Spring Term 3

Newsletter Spring Term 3

Dear Parents/Carers

We have had a very busy learning week in school with lots of interesting lessons talking place.

1. Talking/Thinking Topic
This week we have been thinking about ‘keeping healthy’ and all of the things that we can do to have a healthy lifestyle, please talk to your child about this.
Under our Cashless Catering System we can see what the children are choosing to eat each day; the following 10 children have made the healthiest choices, very well done to Chad Varquez, Bailey Birks, Raul-Yasin Miah, Naomi Edwards-Cherry, Chloe Barlow, Eleanor Williams, Nicole Steele, Danny lea-Shaw, Declan Matthews & Jessica Cotterill.

2. Children’s Network Meetings
We hold these multi agency meetings regularly (involving the school nurse, EWO, health visitor, children centre staff and school) where children are discussed and opportunities are identified to put in early or extra help. They have been very successful in signposting extra help or agency involvement where necessary.

3. New Banners
Have you seen our 2 new banners ‘What have you learnt today?’ and ‘Talk, Learn and Grow with your child!’
They have been put up at Mrs McAree’s suggestion to encourage parent/carers to talk to their children and improve speaking skills. Stoke-on-Trent children start school well below their peers. Developing children’s language is the most significant element in closing this gap so please talk to your child about their learning day. We want all of our children to speak in sentences, which is something that can be practised at home. The school is now a no dummy area for school aged children as it has proved to stunt language.

4. Parking
Thank you to parent/carers who signed the petition, it will allow me to address the council about their failure to address hospital parking.
In frosty weather our sports ground will never be open as it is not gritted and therefore not safe. We do text parents/carers but please remember this in advance. I did note on Monday, which was a lovely crisp winter’s day, that many families who live nearby still drove in and blocked the street – it was a lovely day to walk and get exercise!

5. Attendance
Included in this newsletter is information and regulations about school attendance (‘Term Time is School Time’) and the impact poor attendance has on children’s learning. Our school attendance is 95.3% so far this year, which is an improvement – thank you so much for your support. Early next week we will also be sending out our Attendance Information Booklet, which will give you information specific to our school. However, two families have been referred to the EWO/Social Services and another family have been fined due to poor attendance.

6. Y6 French Visit
A final letter went out on Wednesday giving the times of arrival and departures. The children are really looking forward to this wonderful educational learning opportunity.

7. Collecting Children Early
On Monday 3 families came to collect their children at 2:40pm for a parents appointment. Mrs Varley had to disrupt 7 classes, most of whom were hearing a lovely story and some who were having sports coaching – teaching staff/pupils do find this disruptive so please unless it is an urgent, make appointments after school!

8. New Families
Our new families have settled in really well, can we remind you that we don’t wear fleeces indoors, allow toys in school or offer after school coaching!

9. After School Clubs
These have begun this week and we always try to vary our provision, we aim for all children to do a club in KS1 and KS2 during the year, whether at lunchtime or after school. We have Senior Staff meetings on Monday’s, staff meetings on Tuesday’s, Key Stage meetings on Wednesday’s and IEP reviews after school on 3 days, not to mention staff marking and planning. So although we always have more requests than places I am afraid that it is not possible to do any more. This week I looked in on Mrs Barrow’s ‘Crazy crafts’ and all the children were thoroughly enjoying themselves!

10. Reminders
» Can I please remind parent/carers that dinners are to be paid for in advance and children’s accounts should be kept in credit and not left to go in to arrears – children can be refused a meal if this happens and so the office check daily with our catering team and then telephone parents/carers to bring in a packed lunch before lunchtime.

11. Information re Events Taken Place
Last Week
» Y3 Class Assembly – Thank you to parents/carers who attended the assembly on Kindness which was our value last week, the children really enjoyed using this opportunity to show off their speaking skills. We presented lots of good attendance awards to the class – very well done Y3 who were super!
This Week
» Reception Parent’s/Carers Massage Demonstration – Again this was very well supported and massage is a way we encourage calmness before the afternoon and helps children work together co-operatively. Parents/carers who attended looked very chilled as they left; it is something to consider doing at home.

12. Home School Link Worker Information
Don’t forget that on Wednesday 5th February at 9am, Mrs Peake (our Maths coordinator) is doing a half hour session for all parents/carers to help you understand the ‘working out’ with Maths and how the children are taught in school.

A Maths Target Booklet relevant to your child’s year group is also being distributed by Mrs Peake today, which is for your information – Nursery are excluded from this as it is not relevant to their expected targets/achievements. These show you what your child should be achieving by the end of the year and they contain some fun activities/cupboard maths that you can do together – have a look and please have a go at them to help make maths fun for your child, and yourself!!

13. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 17/01/14 were:
Angel Johnson, Rian Webster, Ashton Barnett, Landon Coates, Theodore Pinto, Ethan Hill, Rosemary Benny, All of Y2m for good behaviour on the Stanley Head trip, Evie Beech-Daly, All of Y3, Kali Sheppard, Hamza Shakil and Benjamin Burgess.
Head Teachers Award: Alan Babu & Carly Bithell
Smart School Uniform: Anet Yohannan
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Joshua Whieldon & Josna Joseph
Lunchtime Trophy:
Good to be Green Behaviour Award: KS1 – Milly Mae Gray & Ben Morris, KS2 – Freyah Knight & Anet Yohannan
Dusty Bin (tidy classroom): 2C
Value Champions: Leah Screen, Holly Barnett, Lily Groves, Robin Craggs, Jonathan Harvey and Adithya Sanil

Awards given out for data collected w/b 06/01/13:
Class Attendance: Y4/5 – 99.3%
Whole School Attendance: 95.2% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: George Baldwin & Grace Hawkins

14. Dates for your Diary
» Thursday 30th January – 9:05am, Y3/4 Class Assembly
» Friday 31st January – 9:05am, Y2M Class Assembly
» Tuesday 4th February – KS1 Parent/Carer Rhyme Time Workshop (details to follow)
» Wednesday 5th February – 9:00am, Maths Session for all Parents/Carers, Community Room
» Friday 14th February – 9:05am, Y2C Class Assembly
» Friday 14th February – School closes at normal time for half term
» Monday 24th February – School open for Spring2 Term
» Friday 28th March – 9:05am, Y1S Class Assembly
» Thursday 10th April – 9:05am, Y1B Class Assembly

15. Attachments
‘Term Time is School Time’ Information

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor