Summer Term 1

Newsletter Summer Term1

Dear Parent /Carer

We have had a wonderful learning start to our summer term and it is lovely to have such good weather as it makes everyone so cheerful. Thank you so much for sending the children back to school so smartly dressed in our uniform.

We have a wonderful learning term planned with focus days, all classes to have visits, KS1 and KS2 to go to Stanley Head, a family picnic, Sports Day, a kite making day, a cooking day , athletics, cricket and tennis competitions and many other events organised for your wonderful children. We also have a writing focus this term, we will be asking you to do extra writing at home with your children.

1. Our Talking Topic
This week we have been thinking about ‘relationships’ and how we can become ‘better people.’ The children were taught that how we act is more important than how we look and to address themselves with kindness, patience and forgiveness each day.

2. Our Value
Our value is ‘honesty’ which is one of our most important values.
Very well done to India Vickers, Abbi Dunn, Kieran Tonks, Lawrence Hilditch, Jake Bamford, Jack Goodall, Evie-May Bourne, Rian Webster, Joel Sheldon and Bhuvan Pasupuleti who have all shown honesty this week.

3. Events In School Last Week

  • Thank you to parent/carers who attended the Y2M class assembly before the holiday. All the children spoke so confidently about ‘The Last Supper’ and gave us so much information. Very well done Y2M.
  • Table Tennis Tournament
    Y6 have had a tournament over the last few weeks on our outdoor table tennis table that they play on at breaks and dinner times. The final was won by Able Joseph with Biben Benny as runner up. Both children have been presented with their trophies. Thanks to Miss Carson who expertly organised the tournament.
  • Class Visit
    Y4/5 visited Quarry Bank Mill and Mrs Halfpenny reported that all of the children had a wonderful learning day.
  • Behaviour Awards
    All the staff wanted me to tell you how proud they were about the high numbers that obtained the ‘Platinum Behaviour Award’ and had a party at break time to celebrate. It was the vast majority in each KS1 and KS2 class. Other children received the next award, we hope all children get their Platinum Award soon with your help and encouragement.

4. Holiday Projects
We hope you noticed the tile designs that we had installed over half term. They are a wonderful addition to the school and show how talented your children are.
The office has also been redesigned to make it more efficient. Whilst still not completed, it means the staff can get on with the important tasks involved with running a school. We now have 328 pupils on role and have gained 22 pupils during last term, some who have been waiting for places at our very popular school.

5. P.E Kits
We were unable to text parents to remind about P.E kits as the computers were down. Very well done and thank you to the families who remembered. Unfortunately, some children have had to sit out lessons this week and be in detention as they did not have their kit. Please help us as it inconveniences other pupils. A reminder to our new families, all children are asked to keep their kits in for half a term as staff sometimes do extra lessons ,no jewellery is allowed for P.E and long hair must be tied back as we want all our children to be safe. Also, siblings are not allowed to share pumps for health and safety reasons, we ask that all children to have a pair of black pumps, they’re only cheap at about £2.50 a pair.

6. Lost Property
All lost property was shown to all the children today and will be left in the Community Room for a week before it is recycled. Please pop in to look if you think something is missing.

7. Class booklets
These will be coming out on Monday so you can see what your child is learning and how you can help. We are having a focus this term on writing and reading with a new award and reward for children who read at home regularly. (More information shortly)

8. HSLW Information
I hope parents/carers enjoyed the occasion when children with 95% or better attendance were given a free disco. Another one is planned so please keep up your child’s attendance. Education is your child’s future!

9. Y6 London Visit
Sadly, 2 of our Y6 pupils were very poorly at Christmas (thankfully they have recovered now) but had to miss the French visit. At the time I promised them a ‘Wow Visit’ and have kept my word, I’ve organised a visit to London to go on to London Eye and the River Thames. This will be on a Saturday in June and five of my staff have volunteered to accompany the group, which shows the dedication of the staff at this school. The remaining places were offered to Y5 children who had exemplary behaviour, excellent homework and respect for all the staff, they were selected by the class teachers.

10. Y6 SATS
These are on the week of the 11th May and the Y6 group have been working exceptionally hard in booster groups. Other year groups have tests to measure progress this term and it is important that children are in school at this vital time.

11. Reminders
Please can parents/carers apply sun lotion to their children before they come to school, we are not allowed to apply sun lotion so please ensure they have the 12 hour protection cream on, also please send a sun hat which must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

12. Drop-off Zone
Yesterday there was an argument and unacceptable behaviour shown in the drop-off zone, this was caused by a car parking here. We do not allow cars, including taxi’s to park here, please help us to ensure the zone is not misused.

13. Fundraising Day
On Friday 1st May we are having 2 fund raising events. There will be juice and biscuits for 30p at break and then at 2:30pm we are having a ‘Super 7 Walk a Mile’ around the doughnut for a £1. The money raised will go towards the Douglas McMillan Hospice who recently cared for the parent of former pupil of St John’s, who sadly passed away recently; this impacts on the larger community. We invite all parents/carers to join us to raise money (all our visits are free this term so please be generous). Please note: There will be no cars, including disabled cars, allowed on site on that day for safety reasons.

14. Attachments

  • City Catering Menu changes
  • Parent/Carer Health and Safety Questionnaire

15. Home School Link Worker Information
At dinner time, the lunch time staff in the hall never force a child to eat but encourage them to try a little. Children from reception to Y6 have a choice and it’s up to them what they choose to eat. Children cannot go all afternoon without eating something so that is why the staff are there to encourage your child. You can see what your child has chosen if you log onto your squid account.

16. Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on 02/04/15 were:
Jaques Theron, Ansh Bhati, Robyn Wheildon, Ethan Hill, all of 2M, Benjamin Morris,
Nela Polhosova, Orlando Heslewood, all of 4/5, Jakub Jedrzejczyk and India Spooner.

Mrs Bloor’s Award: Daarsha Dhillon
Smart School Uniform: Kane Silvester
Attendance Award: Solomon Johnson

17. Dates for your Diary
Tuesday 28th April Emma Bridgewater ~ selected pupils ~ 12:40pm-2:30pm
Wednesday 29th April Brampton Visit ~ R1 9:45am-12:00pm/R2 12:15pm-2:00pm
Thursday 30th April Class Assembly ~ Y1S ~ 9:05am ~ all welcome
Monday 4th May Bank Holiday ~ school closed
Tuesday 5th Bikeability ~ Y5/6 ~ on site
Wednesday 6th May Bikeability ~ Y5/6 ~ on site
Wednesday 6th May KS1 WOW Day ~ Music Themed Dress ~ on site
Wednesday 6th May Nature Art W/Shop ~ KS2 ~ 9:15am-11:15am ~ on site
Thursday 7th May Voting Day ~ school closed
Friday 8th May Class Assembly ~ Y1B ~ 9:05am ~ all welcome
Friday 8th May Bootcamp Day ~ KS1 ~ all day~ on site (2:30pm~Walk a Mile)

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor