Autumn Term 12

Newsletter Autumn Term 12

Dear Parent/Carer
The weeks seem to be galloping by now and the staff can’t believe they only have 2 weeks before the Christmas concerts and 3 weeks until the end of term. It seems hard fitting everything in!

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we have been thinking about friends and what it means to be good friends to others. Children were asked to make a new friend and be a good friend.

2. Our Value
Our value this week is friendship. Well done to Isabelle Westwood, Alyssa Stanley, Rhihena Miah, Kieran Tonks, Alan Babu and Nirmal Pasupuleti for demonstrating this to others.

3. KS2 Stanley Head Visit
A class is out each day next week on an outdoor adventurous visit. We provide these visits free, but it is a lower cost at Stanley Head in winter months. It fits in nicely with our healthy schools agenda and getting all our children more physically active. KS1 children will be going in January. Stanley Head is always a “wow” visit which the children and staff enjoy.
Letters have been sent with information for the day, but just as a reminder:

  • Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty (no jeans) (change of jogging bottoms optional)
  • Old trainers or walking style boots
  • A waterproof jacket (the day will go ahead whatever the weather)
  • Packed lunch / low sugar drink in a carrier bag so it can be disposed of easily
  • Any necessary medication. Children to take their own inhalers
  • All the activities are led by the staff of Stanley Head.

4. Emergency Contacts
Can you please check we have your latest contact number and at least 2 others. This is especially important if you move or change your phone. We needed to contact a parent last week following a nasty trip and had to leave the pupil with 2 first aiders while we waited for someone to get in touch. Although emergencies are very rare, they do happen with children!

5. Uniform
During our teaching and learning review the children were complimented on their smart appearance and learning which is a credit to our parent/carers. This week as the weather becomes more wintery children are misplacing the necessary scarves and hats. We checked all the cloakrooms this week and keep all lost property there. Children have been told each day to hang their coats and kits tidily, as the cloakrooms are very small. Please help us by naming uniform. I pick up jumpers every morning to put them in classrooms and most are not named. We don’t want you to have to replace expensive jumpers. We do not allow siblings to share pumps for health and safety reasons, as a parent queried this week.

Last week Ofsted said head teachers were right to insist on children being dressed in the correct standards of uniform, this is following a complaint that a parent made when their child was sent home from a high school for incorrect uniform. He said schools need to reinforce to parents/carers that all successful organisations require rules and if children are to succeed in the workplace they have to respect them. We are educating your children to be the future of our city with important jobs and careers and confirms what St John’s has been doing successfully, and doing so with your help. Thank you.

6. Swimming Awards
Very well done to Kitty Sinclair, Moriell Sepe, Kyle Lovatt, Ebony Johnson, Owen Gaskell, Jay Edwards-Cherry, Sophie Carter and Thomas Bird who have all passed their length certificate after a term of school swimming. Cameron Tonks, Lewis Hindmarsh and Kodi Amison have all passed their Elementary Award and India Spooner her Proficiency. Also well done to Declan Matthews who achieved his 800m and 1000m award at swimming lessons recently.

Swimming is such an important life skill which is why it is prioritised at St John’s and the government insist all Y6 children achieve at least the length standard so they can take part in activities at high school. There have been some children who have been given extra swimming this term, all the children have worked hard.

7. Boots
We had a serious accident last week when another child slipped outside wearing boots. They are not school uniform – great for walking to school but not for the activities and games our children do at lunchtime to keep them fit, slim and active. The ‘Outdoor Play Risk Assessment’ has now been altered, so any child wearing boots will not be allowed to take part in more active sessions outside or chosen for extra activities at lunchtime. Black pumps/barefoot are only allowed in the hall, please replace pumps if your child’s feet have grown.

8. Y6 Library Club
Twice at lunchtime our Y6 librarians run a library club for Y1 pupils. This week Michaela Sinfield, Jay Edwards-Cherry and Danielle Bright were reading a story to children and then reading with them. This is wonderful caring responsibility from our oldest pupils. Charlie-Ann Hindmarsh, Sammi Miah and Ansh Bhati were really enjoying this session. Very well done to all the children involved.

9. Taekwondo Club
This club funded by pupil premium money after the Olympics, has been very successful and Peter Johnson, the coach, who recently returned from competitions with medals for himself and his club members is an outstanding coach. He will be doing a new grading after Christmas and putting on a parent/carer exhibition. Two pupils from the club Molly Clewes and Maria Xanthopoulou join his club on a Saturday and Molly achieved the green belt award. Very well done Molly and all of the group.

10. Network Meetings
The school hold multi agency network meetings each half term when children are discussed by the EWO, School Nurse, Social Workers, Mrs Ramsden and myself. Information is shared and agency advice sought to improve outcomes for children.

11. Teddy Raffle
One of our parents is supporting an Afghanistan charity in an area where children have no education and go hungry. We want to support these efforts from one of our families, Miss Pickerill and I have donated a number of teddies/prizes for a raffle which will take place next Friday 5th December, tickets will be available for £1 a go. Please support our family so we can help a war torn community.

12. Behaviour
Last Friday after school, very unusually, we had 2 Y2 children kick the scooter and cycle shelter with such force they could have damaged it and caused a huge bill for the families. A previous incident with another Y2 pupil happened the week before. We also had another child on a fearful night run away from his parent on Harpfield Road. Mrs Meakin and I and many other community minded parents joined in to check he was safe, which thankfully he was. The children have been told this week about road safety and looking after valuable school property and the children concerned have been in detention. I also had a complaint about parents/carers using foul language in front of children, often on the phone which clearly is not responsible. Children need our full time attention.

13. Concerts At Church
KS1 and KS2 concerts will be at St John’s Church which always helps create a special Christmas atmosphere. The children will walk there on Thursday 11th December, the visit is covered by our ‘Short Visit and Medical Consent Form’ which was part of the permission pack which you signed in September. The children always enjoy the walk, we hope you will support both these lovely occasions.

14. Breakfast Club
This is now full and serves breakfast from 8:15am to 8:30am. The children are all so well behaved and are a credit to their families. For children arriving after half past they will be given cereal but we can’t serve after 8:35am as Mrs Inskip and Mrs Bettany have to be in classes ready to hear readers.

15. Reading
St John’s is taking part in the city project to improve reading standards. We have purchased lots of new reading books for Key Stage 2 and are now doing the same for Key Stage 1 and Early Years. Part of the project is that children read at least three times a week at home and their diary is signed. Dark winter nights are a good time for this. Please help us to improve reading.

16. Home School Link Worker Information

  • It’s that time of year when we think about others and sharing. We have been asked if we could help to collect food for a local food bank, which nowadays is a real necessity. It has provided food parcels for many families in our community who are struggling. We ask that you buy one extra packet/tin of non-perishable food and bring it to school where we will have a box to collect items. The collection is running for the first 2 weeks of December only and is being collected on December 12th. Many thanks for your support in this.
  • Quick reminder that on Friday 28th November we are having a coffee and croissant morning, 9.00-10.00am. Come along, bring a friend, pop in or stay for the full hour.

17. Reminders

  • • When returning reply slips please can you ensure that your child’s full name and class is on each reply. Thank you
  • If your child is off sick then please phone the school on each day of absence and leave a message on the answer machine when prompted, select option 1.

18. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 21/11/14 were:
Tyler Hodgkinson, Alexis Lovatt, Theodore Pinto, Kevin Babu, Rita Qiu, all of 2M for good behaviour on a trip, Dylan Colclough, Luke Brian, Eleanor Williams and Abel Joseph.

Mrs Bloor’s Award: Thomas Levey
Dusty Bin (tidy classroom): Y5/6
Smart School Uniform: Laynee Tunnicliffe
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Archie Hambleton and Evie Beech-Daly
Good to be Green: Berrie Johnson & Rubina Mahnoor–KS1/Elliot Craggs & Bhuvan Pasupuleti–KS2
Time for Sport: Y1S
Eco Award: Y2M
Walk to School: Y6
Lunch Time Award: 2J

Awards given out for data collected w/b 10/11/14:
Class Attendance: R1 – 100%
Whole School Attendance: 97.4% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Kyle Smith and Dylan Colclough

19. Dates for your Diary
Thurs 27th Nov – Thurs 4th Dec 5 Day KS2 and Nursery Art Project – Mosaic Floor Tile Project
Monday 1st December Y3 Stanley Head Outdoor Education Visit
Tuesday 2nd December Y5/6 Stanley Head Outdoor Education Visit
Wednesday 3rd December Y4/5 Stanley Head Outdoor Education Visit
Thursday 4th December Y3/4 Stanley Head Outdoor Education Visit
Thursday 4th December Y5 Sporthall Athletics 11:30pm – 3:00pm
Friday 5th December Y6 Stanley Head Outdoor Education Visit
Friday 5th December 1:30pm In School Panto – Whole School
Wednesday 10th December Foundation Stage Nativity 9.15am and 2.15pm
Thursday 11th December 9:30am KS2 Christmas Celebration at St John’s Church
Thursday 11th December 2:00pm KS1 Concert at St John’s Church
Friday 12th December 11.30am – 12.30pm Grandparent’s Christmas Dinner
(individual times will be allocated nearer the time)
Wednesday 17th December Christingle Service at School 2:00pm
Thursday 18th December Party Day/Santa Visit
Friday 19th December Finish at 2.00pm

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor