Autumn Term No 9

Newsletter Autumn Term No 9

Dear Parents/Carers

As we return from half term to very seasonal weather it’s the time to search out gloves, hats and scarves and check how waterproof our coats are!

eiffel-tower1. French Day
On Wednesday we are having a French day where children will learn about France and join in some French themed activities.

2. Death in the community
Very tragically a Y1 pupil from Oakhill died suddenly before half term. This is a local family and I know parents/carers would want to send their condolences to the school and family, which St John’s has done.

3. Our New Values Champions
This new reward system is having an impact across the whole school and helping to develop qualities that are so important in helping young people aspire in our area and that are needed to develop skills to be used in the workplace. Before the end of term we are going to identify our champions and give out some super prizes.

4. Children’s Network Meetings
These meetings are held each half term and are multi–agency and so have representatives from school health, the school nurse, health visitor, EWOs, children’s centre staff etc. A range of children are discussed and actions, referrals, further advice etc is sought if needed.

5. Children’s Performances
We regularly invite parent/carers into concerts, class assemblies and demonstrations etc, as we want to showcase our excellent school and talented children. Staff work very hard getting the children ready and last year one or two were over shadowed by noisy siblings and I had staff and children that complained. At the beginning we are going to say that we do not want to take the limelight from our performers and if your young child or baby needs a change of scene, a room or member of staff will be available to entertain them whilst our school age children take centre stage. Thank you for your support in this matter.

6. Behaviour awards
Before half term we had our first behaviour award, the Bronze Award. So many children received this award and they are a credit to their families. A recent LA visitor complemented the school on it’s ‘quiet and full learning atmosphere’ and thought our academic data was outstanding. This is why the school is so popular.

7. Staff News
Sadly Mrs Davies retires this week after working as an excellent school cook for over 30 years. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for her and as a team member she has helped the school in so many ways, manning the phone for me in bad weather, putting out chairs for class assemblies, helping individual children etc, all more than was required. Mrs Davies leaves us with all our grateful thanks and our very best wishes to her from all the children, staff and parents/carers for her retirement.

8. PE Kit
There have been a lot of children without their PE kit this week which is a concern as they are not able to join in the active lesson and have to watch and write about it. We teach children to be responsible – responsibility is our value this week and any child without kit has a detention with Miss Pickerill on Friday break time, where she talks to the children about PE.

9. Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark
St John’s was awarded this recently for the work the school does in developing PE, in and out of school. We try to ensure our pupils have 2 hours of quality PE and access to a wide range of sporting opportunities. A group of Y6 are having an extra 6 weeks of additional swimming at Trentham starting this week to improve their swimming skills. Please make sure that the children have their PE kits in school as 7 in Y1B sat out of PE on Monday with no kit! Can I remind parents/carers that due to our hall surface trainers cannot be worn inside and all children need black pumps or bare feet for indoor work, KS2 can wear trainers for outside lessons.

pudsey201310. Home School Link Worker Information
15th November is ‘Children in Need’ and we will be having a ‘mad hair day’ where we will be having games at break – how many sweets in a jar, guess the teddy bears name, how much does the cake weigh, spin the arrow. If children would like to take part in the games it will be 20p a go and for coming to school with mad hair each child will need to bring in £1.00.

11. Reminders
» Friday 15th November at 9.05am Y6 Children In Need Class Assembly – please come along with family and friends to support your child for this worthy cause!

12. Attachments
» Parking Near School & Parking Advice Notice from Staffordshire Police.

13. Community Information
» Christmas Fair – 16th November 2013 – St John’s Centre, Trent Vale, Newcastle Road
Also at this event, tickets for the free of charge, children’s ‘Christmas Party’ in December will be available. Raffle tickets will be coming to school soon for parents to purchase.

14. Dates for your Diary
• Wednesday 13th November – French Input Day
• Thursday 14th November – Y5 & Y6 Visit to Englesea Brook Museum
• Friday 15th November – 9.05am Y6 ‘Children in Need’ Class Assembly
• Friday 22nd November – 9.05am Y4/5 Class Assembly
• Tuesday 26th November – Y6 Height & Weight Screening
• Wednesday 27th November – Y3 Scootability
• Friday 20th December – 2.00pm School Closes for Christmas Holidays
• Monday 6th January – School Opens for Spring1 Term

Thank you for your support!

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor

“Don’t forget the our local councillor, Jackie Barnes of Springfield/Trent Vale who is also one of our school governors is always available to help and can be contacted on: 07813 539410 or