Spring Term 2

Newsletter Spring Term 2

Dear Parents/Carers

We have had a lovely learning week in school and I hope you have enjoyed reading the topics and areas your child will be learning about this term. Although still cold it is definitely a bit lighter now in the evenings, which is a good sign.

1. Talking/Thinking Topic
This week we have been thinking about ‘kindness’ and looking at the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ and how little actions can be kind and helpful. As the bible says in proverbs ‘you do yourself a favour when you are kind, if you are cruel you only hurt yourself’, what a lovely quotation to share with your children.

2. School Routines
At lunchtimes our Foundation Stage children go into the dining hall and Nursery area respectively to start their dinner. The majority have hot food and are able to choose their own lunch; we encourage children to try new food which is so important at this age. KS1 hot dinners are next whilst packed lunch children go outside to play and are called in when there are spaces. KS2 classes have a rota so they all get a turn first. Our lunchtime catering staff help the children go through smoothly and the school lunchtime team cover the dining hall, playgrounds and clubs. It is very well organised!

3. Residents Meeting – Parking
Councillor Barnes asked the school to host a meeting about this issue on Monday. Resident’s were complaining that their drives were blocked by parents/carers, there was inconsiderate parking by parents/carers on verges and pavements and parents/carers rudeness. I was able to put across the school perspective saying how well the school was doing, it’s increasing popularity from outside the area and how some parents/carers needed to park nearby. I also mentioned that in our school travel data more families who live nearby in Algar Road, Wain Drive and Harpfield’s Road are now walking or parking and striding, so much so, that we have achieved the Silver Level in our school travel plan, one of a handful of schools in the city to have done so. I was also able to point out (the Evening Sentinel was in attendance) that I agree with many residents, that it is hospital parking that is the issue. I believe that the council has let down the area and our wonderful nearby super hospital, which is the largest employer in the area, with over 6000 staff. They are charged a minimum of £20 a month to park whilst other council employees like my staff, library and admin staff don’t pay. I am compiling a petition to create more resident’s parking in the area, to turn some of the grassed areas to parking areas and look at derelict land nearby to help the hospital staff. There was agreement that if no hospital staff were parking in the area it would be better for all. Please sign the petition as I need 100 signatures to be able to address the full council on this issue. Meanwhile please do not block any resident’s drives, park thoughtfully and walk if possible. The city has one of the highest obesity rates in the country, 1 in 3 children are overweight which is slowing down our cities and your children’s future and make walking a positive step we can all take.

4. Parents/Carers Demonstration
Mrs Ramsden is organising some parent/carer demonstration classes to help you understand aspects of teaching. We are planning sessions in massage, guided reading, e-safety and Maths this term. Details will be on the newsletter under Mrs Ramsden’s section. Your input in your children’s success is more important than school so if you can please attend. The Education Minister, Elizabeth Truss, recently stated that parents/carers who say ‘I can’t do Maths’ are harming their children’s attainment giving them the message that Maths is unimportant. Enclosed is a copy of our subtraction policy so please look at where your child is and so some work with them this week.

5. KS2 Cloakrooms
We have had 2 additional coat hook units added to what are very poorly designed, small cloakrooms. We have also relabelled all of the pegs which has been better when the children are asked to hang up their coats. Please help us by not sending in big bags, we only allow red book bags in class and PE bags should be draw string ones – we do not have room for anything else!

6. Faith & Understanding Week
We have a whole school ‘Faith and Understanding’ week planned for the week commencing 27th January, whereby all children will be looking at faiths in our community. Some classes will be visiting the Gurdwara, St John’s Church, a Mosque, a Synagogue and a Chinese restaurant. Children will also be taking sessions on Hinduism, Muslim homes and pilgrimages; it promises to be a most interesting week, which all the children are looking forward to. I am confused that a parent/carer would upload one of our letters for a visit during this week on facebook for comments, but the many replies show how positive parents/carers view these important life experiences – our City needs our young people to be kind, honest, hard working and talented!

7. Reminders
» French Visit – The Y6 residential French visit to see the World War I battlefields site is 3 weeks away. I know the children are really excited. There will be a final parents/carers meeting this Thursday (16th January) at 3:15pm in the community room.

8. Information re Events Taken Place
Last Week
» New Victoria Theatre – On Tuesday there was a reward visit to the New Victoria Theatre for the new values system. The story of 101 Dalmatians was enjoyed by the children.
» Stanley Head – Y1 & Y2 classes went to Stanley Head last week for a ‘Gruffulo Visit’ and all come back to school in high spirits having enjoyed their trip.
This Week
» Table Tennis – Eight KS2 children took part in the North Staffs Table Tennis competition at Clayton Hall Business and Language College. Well done to Jayden Shepherd-Moss, Jojo Joseph,
Elise Steventon, Thomas, George Beech-Daly, Joshua Simpson, Kyle Lovatt and Owen Gaskill who represented the school. They have been practising on our outdoor table tennis table which has proved very popular!

9. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 10/01/14 were:
Syed Naqvi, Yassin Hamadto, Isaac Ibrahim, Kevin Babu, Mckenzie Gallagher, All of 1B/1S/2M/2C for behaviour and enthusiasm on their trip, Aleksi Vrapi, Yash Bhullah, Ethan Boughey, Jake Milne,
Niomi Edwards-Cherry
Head Teachers Award: Jack Whieldon
Smart School Uniform: Anopa Mutize
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Robin Craggs & Leah Screen
Lunchtime Trophy: Y5
Good to be Green Behaviour Award: KS1 – Joshua Clement & Maddison Steadman
KS2 – Isabelle Colley, Elliot Craggs, Ethan Kidd & Leah Screen
Dusty Bin (tidy classroom) – Y3
Value Champions: Angel Johnson, Bianna Benny, Lola Howard, Paige Adlington, Ismail Saygili and
Holly Chatterton who have already received their honesty fish to go on our display in the hall.
Awards given out for data collected w/b 16/12/13:
Class Attendance: Y1B – 98.7%
Whole School Attendance: 93.6% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Jack Barlow & Caleb Sheppard

10. Home School Link Worker Information
We have many parents/carers commenting on how much Maths has changed since they were at school, so are unable to help their children with their homework. On Wednesday 5th February at 9am, Mrs Peake (our Maths coordinator) is doing a half hour session for all parents/carers to help you understand the ‘working out’ with Maths and how the children are taught in school. Please come along as this will help your child greatly.

11. Office Information
» The school office will be closed from 9:30am – 10:30am & 2:00pm – 2:50pm each day to enable the office staff to carry out specific duties between these times – thank you for your help and support.

12. Dates for your Diary
• Friday 17th January – Y3 Class Assembly
• Thursday 30th January – Y3/4 Class Assembly
• Friday 31st January – Y2M Class Assembly
• Tuesday 4th February – KS1 Parent/Carer Rhyme Time Workshop (details to follow)
• Wednesday 5th February – Maths Session for all Parents/Carers, 9am – Community Room
• Friday 14th February – Y2C Class Assembly
• Friday 14th February – School closes at normal time for half term
• Monday 24th February – School open for Spring2 Term
• Friday 28th March – Y1S Class Assembly
• Friday 10th April – Y1B Class Assembly

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor