Spring Term 8

Newsletter Spring Term 8

Dear Parent/Carer

It has been lovely to note the lighter mornings and evenings, all welcome signs of the coming of Spring which always puts everyone in a cheerful mood.

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we learnt about the Hindu Festival of Holi which celebrates the coming of Spring and new life. Please talk to your child about this lovely season.

2. Our Value
This week we have been focussing on “kindness”. Very well done to Adithya Sanil, Tyler Barlow, Rubina Mahoor, Nicola Tams, Moreill Sepe, Raul Miah and Eleanor Williams who have been noted as being particularly kind this week.

3. After School Clubs
I looked in at the Computer Wizardry Club taken by Mrs Mills-Farmer this week and watched the children working on ‘Scratch’ choosing characters to make backgrounds and following instructions like ‘Logo’. They were all very focussed and demonstrated how good the children’s ICT skills are. Very well done to Declan Matthews, Carly Bithal, Solomon Johnson and Nancy Doward who were all having fun and learning so much.

4. Lunch Time Clubs – Level 6 Maths
Mrs Peake is taking a dinner time level 6 maths club. This is the level of maths that is expected of 13/14 year olds and shows the standard that some of our pupils are attaining and aspiring to now. The children were working on adding and subtracting large decimal and fractions and were all very focussed on their learning. Well done to Abel Joseph, Charlie Malbon, Biben Benny,
Jack Goodall, Hamza Shakil, Sophie Carter, Lewis Hindmarsh, and Kitty Sinclaire. All the children are also doing extra maths at home. Although not all will probably attain level 6, it is great to note the aspirations of our Y6 who are all working brilliantly in a very mature way for their forthcoming SATS and want to get into the highest possible set at high school as they can.

5. Events In School Last Week

  • Dance Extravaganza
    On Monday 33 of the Y2’s performed at the Victoria Hall in The Annual Dance Festival in front of proud parents/carers. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance which was a space themed dance, appearing at the Victoria Hall, and will be a memory for life. They were excellent and were so well trained that they carried on even when there was a technical hitch at the end with the music!
    Very well done Y2 children and thanks to Miss Mazzei, Miss Pickerill and Miss Jackson who choreographed the dance. The children were complimented by the organisers on their behaviour.
  • Y5/6 and Y6 visit to Liverpool
    On Friday the children visited the International Slavery Museum at Albert Docks. This is a most moving exhibition that highlights this cruel part of history, which the classes will follow up in R.E. lessons. The two classes also visited the Titanic exhibition as well at the Maritime Museum which is linked to their topic. In the afternoon they had a tour of Liverpool Cathedral and visited an art exhibition. The children were enthralled all day and were again complimented for their behaviour. Three Governors monitored the visit and saw first hand the amount of work that goes into visits, the focus on safety and the high expectations of work and behaviour. The fact that 4 classes were complimented in one week shows how good the behaviour is at and outside the school! Parents/Carers must be proud of their children and this very good school!

6. Cars On School Premises
The governors recently asked me to mention that it is expected, as it is a legal requirement, that all parents/carers should have the correct car insurance as the safety of all our pupils and families is paramount.

  • Parking
    Last Friday the two older classes left for the Liverpool visit at 8:35am, to maximise the full days learning. Our coach arrived promptly and the driver told me that he was told by 2 car drivers to move! These rude parents/carers have got it wrong, as all our school premises are for learning and pupil activities, he had more right to be on our grounds. Another incident reported to me was that a car blocked the Drop Off Zone and the driver was abusive in front of children. As a result, we will close the sport’s ground to all traffic on our next visit. I did note that many families who come by car live nearby and wonder if this privilege, which no other school in the city offers, is being used wrongly.
  • Taxis
    There are a number of families using taxis now. Can I remind parents/carers that they are not allowed to park in the Drop Off Zone (which means no parking). Last week 12 taxis did just that and blocked the drop off zone and in one instance nearly caused an accident. As I said to one of the drivers your fare knows this and is breaking our school rules. If this continues I will stop taxis coming onto the school site.
  • Speed Limit 5MPH
    I have seen cars exceeding the speed limit which is not acceptable! We have children with special needs at the school who need all people to act with responsibility. Again we do have the right to ban any person from entering the school with a car if they are not keeping our safety rules.
  • Parent Complaint
    A complaint has been made to me this week about parents/carers reversing on pavements and endangering young children walking and in pushchairs. Before Christmas we had a photo sent to us which was sent to the police. Again as this parent told me thoughtless, lazy parents/carers are endangering our pupils. We have asked the PCSO to visit and monitor the situation.

7. School Dinner Charges
The Governors have decided not to increase the cost of school meals and it will be kept at £2 for nursery and £2.20 for KS2 for the next financial year. The Governors want to make you aware that we are charged £2.40 per meal and that we meet the additional costs through the school budget. KS1 are entitled to free meals under the UIFSM government initiative where they pay £2.30 per meal to the school but again we have to pay the shortfall. Those on free school meals also have costs met by the school budget for their meals. The Governors are committed to ensuring a school meal is provided to as many children as possible as this is proven to increase teaching and learning within in the classroom. This I am sure will be welcome by families.

8. Writing Example
Writing is our focus area this year and we have another example of a lovely piece of writing in the newsletter by Rania Al-Siret from Y3.

9. Half Term Additional Learning Project
Well done to all of the children from across the school who worked on a special project during half term. Their task was to find out about who St John was and what he did through research, using books and the internet. They had to find out the key facts and we had the information presented in words and pictures, the children produced posters, leaflets and fact files. Due to the really high standard of entries it was a really hard decision to select the prize winners but the following were chosen;
KS1 – 1st place Jessica Huckfield Y2J / Runner up Oliver Woodward Y2M
KS2 – 1st place Morielle Sepe Y6 / Runner up India Vickers Y3/4
Next we will be looking for an opportunity for the children to present their findings to the rest of the school.

10. Comic Relief Day – Friday 13th March
Children are to come to school in their normal uniform but they can come with a funny face, if they bring £1. All timetables will be as normal and the 2 swimming classes must come ready to swim but could put on a nose later. Also a reminder that it is 2J’s class assembly at 9:00am, you are all welcome.

11. Home School Link Worker Information

  • “Know your Attendance” went out this week. Well done to those who got 95-100%. KS1 and KS2 will get their invites for the disco (on Wednesday the 1st April) this week. Reception children will be given prizes. Well done!
    *we are aware that some children have been absent due to illness, however, we are following the governments guidelines on attendance targets for all of our awards systems*
  • I’ve had a few concerns raised from staff and parents/carers about children watching and playing inappropriate films and computer/console games. All films and games have age limits on – please make sure you follow them.
  • On Tuesday a group of children did an audit around the surrounding streets to see what deterrents and barriers were stopping parents/carers from walking to school. The walk was undertaken with a Living Street Co-ordinator who complimented the children’s behaviour. Well done to Alan Babu, Holly Chatterton, Jake Bamford, Zara Khan, Lily Groves, Solomon Johnson, Ilana Steventon and Rusne Kaupyte.

12. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 27/02/15 were:
Harsha Goru, Kevin Babu, Georgia Gould, Rhys Wooliscroft, Ella Whitehurst, Benjamin Poole, Jenson Nguyen and Chad Varquez.

Mrs Bloor’s Award: Angelika Tworzewska
Dusty Bin (tidy classroom): 2J
Smart School Uniform: Nela Polhosova and Harvey Tams
Good to be Green:
Thomas Hilditch, Lola Howard–KS1
Lennon Gladwin, Synali Jayasekera-KS2
Time for Sport: Y1S
Eco Award: 2M
Waterworld Attendance Award: Emma Brennan

Awards given out for data collected w/b 09/02/15:
Class Attendance: Y3 – 98.1%
Whole School Attendance: 95% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Madison Steadman and Jack Barlow

13. Attachments
Easter Eggstravaganza – KS1 competition
World Book Day – information poster
City Catering – nursery menu alterations

14. Dates for your Diary
Friday 6th March: Gladstone PP Visit ~ off site
Tuesday 10th March: Target Sharing Evening ~ 3:15pm-5:15pm ~ in school
Tuesday 10th March: African Drumming ~ N-Y2 ~ in school
Wednesday 11th March: Target Sharing Evening ~ 3:15pm~5.15pm ~ in school
Wednesday 11th March: Samba Drumming ~Y3-Y6 ~ in school
Friday 13th March: Class Assembly 2J ~ 9:00am ~ school hall, all welcome
Friday 13th March: Comic Relief Day ~ £1, funny face ~ in school
Tuesday 17th March: Theatre Production for Early Years ~ 9:10am ~ in school
Wednesday 18th March: KS1 WOW Day ~ themed dress ~ in school
Thursday 19th March: RAF Cosford Trip 1B/1S ~ 9:30am-2:30pm
Friday 20th March: RAF Cosford Trip 2J ~ 9:30am – 2:30pm
Monday 23rd March: Y3/4 Football Tournament Crescent ~ 1:15-4:00pm
Wednesday 25th March: KS1 Storytime Workshop 9:15am-11.15am ~ in school
Friday 27th March: RAF Cosford Trip 2M ~ 9:30am – 2:30pm
Wednesday 1st April: Attendance Disco ~ 3:00pm – 4:00pm ~ in school
Thursday 2nd April: Class Assembly Y2M ~ 9:00am ~ school hall, all welcome
Thursday 2nd April: End of Term
Monday 20th April: Start of Term

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor