moriell Sepe, Tamzin Anderson, Jyothy Joseph, Josna Joseph & Jojo Joseph
Length – Charlie Malbon

9. Reminders
• Christingle Orange – We ask that all children bring in an orange on Monday 16th December so that we can make our Christingles in time for the Christingle Service which will take place on Wednesday 18th December at 2pm – All parents/carers and family and friends are invited, if you do attend you can take your child home straight after the service. For all other parents/carers it will be normal finishing time.
• Christingle Collection Candles – On Monday 9th December we will be sending out as we do every year the Christingle Collection Candles and would ask if you would help the ‘Children’s Society’ by putting in any spare change and returning them to school.

10. Dates for your Diary
• Friday 13th December – 9.10am Foundation Stage Christmas Nativity at school
• Friday 13th December – 11.30am to 1.00pm Grandparent’s Christmas Dinner
• Wednesday 18th December – 2.00pm Christingle Service
• Friday 20th December – 2.00pm School Closes for Christmas Holidays
• Monday 6th January – School Opens for Spring1 Term

Thank you for your support!

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor

“Don’t forget the our local councillor, Jackie Barnes of Springfield/Trent Vale who is also one of our school governors is always available to help and can be contacted on: 07813 539410 or