Autumn Term No 6

Newsletter Autumn Term No 6

Dear Parents/Carers

We have had another good week in school and it has been especially good to see how well the Y1 and Y3 pupils have settled in their new classes. When children move a key stage from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1 and from Key Stage 1 to 2 there are bigger differences in the curriculum, but these groups have settled especially well. Thank you for your help here!

1. Our Talking Topic
This week our talking topic is words and how to use them. Please spend time talking to your children about this and the avoidance of bad language and tale telling.

reading2. Reading
Parents have told me how pleased they are with children’s reading progress. We do employ extra staff from our pupil premium budget to hear children read and our data shows this impacted last year and is already doing so this year. Please continue to hear your child read at home, as I know you do regularly.
We have a lot of books they can work through and are shortly purchasing more! Sadly, some children are not being heard read by parent/carers and that does impact, and is not supporting the child or the school.

3. Number Know How
We have had the top playground remarked with numbers to help our maths and ‘Number Know How’ that the younger children do every day to further improve their maths skills, which is a key part of our school development plan this year. Again staff have commented how nice it is to be able to use our facilities for learning (our yellow lines near the barrier were also repainted in yellow to show children/parents they must not use this area).

4. Sustainable Travel
We collected data last week for our School Travel Plan and have evidence that more children are walking to school, cycling or parking and striding now, which is so much healthier for children. This is great news and is a result of the electronic gate. Now 74% walk and 26% come by car, 115 park and stride and 95 cycle or scoot – thank you!

We also have a walk to school trophy that is given to a class each week who have the highest number of children who walk to school. The children are really embracing walking to school at St John’s and know all about its health benefits, which is wonderful.
We are also having fewer children late, as Mrs Ramsden looks at the CCTV and has them reading (the lesson they miss) in the catch up club. Punctuality is so important, a life skill – thank you if you are one of the parent/carers that are always on time.

The gate closes at 9:15 am and we had a parent try to beat it last week at a cost of a car wing mirror. We were able to print out the incident that nearly damaged the gate for which he would have been liable. Please note there is a 5 MPH speed limit on site to protect our children. On Monday 2 cars tailgated the after school club when cars are not allowed on site. This is not acceptable and CCTV will reveal the culprits. The governors will ban any car from the site for misuse of our rules.

My staff and I want to spend our time on education, which my excellent team does really well. Two new families who started with us this year can’t believe the change in their children due to our good support and teaching and this is where we excel and want it to continue.

5. Good Attendance Tea Party
coffee-cupThis week we held our monthly tea party to reward good attendance. They have tea served by me from a teapot and china cups and saucers (all made in Stoke on Trent) and cakes/biscuits.
Very well done to Joda Tagboto, Jack Davies, Matthew Ingram, Megan Proudlove, Carly Jones,
Danny Lea-Shaw, Abigail Dunn, Ben Burgess and Holly Bentley who were all great tea drinkers!

6. Foundations Pre-School
This is leased from the school and run separately. At one time they hosted a before and after school club which would be great to look into again, however parent/carers who use the facility have to obey the school rules/ health and safety rules. I have received complaints about parents/carers waiting on the site by Nursery classroom and a crawling toddler disrupted Y6 after PE on Friday. The office staff have little time where there are no disruptions and although they are always keen to help parents/carers at the beginning and end of the day, distractions caused by parents/carers being on site early is becoming a problem. Foundations are letting their cloakroom be used as a waiting area until 2:50 pm so please make use of this; Mr Cox is currently installing a gate to keep the area safer.

7. Good Attendance/Behaviour Visits
To reinforce the need for good attendance we are rewarding all the children in Key stage 1 and 2 whose attendance last year was over the government target of 95% with a free after school visit to ‘Apedale Country Park and Visitor’s Centre’, on either Thursday 17th October or Thursday 7th November at 2:30pm -5:00pm. Any child who has received a red card this term or has had a holiday in term time is not included. This will be a most enjoyable and interesting visit for the children.

8. ‘Seeds for Africa’ Harvest Appeal
This was very successful and children who had learnt about areas in our world that go hungry, bought in coppers for the copper trail in their class which they all measured. We raised £150.45, very well done to everybody! Y4/5 was the longest and won games and colouring books for the classroom. Thanks to Miss Clowes who organised the event and Mrs Amison who counted the money.

9. Safeguarding
Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility. Following 2 horrendously sad recent cases where children sadly died due to terrible parental neglect, can I please reassure parents, as one of my Governors
Mrs Barnes asked me to do, that it would not happen here. We have robust safeguarding and reporting systems in place (praised by Ofsted) and do make referrals to Children’s Services and social workers when needed. Any parent with concerns about the safety of any child should visit The Stoke on Trent Safeguarding Board website ’’, which has recently been updated and contains lots of information about keeping your child safe, parenting information and tips on what to do if you are worried about a child. Please have a look at this website which also has links to the NSPCC.

10. Apologies
On the School Council Representative list Y3/4 Yashbir Bhullar and Freya Sheppard were missed off!!

11. Toilets
We have had regrettable incidents of children misusing the toilets and causing extra work for our great cleaning team. The younger children have been told how to use them correctly including the urinals, which were confusing Y1 pupils. Hopefully this will stop the misuse.

12. Gifted and Talented
Well done to Oliver Woodward whose football skills have been bought to the attention of Manchester United. Also well done to Grace Cooper who is appearing in the production of ‘Evita’ at the Mitchell Arts Centre and ‘Annie’ at the Stoke Repertory Theatre.

13. Information re Events Taken Place
This Week
» Church Visit – Our Reception children had a visit to St John’s Church on Tuesday where they all enjoyed seeing and learning about the church. Thank you to Mrs Wright, Mrs Pellington,
Miss Barker, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Barnett, Mrs Gray & Mrs Makonene who helped out.
» Taekwondo – This week I stayed with Miss Guest to the Taekwondo after school club taken by an external coach. We have purchased the suits for this popular club. All the children looked the part, very well done to Danny Lea-Shaw, Joshua Simpson, Chloe Godwin and Leah Milward. We have a waiting list for this club so if a child misses 3 we will offer the place to another pupil which is only fair.

14. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 04/10/13 were:
Corey Johnson, Mason Gaitley, Amber-Louise Gregory, Grace Leese, Eliza Williams, Sedra Osman, Alan Babu, Kyra-Mae Phillips, Gabielle Lovatt & Chloe Godwin
Mrs Bloor’s Award: Connor Tatler
Mrs Ramsden’s Award: Y5
Dusty Bin: Y1S
Special Award: Zion Wilson
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Lincoln Cotterill & Reece Cartlidge
Good to be Green: Jamie Paredez, Jerome Juguilon, Nicola Tams, Azka Chaudhry
Kindness Tree: Joda Tagbota & Caleb Robinson
Smart School Uniform: Bethan Hill
Awards for w/b 23/09/13:
Class Attendance: Y2M –100%
Whole School Attendance: 94.6% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Freya Knight & Samara Sheppard

15. Dates for your Diary
• Tuesday 15th October – 3:15pm to 5:15pm – Parent/Carer Target Sharing Open Night (except Y2M)
• Thursday 17th October – 3:15pm to 5:15pm – Y2M Parent/Carer Target Sharing Open Night
• Tuesday 22nd October – Y5 Class assembly
• Thursday 24th October – school closes at normal time for half-term
• Monday 4th November – school opens for Autumn2 Term
• Friday 8th November – Y6 Children in Need Assembly

Thank you for your support!

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor