Autumn Term 3

Newsletter Autumn Term 3

Dear Parents/Carers

The staff at St John’s feels that all the children have settled into their new routines and classes really well, thank you so much for your support! There is a lovely learning atmosphere around the school.

1. Staff News
Mrs Connolly has had the safe arrival of a baby boy, Noah. Our best wishes go to the new family!

2. Y6 Responsibilities
We have started giving roles and responsibilities to our Y6 which is important to help self esteem and confidence; they are such a helpful group. So far we have appointed the following:
Head Boy: Moriell Sepe
Head Girl: Nicola Tams
Deputy Head Boy: Charlie Malbon
Deputy Head girl: Shuhena Miah
Assembly Team : Jack Goodall , Jake Milne, Molly Clewes
The prefect team will be appointed on Monday, Y6 are making a great start to the year, Very well done Y6!

3. Uniform
Thank you so much for sending the children to school so smartly dressed. I noticed in Monday’s assembly how smart the children looked. Uniform helps to create a common identity. We make our uniform easy on family budgets as it can be purchased from supermarkets. Mrs Beech-Daly one of my teaching assistants who has a pupil at the school told me it only cost her £32.50 (2 weeks family allowance) to kit out her child including leather shoes. It was more expensive years ago!

4. End /Beginning of the School Day
Please can we make a plea for the safe dismissal of all the children by asking parent/carers to stand away from the door and wait until the children have been dismissed before catching teacher’s; thank you so much. We want to do everything safely for all our families!
Gates – Similarly for safeguarding reasons we do not allow parents/carers on site before 2:55pm. Some visitors/coaches have to come onto school grounds around this time and the office staff have noticed on the cameras last week that parents were tailgating visitors in through the vehicle gates. We have an intercom for access and have to know who is on our site at all times for pupil safety. We have children who are not allowed to be collected by certain adults, this can be difficult to administer if people are not following our health and safety rules. Thank you for your help!
Before School – Can we please remind parents/carers that we do not take responsibility for children until 8:45am! We seem to be having too many children on site disrupting the day’s preparation for learning before this time, left unsupervised by parents/carers. Yesterday a group of children were misbehaving; we shall be texting parents if this continues!

5. Small Steps Childcare Information
Many of our parents/carers use this excellent facility, they will drop off and pick up from school and offer a holiday club. Please see the attached flyer or contact 01782 847558 for further info!

6. Class Information Booklets
We hope you found these booklets useful and gave you information about what your child is studying and how you can help. We are planning parent/carer reading and phonics observations and parent’s workshops later in the term.

7. Great News
St John’s has successfully achieved the ‘Gold Standard Primary Science Quality Mark’ award for its standards and achievements in Science after lessons were monitored. This is a high standard the whole school community can be very proud of; it is another example of our high standards. Very well done to Mrs Peake who has very capably led the project!

8. Good Attendance Reward Visits
All children who were at St John’s last year and achieved 95% or higher attendance and will be rewarded with a visit to walk around Trentham Gardens Lake next Wednesday and Thursday (95% is the minimum standard the school is charged with achieving).
Some parents, who took holidays in term time have complained, but the government states that schools are not allowed to grant permission for parents/carers to arrange holiday’s in learning time and schools can fine for this. The 2013 act prohibits any school granting leave of absence where there are no exceptional circumstances; there are 175 non school days in a year. We reward good attendance at each class assembly and hold tea parties throughout the year. Another reward visit will be planned next term which will help those children who have had a medical issue last term and weren’t able to attend a reward visit, of which I know there was a few. The school has already planned an outdoor education week in December for all KS2 classes and a KS1 Active Literacy visit to Stanley Head that we are providing free of charge.

9. Reading Diaries
For our new families, we do encourage you to write in your child’s diary when you hear them read, the diaries are a great communication channel. Reading at home is so important for all our pupils!

10. Clubs
These start next week, the sporting clubs have been oversubscribed but children who don’t get a place this time will be prioritised by Mrs Varley next time. We have some lovely ones on offer!

11. School Swimming
This starts next week and letters have already gone out; these vital lessons are expensive so please make sure the children have kit. It is school policy that any child who forgets their kit has a Friday detention with Miss Pickerill and do exercise at lunch time before their dinner. We are a healthy school and want all our pupils fit and trim. Thank you for your support!

12. Harvest
This year we are collecting packets of vegetable seeds for our link school in Kenya, we want to help them to provide for themselves, their school moto is ‘our success is our pride’, which is a good moto for us all. We are very lucky and want to help those who are less fortunate than us. So please send in your packet seeds so that the children can then deposit them in the basket by the blue chairs.

13. Home School Link Information

  • Please can Y2 parents/carers check school jumpers, we have a named one missing!
  • Cook & Eat sessions start on Tuesday 23rd September for 4 weeks – if you would like to take part please return the slip that is coming home this week as soon as possible so that I can get an idea of numbers.
  • Friday 26th September – We are taking part in the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ for Macmillan Cancer Support. Cake and a drink for £1.00 (the chat is free). Please come along and invite any relatives to support this very worthwhile charity!
  • Date for your dairy – Wednesday 1st October Y2M parents/carers are invited to come and watch a Phonics session in class at 9.05am for 15 minutes.

14. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 12/09/14 were:
Ayse Gurses, Jacques Theron, Bethany Morrey, Aiesha Hashemi, Emily Rains, Robert Brian,
Evie Beech-Daly, Nancy Doward, Ellie Moreton, Thomas Levey & Nicola Tams.
Head Teachers Award: Jack Goodall
Smart School Uniform: Declan Matthews
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Dylan Wright & All of Y3
Dusty Bin (tidy classroom) – Y3
Time 4 Sport Award: Y1S
Awards given out for data collected w/b 01/09/13:
Class Attendance: Y3/4 – 100%
Whole School Attendance: 94.9% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Alfie Hambleton & Alex Ballard O’Shea

15. Local Community Information

  • Norton United Football Club – Stoke on Trent College Sports Centre, Stoke Road, Shelton
    4-7 years 9am to 10am Saturday & 7-12 years 10am to 11am Saturday – Contact James Askey for more information on 07962 265867.
  • Y6 Open Event at St Peters Academy – 25th September 1:30pm to 3:00pm Contact 01782 882500 for further information.

16. Attachments

  • Talk to me – Stoke Speaks Out
  • Small Steps Out of School Club

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor