Autumn Term No 8

Newsletter Autumn Term No 8

Dear Parents/Carers

As we finish for half term, I hope you are as pleased as we are with how the year has started. On the open night the staff reported to you how well all the children have settled in their new classes, their progress of learning and targets for us both to work on. All the staff at St John’s want the very best educational outcomes for all our pupils and we have made a very good start to the year with your support.

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we have been thinking about ‘giving’ and have talked about all the ways children can give their time to help others. Please talk to your child about this.

2. Bronze Behaviour Awards
This week we have given out the first of our behaviour awards in our system that links to our ‘Good to Be Green’ to all those children whose behaviour in KS1 and KS2 has been impeccable. Our Foundation Stage gave out some similar awards where children received a certificate and bronze award pencil. Some children are still working towards this award and hopefully will receive it shortly, however this is only a very small group as the behaviour in school for learning is good.

image0053. Holiday Project
Mrs Halfpenny has set a holiday research project for KS1 and KS2.There will be prizes for the best ones. So if it is a wet day keep your brain ticking over by learning about, ‘Our Solar System’-Key Stage 1/’Bonfire Night’-Key Stage 2.

4. Holiday Sport’s Club
We are running a free, 3 day Sport’s Camp for a group of KS2 children staffed by Mr Wilcox from time for Sport and Mrs Bettany. We do try to provide opportunities like this for our families at no cost, which I know you and the children enjoy.

5. School Uniform
Over half term can families please check that all uniform is named, including PE kit and PE bags! We have to waste valuable learning time looking for lost clothes. All classes have systems in place and need your help to give out jumpers etc that are taken off for PE quickly and efficiently. Thank you.
All the children spend some part of a lesson on the carpet listening /reading etc and boots are not suitable for school for boys or girls. We also want our pupils being active safely, at break and lunchtimes. They are absolutely fine for wet weather but can children bring a change of footwear please as this is our uniform policy.

6. Values Champions
Our value this week has been kindness and we have had so many examples from the children of kindness. We remember that the Good Samaritan was kind to the man who had been attacked by robbers.
Very well done to Kali Sheppard, Tobias Connor, Chloe Barlow, Jamie Paredes, Orlando Heselwood, Lola Howard and Ismail Saygili who have been noted showing great kindness. We have had 2 new families from Turkey on a year’s course at Keele University (who recommended St John’s) and Ismail has been outstanding helping the 3 children settle in.

image0077. Design and Technology Focus Week
This week all the pupils have had a D&T focus. The children have been improving their skills in this area through making lots of exciting projects from split pin people, muffins, peg doll people, magnets, bridges and towers. The children have had great fun!

8. Training day
Don’t forget it is a staff training day Friday. The staff are having gymnastics training and we have 2 groups of children coming in to be coached – thank you to parent/carers for this.

9. Aggressive & Unacceptable Behaviour by Parents/Carers & Visitors on School Premises Policy
Attached to the newsletter is a copy of our policy setting out what is unacceptable behaviour from parent/carers and visitors. The vast majority of our families will read this and wonder why we have this. However already this term there have been instances of parents/carers using foul language to office staff, parents/carers shouting and pointing, threatening, personal insults on line and in front of others and arguments on school grounds.

10. Bonfire Night Lunch
Our school kitchen will be cooking a bonfire night meal for the children at lunch time on Tuesday 5th November. See the attached menu.

11. Home School Link Worker Information
» As I was standing by the gates on Monday morning I was alarmed by the number of parents/carers I saw racing onto Wheatly Avenue and down onto the school site, please remember that the speed limit is 5mph and that there are children walking and crossing over on Wheatly Avenue getting to school. I also noticed that there are people tail gating ‘Small Steps’ through the gate. Not only does this pose a risk to your vehicle (we have already had a car damaged whilst doing this) but it poses a risk to the safety of our children. The Governors hold the right to ban anyone from site that is caught doing this.
We need to keep all of our children safe – please slow down!
Can I also remind you, not to push open or close the pedestrian gate please as it will burn out the motor.
image009» Can I remind all parents/carers that free headlice treatment is available from Oakhill & Stoke Chemists if you are registered with a Stoke doctors surgery. Please use this holiday to check your childs head and treat if necessary!
» We have new dolls in the nursery that have no clothes 🙁 . If you can knit/sew, the dolls are 16” tall and we have a boy and a girl. For more information please speak to a member of the nursery staff.

12. Information re Events Taken Place
Last Week
» Good Attendance/Behaviour Visit – Last Thursday 37 Y1-Y3 pupils visited Apedale Country Park near Chesterton, as a reward for their good attendance/behaviour last year. Our attendance is a weak area in all our data and is a key improvement target this year. Children who had 95% or better attendance were invited and we had a lovely walk to the magic circle, which they all enjoyed and were a credit to their families. It is a lovely park and worth a visit. Another group of older children go after half term. Thank you to Miss Pickerill, Miss Khan and Mrs Barrow who gave up their time to staff the visit with me.
I had two complaints that a child was not included, but less than 95% means over days off in a year. There has to be rewards for children and families who achieve good attendance as the link to educational attainment is very clear. We believe in rewarding our ‘always children’ and their families, and we had some very good feedback from these parents/carers. Thank you.
This Week
» Y5 class assembly – Thank you to parent/carers who attended this assembly Tuesday. The children gave us some important and interesting information on keeping healthy and the Victorians. Planning and delivering a class assembly is always enjoyed by the classes. Good attendance awards for those whose attendance is over the government target of 95% and walk/park and stride to school awards .Very well done Y5.
image010» After school club – This week I looked at the after school club ‘Crazy Crafts’ taken by Mrs Barrow. The children were having great fun making animals from pom-poms and pipe cleaners. Very well done to Laynee Tunnicliffe who made a happy dolphin, Ilana Steventon who made a flamingo, Maria Xanthopoulou who made a sea creature and Anthony Evans and Holly Chatterton who made dinosaurs. Very well done to all at this club.

13. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 18/10/13 were:
Lara Mclean, Macey Simpson, Jacques Theron, Alfie Hambleton, Holly Barnett, Aaron Sajan, Konstantinos Tsarouchas, Jessica Cotteril, Tyler Jordan, Evie Beech-Daly, Nancy Doward, Uzair Rana, and George Beech-Daly.
Mrs Bloor’s Award: Corey Johnson & Archie Hambleton
Dusty Bin: Y2C
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Thomas Bird & Vithakshi Wickramatunga
Mrs Ramsden’s Award: Y3/4
Good to be Green: KS1: Lennon Gladwin & Julia Pustula, KS2: Biben Benny & Isabelle Colley
Walk to School Trophy: Y2M
Kindness Tree: Leah-Rose Walker, Joshua Amor, Sasha-Jade Steele, Alisha Johnson &
Evie Beech-Daly
Awards for w/b 07/10/13:
Class Attendance: Y2M – 99%
Whole School Attendance: 94.7% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Kyle Smith & Aiden Johnson

14. Dates for your Diary
» Thursday 24th October – school closes at normal time for half-term
» Monday 4th November – school opens for Autumn2 Term
» Wednesday 6th November – Nursery & Reception Open Evening for September 2014 Intake
» Tuesday 5th November – Bonfire Night Lunch
» Friday 8th November – Y6 ‘Children in Need’ Assembly (9.05am)

15. Community Information
» Christmas Fair – 16th November 2013 – St John’s Centre, Trent Vale, Newcastle Road
Also at this event, tickets for the free of charge, children’s ‘Christmas Party’ in December will be available. Raffle tickets will be coming to school soon for parents to purchase.
» Newcastle Town FC – Soccer School, every Saturday 10am-12pm at Newcastle-under-Lyme College. Contact Lee on 07967 52 82 42 or for further information.

Thank you for your support!

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor

“Don’t forget the our local councillor, Jackie Barnes of Springfield/Trent Vale who is also one of our school governors is always available to help and can be contacted on: 07813 539410 or