Spring Term 5

Newsletter Spring Term 5

Dear Parent/Carer

As we enter cold but seasonal weather, it is always lovely to see the children enjoying playing outside and getting exercise. We certainly have very fit children at St John’s.

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we have been thinking about “climate change” and the need to look after our planet. We talked about us all taking small actions to help. Please talk to your child about this.

2. Our Value
This week we have been looking at “responsibility”. Very well done to all the children who have been showing responsibility by practising their reading at home.

3. Parking Outside School
We had a visit from the parking enforcement officer who has bought a film for the children to watch in class about the consequences of thoughtless parking. There have been complaints in the area about parents/carers blocking driveways, parking dangerously and on yellow lines.
Our problem is made worse by hospital workers parking in the streets nearby, as they are legally entitled to. However, parents/carers should be even more careful, as it only takes a few seconds for an accident to happen. Four families have been fined recently for parking on yellow lines. Please take care if you have to travel by car and park in Harpfields Road and walk in.

4. Art/RE Project
You will have noticed the new art pieces on the path that KS2 children completed before Christmas. All the children were involved and it represents the school’s seven values. The designs were all from the children and are very eye catching. We hope you are proud of your children’s work. The KS1 and Early Years work will be attached to walls shortly.

5. France
34 children arrived back late on Friday after a highly successful French visit to the Somme area. The children enjoyed every aspect from communal living, team work, speaking French and sampling another country. Their behaviour was exemplary and Miss Pickerill, Mrs Barrow and Mrs Stevenson commented that they were the best group we had taken away and were a credit to their families.

6. Kenyan School Link
The Y2 children are doing work on Kenya and sending the school some work. They have asked to fundraise for another cow which helps the poorer children to be able to have milk at school. They all go home for food, if they are lucky! We are selling juice and biscuits for 40p on Friday to start off the project which will need to raise £150. Please support their venture.

7. School Disco
This has been arranged for Thursday 12th February (there will be no clubs on this night). It will be from 3:00pm to 4:15pm at a cost of £2 which includes drinks and crisps. We reserve the right to stop a child attending whose behaviour is a cause for concern but look forward to children having a fun time. Click here for a poster.

8. Open Evenings
Please put a date in your diary for 10th and 11th March when we hope to see all parent/carers. Pupil passports will be reviewed at this time as well.

9. Animal Lady
The children enjoyed time looking at different creatures last week. This is one of our many “WOW” activities to help speaking, listening and writing. More events like this are planned for the children.

10. Attendance
We were picked up by Ofsted for less than satisfactory attendance for some of our pupil groups, although our attendance has improved over the last two years which is great. However, despite the involvement of the EWO and fines imposed we have approximately 15 families who keep their children off school when they are not ill. I even heard this week about a family boasting about this on social media sites! We all have a joint responsibility to improve the children’s life chances by giving then a good education. Thank you so much to all our families who know the benefit of regular attendance. I have heard from the first winners of the Waterworld family tickets how good this new incentive has been. There will be another winner this week.

11. Bad Language
We have had a complaint this week, sadly about parents using foul language on front of children on our school site, it is vital that this does not happen. As I say to children in assembly time, it is never acceptable and a sign of rudeness. I ask parents/carers to act as the role model they want their child to be.

12. School Clubs
Well done to the Y1 children who attend the art club run by Mr Khan and Mr Swindail on Tuesday. Alfie Hambleton, Landan Coates and Pia Cousins were having a really fun time.

13. Supermarket Tokens
We are collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers for outside resources for the children, please send them in, we have a collection box in school.

14. Internet Safety
Internet Safety Day is next Tuesday 10th February, all classes will be doing some age appropriate work about this really important topic. I had a complaint from a parent about children engaging in unsavoury messaging this week so this training is vital. Please check the websites your child is using, we can never be too careful these days.

15. Dogs Trust Visit
The Dogs Trust will be visiting KS1 on Wednesday 11th February. If anyone would like to send in a donation, they now recycle old phones and ink cartridges too, alternatively they still accept cash donations. The Wishing Well will be in the hall on the day for your donations.

16. Writing
This week Georgia Piesse-Mills from Y5/6 has composed a piece of work all about her excellent fundraising efforts for the Wildlife Aid Foundation. This is a fantastic achievement by one of our students, very well done! Click here for a copy.

17. Staff News
Mrs Dinham is now working in nursery and has had a lovely week with all the children.

18. Home School Link Worker Information

  • We still have had a number of parents/carers concerned about those of you that smoke by the school gates. We ask that you do not smoke right outside the gates because parents/carers and children are having to walk through the smoke. Thank you for your support in this matter.
  • Please check your child’s hair regularly for nits, even after treatment you will need to continue to check for the lice and their eggs. For more information about checking for and treating lice visit the NHS website or speak to Mrs Ramsden.

19. Celebration Assembly
Lunchtime Supervisor’s Award: Eve Tams and Eleanor Williams
Waterworld Attendance Award: Luke Brian

Awards given out for data collected w/b 19/01/15:
Class Attendance: 2M – 99.3%
Whole School Attendance: 94.7% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Brodie Sinclaire and Amin Miah

20. Attachments
City Catering – Valentines Menu

21. Dates for your Diary
Friday 6th February: Kenya Fundraising ~ break time at school
Wednesday 11th February: The Dogs Trust Visit~ all morning at school
Wednesday 11th February: Y5/6 Football Tournament ~ 1:15pm-4.00pm
Thursday 12th February: Darwin Day W/Shops at school ~ Y6 at 1:00pm-Y5/6 at 1:45pm
Thursday 12th February: School Disco 3:00pm-4:15pm at school ~ Reception to Y6
Friday 13th February: Class Assembly ~ Y3 ~ 9:00am in school, all welcome
Friday 13th February: End of Term
Monday 23rd February: School re-opens

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor