Spring Term 1

Newsletter Spring Term 1

Dear Parent/Carer

A Happy New Year to all our families and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. A special welcome goes to our new families this term. We have had a lovely start to the Spring Term which is such an important one for learning. You raised £360.68 at the Christingle service and we thank you for your support.

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we have been thinking about new year resolutions and how we can all become better people. Please talk to your child/children about this.

2. Our Value
This week our value has been honesty, very well done to Tobias Connor, Kara Tatler, Ricardo Gordon, Kieran Tonks, Surra Osman and Eve Tams who have been seen displaying this value.

3. School Routines Reminder
At the end of the school day please wait behind the red lines so staff can easily see parent/carers. We always dismiss Y1 first in KS1 and Y3 in KS2 so other parents/carers can wait behind these families. We want always a speedy, but safe end to the school day.

4. Staff News
We welcome Miss Mills-Farmer in R1 who was appointed in the summer but had to serve her notice period at another school. I know she will be a great success at St Johns. Mrs Daniels who was in reception is now in Y1B finishing Mrs Brown’s maternity cover.

5. Y5 and Y6 Theatre Visit
On Tuesday we took 70 children to the New Vic to see The Borrowers. It was a fantastic production which all the children enjoyed. The behaviour of the children was outstanding and they were a credit to their families. There were other schools there whose behaviour was not as good as ours! We financed the whole visit for all families to help you all.

6. KS1 Stanley Head Visits
This week all the KS1 children are having an outdoor literacy day based on the Gruffolo. It is lovely for the children to have these outdoor experiences and I know they will enjoy their day whatever the weather. Thanks go to Mrs Barnett and Mrs Adlington who helped staff the visits.

7. Lost Property
The cloakrooms were cleared at the end of last term ready for holiday cleaning. The children have been shown what was left and it is now in the community room if any parents/carers wants to look through.

8. School Clubs
This letter has gone out and letters will be sent to successful pupils. If there are too many for a club Mrs Varley will look at which children did not attend a club last term two clubs have children specifically invited.

9. Uniform
The children looked really smart this week all wrapped up in warm coats, thank you. There will be poor weather coming and a few children have yet to get their school shoes. In wet weather children cannot go outside in pumps. A few children have their hair shaved which is not in our uniform policy and some girls are wearing large hair adornments, these are both distracting. We want all the children to focus on learning and their education. These can wait till the summer holiday when all of your children have made the best possible educational progress. We have 3 teams being picked this week for out of school learning and smart uniform is always one of the criteria.

10. Reading
We are still having a real focus on reading using the £2000 we spent on new books. Please hear your child read at least 3 times a week and sign the home school diary as research shows that families have more impact than schools.

11. School Gates Access
The vehicle and pedestrian gates open automatically at 8.10am for parents/carers to enter the school grounds, for health and safety and insurance purposes access is only permitted for staff and deliveries before this time. There have been reports of parents/carers following staff through both of the gates before 8.10am, please do not enter the grounds until the gates are opened at his time.

12. Home School Link Worker Information

  • Happy New Year everyone! As we start another year (where does the time go?) we are still concentrating on attendance. Please remember that if your child is not coming into school to ring and leave a message to tell us why, and how long you think they will be off. If your child has a headache, sore throat, cold etc we expect them in school. If we have any concerns about your child we will ring you to come and fetch them.
  • We have had a number of parents/carers concerned about those of you that smoke by the school gates. Could we please ask that you do not smoke right outside the gates because parents/carers and children are having to walk through the smoke. Thank you for your support in this matter. This might be a good time to choose to stop smoking as your new year’s resolution!
  • The Empowered Families Project has arranged a free Walk Leader Training session on Friday 20th February 9.30am-2.30pm at Oakhill Primary School. If you are interested please speak to Mrs Ramsden.

13. Dates for your Diary
Monday 12th January Y6 SATS Meeting at 3.10pm
Thursday 15th January Y3 Gladstone Museum Visit (selected pupils)
Friday 16th January Y3/4 Gladstone Museum Visit (selected pupils)

14. Attachments

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor