Spring Term 11

Newsletter Spring Term 11

Dear Parent/Carer

We have had another really interesting learning week at St John’s and as one of the regular maintenance contractors said to me last week, “there is always something fun going on at this school”!

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we have been thinking about “Easter and new growth”. Please talk to your child about this.

2. Our Value
We have had a focus on “co-operation” this week which is something all our pupils are great at. Very well done to Riley Tams, Joshua Brereton-Lewis, Charlie-Anne Hindmarsh, Ian Qiu,
Vithakshi Wickramatunga, William Cooper and all of Y5/6 who have been showing this quality to a high level.

3. Reverend Chris Ruston
Last week Reverend Chris Rushton was inducted as the new rector (Vicar) at St John The Evangelist in Trent Vale, St Thomas The Apostle in Penkhull and Holy Trinity in Hartshill. It was a lovely service and it was rewarding to see many current and ex-parents/carers, staff and pupils there. This is a great appointment for the area of Trent Vale and the school. Both Reverend Chris and his wife Heather are already school governors and do so much for us. We are looking forward to working with him as the new vicar.

4. Events In School Last Week

  • image004Partial eclipse – Very well done to all the creative parents/carers who helped make the pin- hole cameras last week. It was a lovely learning day at school. All the children (more than half of the school) who made cameras went out to watch it and the other children watched it live. We had lots of good science teaching from this special scientific phenomenon. The hospital had to deal with people within our community who had foolishly looked directly at the sun!
  • KS1 WOW Day – This took place last week when the children did lots of learning on their space topic.
  • Visits – KS1 children have all visited RAF Cosford to link to their topic. We have organised this free visit to aid the children’s learning.
  • Well done to the 4 pupils from Y2, Hibah Rana, Emma Brennan, Ethan Hill and Oliver Woodward who attended a skipping workshop with Miss Pickerill this week. They have learnt lots of new skills which will be put to the test shortly on a whole school skipping day.

5. Events This Week
Early Years had a “WOW Day” on Tuesday, “Around The World’. The children visited many countries, learnt about what each country eats and their famous landmarks. Chinese crackers and garlic bread were the favourites amongst the children! They also had tribal face painting which you will have had to wash off! It was a lovely day with lots of speaking and fun activities.

6. Cars
The Governors have asked that parents/carers are reminded that they must of course have the correct insurance and maintain the safe speed limit in and around the school grounds.

7. Swimming
Well done to Lewis Hindmarsh Y6 who passed his Proficiency Award at swimming this week, Gabrielle Lovatt Y4/5 who passed her Length and Lily Groves for her Elementary Certificate.

8. A Reminder: No Cars Next Wednesday
We have a class visit on Wednesday 1st April leaving at 9 o’clock to Quarry Bank Mill. In order to ensure the safety of your children and a punctual departure for this subsidised visit, no cars will be allowed to park on the sport’s ground.
The drop off zone may be used but families who live nearby are asked to walk.

9. Clubs
This is the last week for all our after school clubs which have been very successful this term.
We shall be running some next term, although not as many, as we find children want to be out playing more in the summer. Letters will go out next term and we will limit children to 1 club to try. Children who have received red cards will not be invited as per our policy.
Well done to Angel Johnson who competed in a dance competition last week. It is so lovely for children to have lovely hobbies.
image006At Setpoint Science last week the children were investigating household materials in order to make lava lamps. This was achieved this by adding water, olive oil, food colouring and bicarbonate soda to a plastic bottle. The bicarbonate soda helps create the lava lamp effect, as it releases small bubbles of carbon dioxide gas, which rise to the top of the bottle along with some of the food colouring. The gas escapes when it reaches the top and the food colouring falls back down. Cameron Tonks, Kian Murphy and Raul-Yasin Miah worked extremely hard during this investigation and the group enjoyed the club.

10. Football Festival
Very well done to the following, who took part in the Y4 Football Tournament on Monday;
George Barnett, Amin Miah, Alexander Morrey, Zagros Negeem, Benjamin Poole, Brodie Sinclaire, Ryan Davis who was man on the match and Luke Brian who scored a goal.

11. Easter Competition Reminders

  • Early Years Easter Bonnet/Shield Parade – Wednesday 1st April at 2.15pm. Bring your creations from Monday 30th. All Early Years families are welcome to the parade.
  • KS1 Easter Spring Garden, bring in on Monday 30th to the classroom, no earlier please.
  • KS2 3D Easter Egg Model, competition closes 9.00am on Monday 30th, please take your design to the community room.

12. Safe Sleeping Campaign
Included with the newsletter is a leaflet from The Safeguarding Board about dangers around babies. All 3 campaigns result from baby deaths in Stoke on Trent. Please give to someone if you have no young babies.

13. Writing Example
Included is a piece of lovely story writing from Elizabeth Solomon from Y1S. This is an area we are trying to improve at St John’s and we encourage creativity through story writing.

14. Attachments

15. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 20/03/15 were:
Ayse Gurses, Francesca Zander, Neha Rejith, Frankie Wright, Sebastian Booth-Fox, Aiden Johnson, Abbi Dunn, Anthony Evans and Ebony Johnson.

Mrs Bloor’s Award: Cameron Tonks and Si Ying Li
Dusty Bin (tidy classroom): R1
Smart School Uniform: Nirmal Pasupuleti
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Natalia Kulik and Landon Coates
Time for Sport: 2J
Walk to School Trophy: 2M
Lunchtime Trophy: Y3
Attendance Award: Kitty Sinclaire

Awards given out for data collected w/b 09/03/15:
Class Attendance: Y5/6 – 100%
Whole School Attendance: 96.9% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Kara Tatler and Owen Gaskell

16. Dates for your Diary
Friday 27th March – RAF Cosford Trip 2M ~ 9:30am – 2:30pm
Wednesday 1st April – Enterprise Day ~ Y3 – Y6 ~ in school
Wednesday 1st April – Quarry Bank Mill Trip ~ Y4/5 ~ all day
Wednesday 1st April – Early Years Easter Parade ~ 2.15pm ~ in school
Wednesday 1st April – Attendance Disco ~ 3:00pm – 4:00pm ~ in school
Thursday 2nd April – Class Assembly Y2M ~ 9:00am ~ school hall, all welcome
Thursday 2nd April – End of Term
Monday 20th April – Start of Term

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor