Autumn Term 4

Newsletter Autumn Term 4

Dear Parents/Carers

Staff are telling me that their classes have really settled well and our learning focus is really beginning, thank you for your support. We look forward to sharing targets and information with you next Tuesday and Wednesday at our Target Sharing Open Evenings.

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we have been thinking about food and how so many people in the world do not have enough to eat. Please talk to your child about this. We are collecting packets of vegetable seeds for our link school in Kenya and it would be great if you could pick a packet up while you shop this week.

2. Y6 Responsibilities
We have appointed more Y6 responsibility roles this week, these are so good for our Y6 children and they help with the smooth running of the school. High schools tell me all our pupils are always confident learners, which is a great compliment to the school. I have checked on our previous Y6 students and I’m told that they have all started their high school careers brilliantly. Amongst this group will be a future vet, technician, sport’s coach, nurse, teacher, shop manager, chef and apprentice. Their parents/carers worked so well with the school and this shows what we can all achieve if we work together. Our Y6 have been starting their duties already and more roles are planned as the term develops.
Kodi Amison, Rayin Negeem, Kara Tatler, Biben Benny, Jack Goodall, Cameron Tonks, Molly Clewes, Lewis Hindmarsh, Chelsea Warren, Sophie White, Laura-Lou Hopley, Holly Milne, Jake Milne, Hamza Shakil, Alfie Barnett and India Spooner.
ICT Monitors
Milak Elabd, Hughie Knight
P.E. Monitors
Kitty Sinclaire, Kyle Lovatt, Owen Gaskell
Danielle Bright, Jay Edwards- Cherry
Class Captain
Danny Lea -Shaw, Molly Clewes

3. Homework
Our Homework Policy has been cascaded to all parent/carers. This year we are having a full focus on daily spelling and phonics. Our results are better than ever due to good teaching and your support for homework. Our book bag is an essential part of our uniform so reading diaries and homework can be put in them. Please help your child complete their homework and get into a good routine as early as possible. One of our previous Y6 students told me they have 4 pieces of homework each night from high school, luckily they were well trained. We do have 2 catch up clubs (15 minutes of lunchtime) and put children in it if they have not completed their homework as this aims to improve your child’s attainment. Luckily the vast majority complete their work easily with support from home.

4. Nursery
The new nursery provision is working really well and all the children are very settled now. Well done to parents/carers who have worked so hard at potty training and helping children dress. They seem a super talented year already.

5. Good Attendance Reward Visits
We had 4 visits this week to Trentham Gardens for children whose attendance last year was 95% or above. All were successful visits which the children loved, more good attendance visits are planned to reward families who prioritise this crucial aspect of education. The next one will include children with good punctuality as we are having lots of late comers in a morning which is disturbing lessons that have already started. Jessica Chittock said it was “a big paradise” and Elliot Craggs said the walk was “Awesome” and that “I really enjoyed it yesterday”.

6. Cycling/Scooting to School
We have good facilities to encourage children to cycle or scoot to school. We have a cycle permit policy for children who cycle so the responsibilities are clear. Children, for health and safety reasons, are not allowed to cycle/scoot on school premises and are asked to walk their bike to the shelter at the top of the school. No cycling is allowed on school premises.
We are buying 12 scooters to run a scooter club at lunchtime which children will love and which will help our active children agenda. Children who cycle to school need a cycle permit which can be picked up from the school office.

7. Foundations Pre School
This is a separate organisation that use our premises, although we receive no finance for this. We have sent a letter to their users, reminding them that we have to know who is on site for safeguarding reasons and parents/carers should not wait on our grounds. Any disabled person with the higher level criteria must use the 2 disabled spaces on the car park, although we do close the site to all traffic when doing special curriculum events. The person with the blue badge must get out of the car to collect a child. Our gates can only be opened at certain times as staff have other duties. We do not open them before 2:55pm as we have PE lessons on site. Children are pressing the buzzers when going home please speak to children about this!

8. Sweets
We never give out sweets as we are a healthy school and ask that children are not given sweets on school premises at the end of the day as food should not be used as a reward and as they are high in sugar and Stoke has such high levels of tooth decay.

9. School Clubs
Our after school programme started this week and we have running clubs running every day. We run them to add a different learning focus and they add to children’s self esteem, speaking skills and confidence. This week I went into Y1 Crazy Crafts who were making scarecrow puppets. Angelika Tworzewska, Dylan Wright and Nirmal Pasupuleti were making very creative scarecrows, very well done!
Please note that on Tuesday 30th September & Wednesday 1st October 2014 there will be no clubs due to Target Sharing Open Evening!

10. Home School Link Worker Information

  • We are taking part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning tomorrow 9am – 10am, £1 for a drink and cakes (we have plenty to eat!). All money raised will go to Macmillan Cancer Support. Please invite your family and friends to come along with you!
  • All paint used by children at school is washable BUT cold water is needed NOT hot – rub with liquid soap/vanish etc before washing!

11. Office Information

  • Data sheets will be sent out tomorrow to all children, please check these forms on both sides and amend if necessary. It is vital that we have the most up to date information, please return to class teachers on Monday 29th September 2014!
  • Can we remind you that all paperwork that comes home from school needs to be completed and signed by the legal guardian only and not other family members!

12. Diary Dates
Many exciting events have already been planned and are summarised below.
Friday 26th September: Biggest World Coffee Morning
Tuesday 30th September: Open target sharing evening N to Y6 – 3:15 to 5:00pm
Wednesday 1st October: Open target sharing evening N to Y6 – 3:15 to 5:00pm
Wednesday 1st October: Scootability
Thursday 9th October: Y5/6 – AM, Y6 – PM, Visit to Hanley Museum
Friday 10th October: FSFA Town 7 a side, 3:45pm to 5:30pm
Thursday 23rd October: Half Term Y4/5 Class Assembly 9:10am
Thursday 23rd October: School Disco KS1 &KS2
Friday 14th November: 9:10am Y6 Class Assembly
Thursday 20th November: 9:10am Y5/6 Class Assembly
Monday 1st December: Y3 Stanley Head
Tuesday 2nd December: Y5/6 Stanley Head
Wednesday 3rd December: Y4/5 Stanley Head
Thursday 4th December: Y3/4 Stanley Head
Friday 5th December: Y6 Stanley Head
Friday 5th December: In School Panto
Thursday 11th December: 9:30am KS2 Christmas Celebration at Church
Thursday 11th December: 2:00pm KS1 Concert at Church
Friday 12th December: 9:15am FS Nativity
Wednesday 17th December: Christingle Service at School 2:00pm
Thursday 18th December Party Day/Santa
Friday 19th December School Closes

13. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 19/09/14 were:
Oliver Brereton-Lewis, Francesca Zander, Lucas Conway-Kendell, Nirmal Paspuleti, Bianna Benny, Liam Davis, Christian Smith, Tyler Baldwin, Renudi Premadasa, Carly Jones, Williams Cooper and Owen Gaskell.
Head Teachers Award: Molly Clewes
Smart School Uniform: Ethan Kidd
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Grace Wain & Tyler Bladwin
Dusty Bin (tidy classroom): Y3
Time 4 Sport Award: Y3/4
Eco Award: Y1B
Good to be Green: KS1: Liam Davis, Faris Elabd – KS2: Zagros Negeem & Amin Miah
Awards given out for data collected w/b 08/09/13:
Class Attendance: Y1B & Y4/5 – 100%
Whole School Attendance: 98.2% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Kevin Babu & Robyn Whieldon

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor