Autumn Term 2

Newsletter Autumn Term 2

Dear Parents/Carers

We have had a lovely start to the new academic year, thank you for your help in settling the children in so quickly. It is always more difficult with the younger children after a summer break but there is a lovely learning atmosphere at St John’s. We would especially like to welcome our new families this week.

1. Class Parent/Carer Booklets
Class Time Tables are included in this newsletter so that you know what days your child has various lessons. By knowing the topics you can help your child at home.

2. Policies
So that you are kept up to date, we are sending out a pack of School Policies today, please take the time to familiarise yourself with these!

3. School Attendance
Mrs Ramsden our Home School Link Worker sent out some information earlier in the week and we have a new Education Welfare Officer (EWO) who has been assigned the task of improving our attendance. Although our attendance improved last year, we were still only 28th out of 64 schools in Stoke for attendance. We expect all children from Reception to Y6 to achieve 95% or more. Any child who drops below this will be referred to the EWO and medical evidence asked for if the child is not in school. Any routine appointments should be made out of school time.
There are 175 non school days for family time and 190 days set aside for education and your child’s future. No holidays in term time will be approved and last year 3 families were fined. One Y6 pupil’s holiday meant he did not achieve the high level 5 in his SATs test which he was capable of and did not get into the top set at high school.
We need all families in Stoke to aspire to make the city better and education is the route. Already we have ex- pupils of St John’s starting university and college to make a better future for themselves, but it needs every family to sign up to this. Any child who misses learning will be in catch up club at lunchtime.
We reward good attendance and any child who had good attendance last year and has not had a day off this year will be rewarded with a visit to walk around Trentham Gardens shortly.

4. Nursery
Our nursery pupils started this week and have started to settle in so well. They all look so smart which is a credit to you parents/carers. We are a ‘no dummy school’ as dummies hinder speech and language development which is very low in Stoke and behind other areas. Mrs Clarke has asked that no dummies are bought onto school premises. Thank you for your help!

5. KS2 Performance Tables
These will be published in November and they will show that at St. John’s, 100% of pupils made 2 levels of progress between KS1 and KS2 and 68% of the Y6 cohort achieved the high level 5. These results are outstanding and better results than schools in leafier parts of Stoke. Again this shows what a good school St John’s is.

6. Primary Science Quality Mark
We were told this week that the school has passed the highest Science Gold Award which is a fantastic achievement and the result of good teaching and practices in this important subject led by Mrs Peake, we will be presented with our award shortly.

7. Staff News
Mrs Halfpenny has passed the National Award for Special Educational Needs (SEN) Co-ordination and will be using this knowledge to help embed the new SEN regulations.
Mrs Ramsden has passed an Anti Bullying Mentoring course and will be using this knowledge to check on behaviour. Very well done to these colleagues who show how we are all lifelong learners!

8. PE Kit
Unbelievably we have had a few children this week without PE kit, please make sure your children have their kit in school. It is a rule of the Governing Board that no jewellery is worn for PE and all long hair is tied back. We recommend the kit stays in school for half a term. All our pupil premium children have been given free shorts and a top this week as well as a pencil case for homework.
Following a parent/carer complaint last year we are not allowing children in the ball cage at lunch time without changing their shoes. Classes in KS2 have a timetable for the ball cage and it is split between boys and girls. Five children have been stopped accessing the top playground due to poor behaviour.

9. Values and our Talking Topic
We have five key values at St John’s that are central to our ethos. The first one we shall be focussing on next week is ‘Honesty’; please talk to your child about this subject!

10. Forthcoming Open Nights
This will be on Tuesday 30th September and Wednesday 1st October for Reception classes to Y6. We are spreading it over 2 days as we have bigger classes and there will be reviews for the children coming off the Special Needs Register as a new SEN (Special Education Needs) code of practice comes into place this September. These are vital meetings, please keep the date free.

11. School Council
Our representatives have been voted for by the classes and are:
Y6 – Lewis Hindmarsh & Laura Lou Hopley
Y5/6 – Laynee Tunnicliffe & Jack Eaton
Y4/5 – Jamie Paredes & Oliver Williams
Y3/4 – Chloe Barlow & Luke Brian
Y3 – Charlie Simpson & Lily-May Barlow
Y2J – Alyssa Stanley & Tyler Conway
Y2M – Fizza Rana & Oscar Dix
They will be meeting shortly to discuss their first project!

12. Home School Link Information
• On Friday 26th September we will again be taking part in the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ to support Macmillan Cancer Support. It will run from 9am to 10am, £1 for cake and a drink (the chat is free), so please come along and support this worthwhile event.
• On Tuesday 23rd September for 4 weeks we are doing ‘Cook and Eat’ sessions. This is a free course and it will just be the adults taking part. It will give you ideas on cooking on a budget but making sure meals are still healthy. If you require any more information please see
Mrs Ramsden. Letters/reply slips to book a place will be sent out on Monday!

13. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 05/09/14 were:
Esme Clarke, Angel Johnson, All of Y1B, Robyn Wheildon, Ryan Bithell, Alisha Johnson, Ellesse Lovatt, All of Y3/4, All of Y4/5 for a super start, Gabrielle Lovatt & Jack Goodall.
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Y6
Mrs Bloor’s Award: Kyle Smith
Dusty Bin: Y5/6
Attendance Trophy: Y2J
Eco Award: Y3

Thank you for all your continued support,

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor