Summer Term 7

Newsletter Summer Term 7

Dear Parents/Carers

As we finish another busy week staff have been writing reports that list all the achievements that children have made at St John’s, they do make very good reading which you will see next week – we are all so proud of your children!

1. Our Talking Topic
Our thinking topic this week has been ‘honesty’ and the importance of not blaming others and doing the right thing by telling the truth. Please talk to your child about this important value.

2. School Routines
We do have CCTV around the outside of the school covering all the bottom playgrounds and the top gate. It enhances security and can be viewed by myself when needed.

3. Nursery Assembly
Our youngest pupils put on a fantastic assembly on Friday which was enjoyed by parents/carers family and friends. Many were very nervous but they all did brilliantly – very well done to all our nursery children!

4. Sport’s Day
This was a great success and we had lots of compliments and positive comments from parents/carers who came to see the children. For a change we had good weather; one parent wrote in and said what fun it was seeing children having a wonderful time. It is another opportunity we give for children to experience an event that helps add to self esteem and confidence. There were some super performances by the children. The afternoon was probably a bit too hot, but better that than cold and the event was meticulously planned with a drinks break for the KS2 children. A few parents/carers spoilt this by giving other drinks to children and coming across to the children, had we not known them it could have resulted in us all going in – safeguarding our children is always a major priority at St John’s.

5. School Fair
We are collecting for hampers and a teddy stall this week and ask for you to have a look round at home for items that we could use.

6. Reading at Home
My Reception staff have complained to me that a group of children are not reading at home (not our new families) and one or two have not read all year. Your child’s education is our joint responsibility and the impact of home, according to research, is greater than school. Y1 children have had their phonics test this week and some of the few children who have not passed it told Miss Mazzei and Mrs Connolly that they do not read at home. Please help us to help your child’s life chances. Luckily the vast majority of parents/carers are aware of its importance. As a collaborative group of schools in the area, we have been successful in a bid to fund a teacher to teach phonics in local private nursery’s and provide new books for each school. I have seen them and know our children will love them.

7. Home School Link Worker Information
Please see attached Stoke Speaks Out leaflets – do join them on facebook for excellent information on child development.

8. Well Done
A special well done to Maria Xanthopoulou Y4/5 who recently completed the ‘race for life’ at Trenthan Gardens and raised £100 for cancer research; Mrs Talbot and Reverend Sandy Dutton, one of our governors, also took part and had record times!

9. ECO tip
In this hot weather try and chill a bottle of water in the fridge instead of running the cold tap each time for one glass. This actually saves money and reduces your carbon footprint!

10. Celebration Assembly
Awards given out for data collected w/b 02/06/14:
Class Attendance: Y1B –99.0%
Whole School Attendance: 97.4% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Isabella Colley & Kitty Sinclaire
Our children/classes who received awards on 13/06/14 were:
Isa Haq, James Nicholls, Ayse Gurses, Surra Osman, Alfie Hambleton, All of Y1B for a fantastic sports day, Jessica Huckfield, Ellesse Lovatt, Beth Brennan, Amin Miah,
Kira Reilly, Renae Hodges, Charlie Bird, Merin Baby and Sophie Johnson.
Time for Sport Trophy: Y1B
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Chloe Godwin & Emma Brennan
Mrs Bloor’s Award: Elliot Craggs (Y3)
Smart School Uniform: Aleski Vrapi
Walk to School Award: Y1S
Dusty Bin: Y2M
Good to be Green:
KS1 – Ruby Howard & Eliza Williams
KS2 – Jyothy Joseph & Thomas Levey
Swimming: Alfie Barnett achieved his beginner certificate on 4th June – well done Alfie!

11. Dates for your Diary
Friday 20th June – Nursery Visit to Wheelock Hall Farm
Friday 20th June – Tea Party for Marie Curie – 9:10am
Friday 20th June – Juice & Biscuit Fundraising
Friday 27th June – KS2 Northwood Stadium City Athletics
Saturday 5th July – Community Summer Fair – 12:00pm to 2:30pm
Tuesday 8th July – KS1/KS2 Concert 1:10pm – War Torn Britain 6:00pm
Wednesday 9th July – KS1/KS2 Concert 9:15am
Tuesday 15th July – Y6 Leavers Presentation Concert 6:00pm
Friday 18th July – Finish at 2:00pm

12. Attachments
Stoke Speaks Out Information

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor