Summer Term 8

Newsletter Summer Term 8

Dear Parents/Carers

As we really start with the lovely summer weather it has been lovely to see our girls in cool summer dresses and boys in short school trousers. Let us hope this weather continues until the end of term, this might help make up for the disappointment of the World Cup!

1. Our Talking Topic
This week our talking topic is being eco friendly, the children were told about how important it is to the planet to reuse, recycle and reduce. Please talk to your child about how they can help to do this at home.

2. Events in School Last Week
‘Blooming Great Tea Party’ for Macmillan Nurses – thank you to parents/carers who attended this tea party organised by Mrs Ramsden, £13 was raised and all who attended enjoyed it.

3. School Reports
These go out today and show great progress made, all the things your child is good at and the next steps to improve. The staff hope you enjoy reading them!

4. Nursery Visit to Wheelock Hall Farm nr Crewe
This was a great success according to Mrs Clarke and a new visit for the school. The children were able to see ducks, goats, horses and other farmyard animals. All the children were very well behaved and enjoyed the experience. Visits for children below statutory school age always have to have a lot of staff and we rely on parents/carers to help here, as we can’t take staff from other duties. Thank you so much to Mrs Johnson, Mrs Cole, Miss Price, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Matthews, Miss Price, Mrs Yousaf, Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Hill and Mrs Curzon for their help and support!

5. Juice and Biscuits for our Kenyan Link School
This was organised by Mrs Connelly and raised £52 which will be sent to the local mission to be used to buy pencils for the school which are not provided.

6. Safety in the Sun
We do take care when we have hot weather at school; our policy is that children always have access to fresh drinking water at all times. Parent/carers are responsible for putting any sun cream on in the morning and sending children in sun hats. We never allow children out in direct sun for any longer than 30 minutes and if a PE lesson is longer, the children have a break in the shade. We do have lots of lovely trees on our school grounds!

7. Good Attendance /Behaviour Visits
Two after school free visits were organised to Trentham Monkey Forest last Thursday and Friday for Y1 to Y3 pupils who had 95% or better attendance for the year and had not disrupted learning through red cards. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and many had not been before. We were able to see them feeding, had a talk from the park wardens and we saw the new babies.
On Saturday the older children went onto their free outing to Liverpool and had a trip on the ferry to the U boat Museum and visited the Maritime Museum and Museum of Liverpool. It was a really packed visit during which we were complimented by passersby for the children and staff for doing this on a Saturday. We were late back as the driver gave us the wrong number (which we have chased up) but the local police helped us to find him. It was a super day and thanks go to Miss Pickerill (deputy leader), Mrs Barrow, Miss Guest and Mrs Varley who gave up their time to staff the visit.
Reception and Nursery pupils with good attendance have been given an attendance prize pencil as well this week.

A few parents phoned up to ask why their children had not been invited, it was because their attendance did not warrant it and in a few cases it was an illegal holiday in term time which our new EWO will be increasingly proactive about. For another few children it was because of multiple red cards, as they choose not to follow our rules, this was a consequence. This is the best achieving school in the area and regular attendance is key.
We have had one family who our EWO sent into school after lunch due to poor attendance and another few have no authorised absence allowed and are near fining, but this is the other end of attendance. I would rather organise rewards and more are planned in September for children who have 95% or better for the year (unless we know of a particular medical issue), Very well done to these children and their families!
Alex from Y4/5 said “I enjoyed this trip and I am going to have good attendance so I can go on the next amazing trip, thank you!”

8. Y6 First Aid Course
This week the Y6 class had a head start first aid course which taught the children the rudiments of first aid including how to deal with burns, bleeding and heart attacks etc. It was very useful and the class were very receptive and sensible, very well done to Y6!

9. Language on School Promises
I have had another complaint probably the tenth this year about parent/carers using foul language in front of children, often in a conversation on the phone, on school premises. This is a shocking example of so called adults to be setting in front of their children and other children. We had an issue last term where one or two parents/carers (thankfully no longer with us) conducted a facebook rant using the most shocking language that was dealt with. Foul language is actually against the law and I can ban parents/carers from the school premises and will do so. Please tell us if you know the culprits as I am determined not to have this at St John’s, our pupils deserve the best!

10. Balance-ability
We have purchased from our PE budget, 7 balance-ability bikes to teach Nursery & Reception children how to ride a bike, an important skill. Lessons started this week!

11. Forthcoming Events
St John’s Super 7 for Fresh Hair at the N.S.U.H, Monday 14th July 2014, 2:30pm-3:30pm. Many of our community have been affected by cancer and this charity based at the cancer centre at our hospital helps provide wigs and treatment for sufferers. So we will be organising a fun walk/run for a £1 and juice and a cake that pupils can buy for 50p. It is our local hospital so please support this event.

12. Our Annual Summer Concert
This involves all KS1 and KS2 pupils and is entitled ‘War torn Britain’ performances will be on Tuesday 8th July at 1:30pm & 6:00pm and on Wednesday 9th July at 9:30am. Tickets will be available shortly and will be a wonderful opportunity to see your talented children on the stage.

13. Breakfast Club
This will not take place the last 3 days of term the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as the equipment is being tested and staff are undertaking food hygiene training.

14. Donations of Loom Bands
Y6 are making Loom Bands to send to Kenya, if you have any spare to donate please send them in to help Y6 with their project.

15. Pre-School
Foundations Pre-School is now separate and under the Local Authority although I tried to take it over to provide before and after school care and a 2 year old play and stay. Parents/carers using this facility are not allowed on our site until 2:50pm and need to wait in the pre-school area. Young children should not be allowed to run around our premises as they are not insured and we are going to install a bigger gate.

16. Community Summer Fair
This is on Saturday 5th July at 12:00pm – 2:00pm, we are collecting for the hampers and the bottle stall this week. We have organised a bouncy castle, ice cream van, stalls and tombola’s. All money raised is spent on your children – please have a look around for prizes!

17. Celebration Assembly
Awards given out for data collected w/b 09/06/14:
Class Attendance: Y2M –100%
Whole School Attendance: 95.1% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Oscar Dix & Alisha Johnson
Our children/classes who received awards on 20/06/14 were:
Jessica Chittock, Ansh Bhati, Fizza Rana, Kevser Erdogan, Milly-Mae Gray, Vaughn Juguilon, Nela Polhosova, Freyah Knight, Leah Screen, Lawrence Hilditch, Cameron Tonks, Bejamin Burgess and Elise Steventon.
Time for Sport Trophy: Y1S
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Nicole Steele & Charlie Simpson
Mrs Bloor’s Award: Charlie Bird
Smart School Uniform: Gabrielle Lovatt
Dusty Bin: Y4/5
Good to be Green: KS1 –Azka Chaudhry & Mia Beardmore, KS2 – Grace Cooper &
Eleanor Williams
Swimming: Well done to Orlando Heselwood, Declan Matthews, Isabelle Westwood and Kenzi Shepherd-Moss who gained their length swimming award at school swimming last week.
Next week is the last week for all clubs and catch up classes as staff need to prepare for the summer concert now. The last Swimming day will be Friday 11th July!

18. Dates for your Diary
Friday 27th June – KS2 Northwood Stadium City Athletics
Tuesday 1st July – Y6 Britannia Stadium Trip
Saturday 5th July – Community Summer Fair – 12:00pm to 2:30pm
Tuesday 8th July – KS1/KS2 Concert 1:30pm – War Torn Britain 6:00pm
Wednesday 9th July – KS1/KS2 Concert 9:30am
Tuesday 15th July – Y6 Leavers Presentation Concert 6:00pm
Friday 18th July – Finish at 2:00pm

19. Attachments
» Small Steps leaflet – ask at the school office for a copy of the full school holiday itinerary.
» Staffordshire Police open day flyer for Sunday 29th June

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor