Summer Term 10

Newsletter Summer Term 10

Dear Parents/Carers

As we finish the penultimate and ultra busy week of the summer term we are still having a real focus on learning and giving your children the very best educational opportunities we can.

1. Community School Fair
Thank you to parent/carers who donated prizes and supported the event. It was a great day weather wise and the aim of providing a cheap fun day for families was fulfilled. The event raised £650 for school fund which is spent on the children. Special thanks go to Miss Steele who obtained so many great raffle prizes. Thank you for your support.

2. Summer Concert
Our production of ‘War Torn Britain’ had a dress rehearsal and 3 performances so that everyone had the opportunity to see their children. The children thoroughly enjoyed performing and were wonderful. There are lots of budding stars here! We involve every child at St John’s Primary in events like this, to make everyone feel special, and this has great impact on confidence and self esteem. Many of our new parents/carers commented highly favourably about this. The staff team, as always, did a magnificent job organising and training and went the extra mile for your children. Special thanks to Miss Mazzei who organised the concert. We collected £165 for new stage curtains for next year – thank you.

3. Northwood Athletics
Very well done to Isabelle Westwood who came 4th for the City for ‘Throwing’, Moriell Sepe who came 4th in the long jump, Kyle Lovatt 4th in sack, Chad Varquez 5th in sack, and a special well done to Anet Yohannan who is the City Champion for U10 sack. They had all been chosen to represent Stoke and all qualified for their finals. Very well done to these children!

4. Sainsbury’s Tokens
Thank you for saving these, we have purchased some cooking equipment with them, including 3 steamers that were requested by Miss Pickerill.

5. Health and Well Being Week
Next week we are having an important week with a focus on ‘Health and Well Being’. There are lessons on road safety, fire safety, stranger danger, e- safety, hygiene and healthy eating. Y6 will be having a morning on drugs education. Wednesday will be a PE activity day for all the school when there will be boot camp sessions, skipping, walking competitions and games (children need their PE kits for this). It promises to be an action packed but very informative week.
We have installed a new scooter shelter which will be completed next week so all cycles and scooters will be kept in this area now we have the spaces.

6. Y6 Enterprise Project
Traditionally Y6 do an activity to raise funds before they leave, this year they will be selling ice-creams. They have decided to contribute to the new stage curtains and will be selling ice-creams for £1 on Wednesday. The children will have the ice cream in the hall at break. If you wish your child to take part in this venture please send in £1 with your child or give to the staff member on the key stage door where the children will be marked off on a list – we will send a reminder text on Tuesday.

No payments can be made late at the office as all classes count up what they need at registration so we can go out at 9.15 am to buy them and we only buy the amount we have money for!

7. Mrs Ramsden’s Learning Tip
Did you know that toddlers that watch a lot of TV perform worse at school? They speak less well and achieve less well – it’s far better to talk to your child and take them on walks and do fun things to give them opportunity to speak and interact more!

8. Parent/Carer & Residents Complaints
• One or two parents/carers have complained about adults smoking outside the school gates and setting a bad example; we shall be looking at the effects of smoking next week in class!
• A resident has also complained about children teasing their pet cat and trying to pick him up roughly- please leave other peoples animals alone.
• Another resident complained about cars blocking their drive-way while all the building work is going on – please think about where you park and be considerate of our neighbours! Wouldn’t it be great if parents/carers who lived nearby and those with more time walked to school next week as a contribution tour healthy lifestyles ‘Health & Well Being’ week.

9. Rough Play
We have had another few incidents of rough play at lunchtime – any child not playing safely next week will be taken off the playground so please talk to your child about this and play fighting, which we don’t allow.

10. Y6 SATs Results
The children have been given their results today and parents/carers will need to dig deep into their pockets for this group. Our results are outstanding and will put this school near the very top in the city. They reflect excellent support from our Y6 parents/carers and the excellent teaching and provision at St John’s. Very well done Y6!

11. Classes Next Year
The children will be told their new classes today and we have a bump up day on Tuesday with their new class teacher (R1 is on Monday as the member of staff is working elsewhere at present), the Reception and Y1 classes are staying the same but other classes are dictated by numbers and decisions have been carefully made.
Y6 – Mrs Peake
Y5/6 – Miss Whalley
Y4/5 – Mrs Halfpenny
Y3/4 – Miss Edwards
Y3 – Miss Morris
Y2J – Miss Jackson
Y2M – Miss Mazzei
Y1S – Miss Shufflebotham
Y1B – Mrs Brown
R2 – Mrs Connolly
R1 – Mrs Mills-Farmer (Mr Meir 1st term)
N – Mrs Clarke

12. Fresh Hair Super 7
As a community we have been hit by Cancer and many of our families have benefited from the provision of wigs provided by this charity based at the North Staffs Hospital. On Monday at 2:30pm-3:30pm we are asking parents/carers and children to join us in a ‘Super 7 Golden Mile’ around our doughnut for a £1. Please support this event! Although we have done some fundraising this term we do not charge for concerts and fairs; some of my staff go to their children’s concerts and have to pay £2 a ticket! Children taking part can be collected early if their parents/carers are taking part.

There will be no cars allowed on site so please inform disabled drivers!

13. Next Week
• There will be a French Visit Meeting at 3:10pm and one at 5:00pm on Wednesday 16th July to discuss the trip/facilities for those that missed the first meeting; we have not received the second payment of £20 from many of you so will postpone this payment to Friday 5th September and the final payment of £25 is now due by Friday 7th November – all these are non-refundable.
• The Y6 Leaver’s Concert will be on Tuesday at 6:00pm. Families and friends are most welcome to attend this (often moving!!) finale to our Y6.
• A reminder that there will be no breakfast club on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday due to staff training.
• On Friday we close at 2pm as we have to clear rooms for painting over the summer break.

14. New Parent Governor
A big welcome to our new Parent Governor, Mr K Miah, who was appointed this week – Mr Miah has children in Y5, Y4/5 and Y1. School Governors play a vital role in school and give up their time for our children, which is a wonderful thing to do for our school community – many thanks to them all.

15. Reading
We do not take reading books home over the summer so from next week we will be keeping reading books and diaries at school. Please send your child’s reading book and diary in by Monday 14th July, if it is not already at school. During the summer holidays your child will still be able to keep up with their reading using ‘Bug Club’ or by taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge. Their books will then be renewed and updated at the beginning of September 2014.
What is the Summer Reading Challenge?
The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. You can sign up at your local library, then read six library books of your choice, collecting stickers and other rewards along the way – all FREE. Go to the Summer Reading Challenge website to help you keep track of your reading, find new books to read, take part in competitions and play games. Whether you choose to read our Bug Club books or whether you choose to join in the Summer Reading Challenge, enjoy your summer reading! Look in next week’s newsletter for our special reading homework activity.

16. Lost Mobile Phone
We have had a mobile phone handed in, if you have lost your phone please call into the office!

17. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 04/07/14 were:
Yassin Hamadto, Ashton Barnett, Alexis Lovatt, Frankie Wright, Grace Wain, Dylan Colclough, Berrie Johnson, Erin Hill, Kiera Whieldon, Kyra-Mae Phillips, Rayin Negeem, Holly Milne and Jojo Joseph.
Swimming Certificate Beginners: Gabrielle Lovatt, Jacob Simpson – Proficiency: Lawrence Hilditch –
Length: Aaron Marshall.

18. Local Information
• Thistley Hough are hosted a ‘boxing summer school’ during the summer break – please contact them for further information!
• Model Railway Exhibition will take place at St John’s on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th July – please see attached flyer.

19. Attachments
Wildplay Poster
Model Railway Exhibition Flyer

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor