Autumn Term No 4

Newsletter Autumn Term No 4

Dear Parents/Carers

The children are all settled into their new classes and routines and when I asked the children in assembly on Friday who had had a good learning week, they all put up their hands; we have had a great start to the new school year!

1. Nursery
Our new nursery pupils who all look so wonderfully smart have settled in brilliantly, following home visits and our individual transition work, they have all settled down well to having school dinners and will start full time as of Monday 30th September.

star2. School ‘Star of the Year’
Mrs Peake was voted last week as the ‘School Star of the Year’ Award in the Sentinel ‘Our Hero’s’ presentation at the Moat House Hotel. This follows her nomination as a ‘National Science Teacher of the Year’. The Sentinel came into video Y6 in a science lesson which will go on the school website shortly. This is a great accolade for both Mrs Peake and the school and I know Mrs Peake would be the first to acknowledge it is also due to the excellent teaching and support from all the staff at St John’s, which has a first class team.

3. End of School Day
Any parent collecting children from Foundation Pre-School must wait on their grounds and not come onto our grounds even if they have to pick up children. The office staff have to have time to complete work without distraction. We are going to install a gate and have already put a yellow line on the path to show parents/carers where to wait. We have to keep all our children safe and know who is on school grounds at all times. Please could parents/carers make sure children do not go up the bank – we do not allow this during the school day – it is not solid so not safe.

4. Y6 Monitors
More responsibilities have been given out this week, Y6 are undertaking their duties really well. Very well done Y6!
Office team – Elise Steventon, Grace Cooper & Demi Hanks
ICT Monitor – Reece Cartlidge & Jack Whieldon
Assembly Team – Ethan Tunniclffe, Benjamin Burgess, Josna Joseph & Leah Milward
Librarians – Ben Stevenson, Elliot Brown, Josuha Simpson, Naomi Edwards-Cherry & Levi Murray
Sports Leaders – Jayden Shepherd-Moss, Jojo Joseph & Joshua Simpson
Eco Warriors – Reece Westwood & Jyothy Joseph

5. New Gates
Staff have commented how lovely it has been to use our grounds safely. We are having additional signs and markings added in 2 weeks. We are also making an area within the sports grounds for a ‘number know how’ for the younger children to learn Maths outdoors, which they will love. All schools have a safeguarding responsibility to keep your children safe at all times, the new gate system is ensuring this, even if it means 1/2 changes to routines for families with other children.

6. Harvest
Next week on Thursday and we are organising a copper trail for ‘Seeds for Africa’, children are being asked by Miss Clowes to make a ‘line of coppers’. The class with the longest line will win a prize; we shall be raising money for this important charity and will teach the children how fortunate they are not to be hungry and to help other children not as fortunate as themselves.

7. Parking Sign
There is a sign outside the school gate that prohibits parking from 8:30am-9:30am and 2:30pm-3:30pm. I have seen cars parking here on CCTV. The traffic wardens are visiting again next week, parents/carers who obstruct this road and park there are committing an offence and not helping our pupils walk home safely. There is a sign outside the school ‘show you care, park elsewhere’ Well done to all the families who are new and walking/parking and striding into school.

8. School Routines –Packed Lunches
Children put their lunchboxes on trolleys, 1 for Y1 & 1 for Y2 (blue), 1 for Y3/4 (green) and 1 for Y5 & Y6 (blue). We encourage children to stack them so that drinks don’t spill; we have had spills each day so far this week. The furniture is provided by City Catering for hot meal children but children either fill up spaces in the hall or sit in the packed lunch area in the corridors when having a packed lunch. In good weather older children sit on the picnic benches in the decking area which has a sun umbrella now! The older children enjoy this privilege; children are expected to eat sensibly and to take any rubbish home so that you what your child eats and the catering staff are only provided to children who have hot meals. There are a lot of lunch boxes that look the same so please could key rings be attached so that children can locate them quickly. We have a lot of children to get through in 50 minutes. We don’t allow fizzy drinks, chocolate bars or sweets. For new parents/carers please see the home school link worker section below.

9. Reminders
Y5 Swim on Friday 9:00am-11:00am
Y6 Swim on Wednesday 2:00 – 3:20pm
We have not cut down on swimming, as some other schools, have but encourage all children to take part as it is so expensive; 2 children forgot their kit last week.
Can all PE Bags be named on the front and all items of kit clearly named please!

10. Lunchtime Clubs
»I popped into Mrs Barrows ‘Art Club’ at lunchtime. The children were busy doing staff portraits for the updated website. Kodi Amison, Sophie Carter, Laura Lou-Hopley, Jay Edwards-Cherry, were doing some great work, very well done!
»The outdoor table tennis table for Y5 and Y6 is proving a great success at break lunch time, Kyle Lovatt is already a very good player, watch out Y5!

11. E Safety Award – follow up
One point of action from our recent visit was to inform parent/carers that if children have their own profiles, which is not recommended until 13, the profile should be set to under 17 so they do not receive adult adverts.

12. Facebook – For information
The law has changed regarding comments on Social Networking sites and I have had a few issues here as Head, although thankfully the vast majority of our parents/carers know that St John’s is a good school and work with us to iron out any issue, but, if a parent makes a comment online that is directly about or refers to an individual who may be easily identified it may be defamatory and could give rise to a civil claim.

13. Industrial Actions
Next Tuesday R2 will not be in school as Miss Shufflebotham is undertaking her right to follow her Union advice -this is the only class affected at St John’s.

geogchallenge14. Geography Holiday Challenge 2013
This year we had a geography challenge for children to complete during the summer holidays. Key Stage 2 pupils had to make a map, with a key to show what they did. They could make the map of where they went or of a story that they had read. KS1 and FS had to colour Flat Stanley and write about his adventures, then post it him back to school. The winner of KS2 was Elise Steventon, the winner for Flat Stanley was Eliza Williams. They were both presented with a globe to mark their achievements in assembly this week. Well done also to the other children who took part:
Maria Xanthopoulou, Holly Chatterton, Thomas Levey, Jack Eaton, Ilana Steventon, Molly Clewes, Biben Benny, Laurence Hilditch & Aaron Marshall.

15. Good News!
»In December all KS2 classes will be visiting Stanley Head Outdoor Activity Centre for a ‘PE Activity Day’. This will be a FREE visit. KS1 and Reception pupils will be having an ‘Adventure Walk’ in the Spring Term, again FREE. These visits will use the remainder of the allocated PE budget aimed to inspire and get pupils fit; so this is something to look forward to.
»I was phoned by the Sentinel this week about excellent KS2 results. All our data shows great improvement in FS, KS1 and KS2. This is due to excellent teaching and support from home. I noticed last week how so many more children are being heard read at home.
»Again we are going to provide the food and drink for the Christmas Party Day!

16. Attendance Meetings
Mrs Ramsden and I are inviting parents/carers whose children have poor attendance to meetings, we are starting these for those who’s below 80%:
»Did you know 80% attendance means 43 days off a year – in 2 years this is a term – in 4 years this is 2 terms!
»If this pattern continued from R to Y6 it would be a whole year and a term off!
»In Y7-Y11 it would mean the pupil missed 2 whole years of school!

kenya17. Kenya
We have received a lovely letter from Kenya telling us of their plans for a shelter and grassed area for ‘precious’ the cow.
They have also sent a photograph that I though you may like to see!

18. Home School Link Worker Information
If your child brings in a packed lunch to school can you please not bring in sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks! How about a piece of fruit, a yogurt or salad chopped into fingers, e.g., celery, carrots, cucumber as a healthy alternative.

19. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 13/09/13 were:
Gracie Taylor, Mijan Egopija, Caleb Sheppard, Grace Hawkins, Adam Colley , Erin Hill, Amelia Harvey, William Cooper, Jakub Jedrzejczyk, Logan Sheppard, Reece Westwood.
Mrs Bloor’s Award: Orlando Heselwood (Y3/4)
Mrs Ramsden’s Award: Y3
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Behaviour Certificates: Anopa Mutize & Meg Wootton
Tidy Class Award: Y5
Walk to School Trophy (WOW): Y4/5
Smart School Uniform: Sophie Carter
Awards for w/b 09/09/13:
Class Attendance: Y6 – 100%
Whole School Attendance: 97% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Holly Milne & Jake Milne

20. Dates for your Diary
»Friday 27th September – 9.00am – 10.30am McMillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning
»Wednesday 2nd October – 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm Nurse Drop-In
»Thursday 10th October – Individual Photographs (more details later)
»Tuesday 15th October – 3:15pm to 5:15pm – Parent/Carer Target Sharing Open Night
»Tuesday 22nd October – Y5 Class assembly
»Thursday 24th October – school closes at normal time for half-term
»Friday 8th November – Y6 Class assembly – Children in Need

Thank you for your support!

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor