Summer Term 6

Newsletter Summer Term 6

Dear Parents/Carers

As the summer term gathers pace, this is such a busy and exciting time for our school. Staff are busy completing reports and assessments and are noting excellent progress. We also have some class visits, our summer concert and leaving celebrations to plan for the children.

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we have been looking at ‘Courage’. Courage is the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. Please take time to talk to your child about this.

2. School Routines
Each day all the named water bottles are filled and are sterilised at the end of the week so that all children have access to water. I recently visited a school where children are filling them in lessons wasting valuable learning time which would not do for St John’s; staff refill them if necessary for the children in hot weather! We also give free fruit to all our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 pupils and give out some fruit first thing to KS2 pupils who want it.

3. Y6 Open Door Project at Lichfield Cathedral
This took place last Thursday and was a lovely event where children learnt new skills and came together for a service. Our Y6 were brilliantly behaved (much better than one or two other schools) and were complimented by the staff. The cathedral still had all the flowers from the funeral of the young man who raised £4 million pounds for the teenage cancer trust there. It was humbling to see it all and Y6 felt quite moved.

4. Walk to School Month
This campaign has now started where children earn badges for walking to school and it has been a great success. We were complimented recently by an ‘Eco’ advisor for stopping parents/carers coming onto the school site in vehicles which encourages children and families to walk, so much better for the environment and health.

5. Church Service
A group of pupils took part in the 150th Anniversary celebrations of St. John’s Church on Sunday. The choir, trained by Mrs Ramsden performed beautifully – very well done to Jake Milne, Naomi Edwards-Cherry, Jay Edwards-Cherry, Chloe Godwin, Isabella Piesse-Mills, Grace Cooper, Amber Atkinson, Anthony Evans, Leah Screen, Maria Xanthopoulou, Alfie Barnett and
Sophie Johnson.

6. Safeguarding
Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility especially after some recent child deaths. If you have any concerns about a child please visit the Stoke on Trent safeguarding board website There is a page for concerned adults and information about child safety and contacts etc.

7. Events in School this Week
Swimming – Well done to Declan Matthews Y3/4 who gained his length award recently. Our swimming classes are hard at work, hopefully working to gain more certificates shortly.

8. Values Champions Reward Visit
On Monday 2 children from each KS1 and KS2 classes were chosen by their class teachers for their marvellous examples in some of our key values: honesty, kindness, resilience, respect, responsibility, friendship etc. The children went to the ‘Paint a Plate Workshop’ at Emma Bridgewater Pottery Works and parent/carers should soon be seeing their creations, once they have been fired in the kiln. Very well done to Ryan Bithell, Oliver Woodward, Ben Morris, Ian Qiu, Harvey Tams, Raul Yasin-Miah, Danny Lea-Shaw, Morriel Sepe, Jayden Shepherd-Moss, Berrie Johnson, Vithakshi Wickramatunga, Sedra Osman, Jessica Cotterill, Megan Proudlove, Freyah Knight,
Ilana Steventon, Sophie Carter, Abigail Dunn, Nicole Steel, India Spooner & Carley Jones.

9. Issues with Other Children
We, like any other school do have occasions, especially in more unstructured times when incidents occur. Our school is very structured during the day, however we have had 1/2 incidents of parents/carers approaching other children, sometimes not with the complete story and this could lead to other problems. Please contact us and we will deal with any issues.

10. WW1 Sculpture
This was given as an additional extended learning task to children from Y1-3. Mrs Barrow chose the following winners who will meet with the designer to have it created and eventually installed on the bank by the A34 which is really exciting. Very well done to Jake Milne, Lily Groves, Oliver Woodward, Kenzi Sheppard-Moss and Lewis Hindmarsh who submitted some brilliant ideas.

11. PCSO Visit
PCSO Robinson visited the school this week about complaints received re parent/carers driving dangerously and some not putting their children in seat belts. Clearly, both are against the law and there will be police spot checks. Your children are so precious to us all, please look after them. A road safety leaflet is included with the newsletter.
The yellow no waiting signs have been repainted which bans parking from 8:30am-9:30am and 2:30pm-3:30pm. Parents are not obeying these rules and the parking enforcement officers will be checking all city schools. We have a lot of out of catchment families and if all the near families walked or cycled there would be plenty of space in the areas and around Harpfields Road. Congestion these days is an issue in every city school. Wouldn’t it be great if at St John’s we set the standard by more parents/carers walking and parking/striding?

12. Juice & Biscuit Fundraiser
We will be raising money for our link school Matili FYM in Kenya. This will be 30p for juice and biscuits on Friday 20th June.

13. Springfield Road
I have complained to Jackie Barnes, our local councillor, and the City Council itself about the pot holes in the road which are dangerous. What a pity that they did not have a bit of tarmac left over Newcastle Lane and Hilton Road were recently resurfaced. Let’s hope something happens soon!

14. Home School Link Worker Information
• A few children have mentioned that they are playing ‘call of duty’ on their Xbox/Play Stations, please be mindful of the age limited on games and how they can influence children!
• 20th June 9am – 10am Tea Party for Marie Curie Cancer Care £1 for a Drink and Cake – Everyone Welcome!

15. Celebration Assembly
Awards given out for data collected w/b 19/05/14:
Class Attendance: Y3 –97.5%
Whole School Attendance: 94.5% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Anthony Evans & Sneha Miah

Our children/classes who received awards on 23/05/14 were:
Aiesha Hashemi, Charlie Hindmarsh, Ethan Hill, Evan Davies, Ian Qui, Ruby Howard,
Carly Bithell, Alaika Nisar, Ryan Davies, Selim Erdogan, Danny Lea-Shaw, India Spooner and All of Y6 for good behaviour on the school trip.
Time for Sport Trophy: Y6
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Ellesse Lovatt & Aleski Vrapi
Mrs Bloor’s Award: Lewis Hindmarsh
Smart School Uniform: Kyle Lovatt
Walk to School Award: Y5
Dusty Bin: Y1B
Good to be Green:
KS1 – Emma Brennan & Grace Hawkins
KS2 – Soloman Johnson & Anet Yahannan

16. Dates for your Diary
Friday 13th June – Nursery Class Assembly 9:05am
Tuesday 17th June – New Nursery/Reception Parents Meeting – 6:00pm
Friday 20th June – Nursery Visit to Wheelock Hall Farm
Friday 20th June – Tea Party for Marie Curie – 9:10am
Friday 20th June – Juice & Biscuit Fundraising
Friday 27th June – KS2 Northwood Stadium City Athletics
Saturday 5th July – Community Summer Fair – 12:00pm to 2:30pm
Tuesday 8th July – KS1/KS2 Concert 1:10pm – War Torn Britain 6:00pm
Wednesday 9th July – KS1/KS2 Concert 9:15am
Tuesday 15th July – Y6 Leavers Presentation Concert 6:00pm
Friday 18th July – Finish at 2:00pm

17. Attachments
Free Family History Day Leaflet

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor