Summer Term 1

Newsletter Summer Term 1

Dear Parents/Carers

As we begin the summer term which is always such a busy one for attainment, learning and celebration events like concerts and sports day, it was wonderful to see how smart all the children looked in their uniforms, new shoes and ready for school. Thank you for your support!

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we started our half term topic of ‘relationships’ and talked in assemblies about how we need to ‘clothe’ ourselves with qualities of kindness, friendship and forgiveness. All the children were very knowledgeable about this and our value this week is ‘honesty’.

2. Platinum Party
Before the holidays we had a ‘Platinum Party’, the vast majority of pupils who received their latest award attended this, a treat which they thoroughly enjoyed. The vast majority of our pupils are brilliantly behaved and deserved this treat. Obviously some children who regularly get red and yellow cards were not invited.

3. Toilet Refurbishment
Over the holiday both KS1 and KS2 has had new urinals fitted, we have told the children that this was an expensive project and to be sensible when using them.

4. PE Kits
Sadly, we had children in PE lessons this week with no kit although we tell the children and parents/carers to bring in the PE kit on the first day back when our learning term begins. The children have to watch the lesson making notes with a clip board and miss out on active learning which inconveniences staff who has planned the lesson. The government tell us children need 2 hours of PE a week to halt the obesity epidemic and embed healthy lifestyles, so we arrange for these children to do a PE catch up on the playground at break time with other children who also join in this. One or two parents complained but personal responsibility is something we teach and a life skill. Children who don’t bring PE kit are not chosen for teams so that we can further reward our ‘always’ children. Very well done to Y5 who all had their kit and had a super lesson! Can siblings please have their own pumps and not share please.

5. Easter Rewards
The following children were awarded an Easter Egg at the end of last term for the most progress in writing, very well done to the following children: Tyler Hodgkinson, Charlie Hindmarsh, Elizabeth Solomon, Rhihena Miah, Amber Gregory, Skye Lea-Shaw, Lennon Gladwin, Benjamin Poole, Molly Hancox,
Alfie Barnett, Lewis Hindmarsh and Jack Wheildon.

6. Sports Camp
We had a very successful sports camp during the holidays provided at no cost to parent/carers, all children thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst keeping fit. Photographs will be going on the web site shortly.

7. Taekwondo Gradings
Before the holiday the after school club were assessed for their yellow belt by the coach Peter Johnson who is a 7th Dan and recently had 4 players selected to train with the Great Britain. The children who were successful were Jack Eaton, Jake Bamford, Jakub Jedrzejczyk, Ethan Boughey, Lawrence Hilditch,
Danny Lea-Shaw, Anthony Evans, Natalia Kulik, Ismail Saygili, Charlie Malbon, Aaron Marshall,
Cameron Tonks, Jacob Simpson, Ilana Steventon, Holly Chatterton, Liam Bates, Laynee Tunnicliffe,
Maria Xanthopoulou, Orlando Heselwood, Sam Cole, Declan Matthews, Isabelle Westwood, Aleksi Vrapi and Ethan Kidd. They all received their certificates and belts on Monday which the school paid for.

8. After school clubs
Following a few complaints the staff have insisted on 2 staff attending each after school club, which will result in us only offering 3 after school clubs this term. I am personally disappointed as they do contribute to self esteem, but the staff have insisted. We have received a few complaints this year from parents/carers which in itself is fine as no school can ever get everything right which is why you see staff outside each day. Indeed one complaint resulted in us changing our practices and not allowing any cars on site after school visits, so the children can be dismissed individually which is an improvement for the school. However one or two have raised issues from years ago regarding other issues including first aid. This is despite us having many grateful parents/carers who praise the fact that our first aiders have been highly complimented by paramedics for spotting serious symptoms and called ambulances re meningitis and fainting issues. Also comments and malicious allegations were posted on facebook one of which included homework despite the fact that our homework policy hasn’t changed for years. However, there will be some exciting good attendance, good behaviour, homework rewards and visits after half term. There are also a variety of lunchtime clubs including sewing, Eco club, ICT, cricket and skipping taking place to keep the children occupied, let’s hope we can be back to normal next term.

9. Class Booklets
These will be going out next week so that you know what your child is studying to enable you to help them in our joint responsibility of their education. Did you know that St John’s is at the top 5% of schools Nationally in terms of progress from KS1 and KS2. Did you know that the KS1 phonics check was 5%, above the National average! Did you know that in Maths 89% make expected progress between KS1 and KS2 that is 1% above the National average, 4% above for writing! This in spite of how we prioritise special needs at the school. This data shows what a good school St John’s is, Mrs McAree has been seconded this term to help a city school whose results are not as good as ours and has been replaced by Miss Blakemore.

10. Theatre Visit
Foundation Stage had a touring theatre visit on Tuesday that retold traditional fairy tales and held all the children enthralled.

11. Home School Link Worker Information
» Red Cards – We have a new system in class when red cards are given out. If your child receives a red card you will be informed by text either on the day or the day after (depending on the time of the incident). This means your child will miss that day’s playtime. If the children get a red card at dinnertime or afterwards they will miss their playtime the following day.
» Supermarket Tokens – We collect Tesco/Morrison’s/Sainsbury’s tokens so please send them in as we pay for lunchtime equipment with them.

12. Celebration Assembly
Awards given out for data collected w/b 31/03/14:
Class Attendance: Y2M & Y3 –96.7%
Whole School Attendance: 95.2% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Ryan Bithell & Grace Hawkins
Time for Sport Trophy: Y1S

13. Dates for your Diary
Wednesday 7th May – 9.05am R1 Class Assembly
Tuesday 20th May – 9.05am R2 Class Assembly
Friday 13th June – 9.05am Nur Class Assembly

14. Community Information
Vacancy for a cleaner at St John’s. The position is 16:40 hours per week, 15:00pm to 18:20pm Monday to Friday. Please contact Entrust, Pauline Davies on 07773 792226 or Michelle Guderis on 07773792208.

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor