Autumn Term 9

Newsletter Autumn Term 9

As we start the second half term of the Autumn, always a busy one in the lead up to Christmas, it was lovely to see the children all return safely and so smartly dressed in school uniform which sets the learning tone for the school. Poor weather is forecast so please make sure the children are well wrapped up between now and Christmas.

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we have started our new Seal topic ‘Getting on and falling out ’. Our assemblies this week have focused in this theme.

2. Our Value
Our value this week is honesty which is such a crucial life long lasting habit. Please talk to your children about its importance. Very well done to Owen Gaskell, Kyle Lovatt, Isabelle Westwood, Joda Tagboto, Berrie Johnson and Bethan Hill who have all demonstrated honesty this week

3. Staff News
Mrs Daniels has taken over R1 and is already very impressed with their learning and behaviour.

4. Museum Visits
One of the action points raised by staff when we reviewed our curriculum was for all children to have a museum visit and an opportunity to take part in a performance. The second one will be addressed in our Key Stage Christmas Concerts in December.
The museum visits for all classes from Reception to Y6 will be completed by the end of November, many with paid hands on workshops. All of these visits will be provided at no cost to parents/carers which is a help to family budgets and shows how much St John’s want all the pupils to become super learners. Y5/6 visited the Manchester Museum on Monday for a general visit and exciting hands on free workshop that I had previously organised for Y6. Please talk to your children about their learning on these visits and maybe go as a family.

5. Harvest Appeal
Thank you to parent/carers who supported the appeal by sending in seeds or money for the juice and biscuit day. This raised £60 and will be sent off to our partner school in Kenya, Matilli FYM Primary. The school has over 1200 pupils and the buildings and resources are very poor compared to our western standards. However, the enthusiasm, time keeping and behaviour of the children is excellent. They will be planting maize with money from the children to grow and will tell us all about it shortly.

6. KS Entrance
Now all the children are so settled can parents of Y1 and Y2 pupils let them go independently into the cloakroom then into class to begin their phonics. They are all very independent now and can do this quickly on their own. If you need to speak to staff at the doors please ensure that there is clear access for children to get through to the cloakrooms.

7. Disco
This was enjoyed by the pupils and a fun event for them. Three children who had more than 3 red cards were not allowed to attend. Nursery children, now part time, will not be involved with any disco as they are too young and we have morning and afternoon groups. Their activities will be planned in class by the foundation staff team. The disco raised £205.00, thank you for your support.

8. Behaviour Awards
Children in KS1 and KS2 whose behaviour was exemplary received their Bronze Good Behaviour Award before half term. We are this time trying to stamp out low level disruptions which waste learning time, as the government have asked schools to do and for example no child in KS2 received their award if they received 3 or more yellow cards in lessons or lunch time. So many children received their awards (the pencil will come shortly) parents/carers should be very proud of this achievement.

9. Memorial Plaques
We have two memorial beds for former pupils of our school and community who sadly died, Oliver Cotterill and Mattie Hall, and one for an ex caretaker Maurice Gibson. Over half term the memorial plaques were replaced free of charge by H. Goodwin Funeral Directors on the A34. We think it is fitting that we properly remember these wonderful people.

10. New Reading Books
Before half term Miss Mazzei spent £1000 on new reading books for the KS2 classes. We also updated the class library. Reading is so important and we wanted some books by modern current authors. Please help us to prioritise reading by hearing your child read. So many parents/carers are brilliant at this but sadly some do not see how important this shared time with your children is.

11. Uniform
Please check your child’s jumper is named as we are having some left nameless in the classrooms. Class teachers have mentioned that there are some children arriving without coats in KS2. Please be aware that we don’t allow children to wear boots in school although they can change out of them in the cloakroom.

12. Home School Link Worker Information
Please be aware that the speed limit on the school grounds is 5MPH, there have been some complaints about parents/carers driving too fast through the school gates, in the school grounds and also in the surrounding streets. Please take extra care especially with icy conditions expected over the coming months.

13. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 23/10/14 were: All of R1 for good behaviour on a school trip, Anannya Sinilraj, all of 1B, Abbey Filcock, Delin Negeem, Eve Tams, Kyle Smith, Amin Miah, all of Y4/5, Jack Eaton, Shuhena Miah.

Mrs Bloor’s Award: Malak Elabd
Dusty Bin (tidy classroom): Y4/5
Smart School Uniform: Danny Lea-Shaw
Good to be Green: Ricardo Gordon – KS2, Ninan Thomas – KS1

Awards given out for data collected w/b 13/10/14:
Class Attendance: Y6 – 99%
Whole School Attendance: 96.6% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Renae Hodges and Yashbir Bhullar

14. Dates for your Dairy

Friday 7th November 1:30pm Opening of War Memorial, Trisham Hunt MP
Thurs 27th Nov – Thurs 4th Dec 5 Day KS2 and Nursery Art Project – Mosaic Floor Tile Project
Monday 1st December Y3 Stanley Head Outdoor Education Focus Week
Tuesday 2nd December Y5/6 Stanley Head Outdoor Education Focus Week
Wednesday 3rd December Y4/5 Sporthall Athletics 12:30pm – 3:00pm
Thursday 4th December Y3/4 Stanley Head Outdoor Education Focus Week
Thursday 4th December Y5 Sporthall Athletics 11:30pm – 3:00pm
Friday 5th December Y6 Stanley Head Outdoor Education Focus Week
Friday 5th December 1:30pm In School Panto – Whole School
Wednesday 10th December Foundation Stage Nativity 9.15am and 2.15pm
Thursday 11th December 9:30am KS2 Christmas Celebration at Church
Thursday 11th December 2:00pm KS1 Concert at Church
Wednesday 17th December Christingle Service at School 2:00pm
Thursday 18th December Party Day/Santa
Friday 19th December Finish at 2.00pm

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor