Summer Term 12

Newsletter Summer Term 12

Dear Parent/Carer

As we end the year with the last newsletter I hope you look back on all your child/children’s progress, achievements and opportunities. Good education is about promoting the whole child spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, culturally and academically. At St John’s this underpins what we give every child.

1. Events in School Last Week/ This Week

  • Swimming Awards – Very well done to the last group of children who have passed swimming awards in school swimming:
    Beginner’s Award – Jackie Li, Tyler Jordan, Rania Sirat, Ruby Howard, Jessica Cotterill,
    Evie Beech-Daly and Lily–May Barlow.
    Length Certificate – Beth Brennan and Elementary Certificate – Ella Curzon
  • 5 classes visited Stanley Head for a PE activity day this week (Y2M will go on Monday) which means that all KS1 and KS2 have had this fantastic visit, which we have provided free to all families.
  • Our plate collection at the 3 concerts raised £121.59 for school productions. We are going to use it to purchase screens for use at plays and concerts. Thank you so much for your great support and we are still getting lovely comments about our end of year production.
  • Fetch Rounders Tournament – well done to team ‘Lightning’ and the runners up ‘Blue Sharks’ who all gave it their very best.

2. School Uniform for September

  • Could we please remind parents/carers that all children need black pumps for indoor P.E. (for new families our uniform guidelines are on the school website). School shoes are required and we need all girls to have shoes that they can be active at break and lunch times in, as we are adding an active 10 minutes each day. Our policy also states that all long hair needs to be tied back and no patterned hair.
  • All PE bags must be drawstring as we have so little room in the cloakrooms, the rucksack type were not designed by someone who knows children! In KS2 all classes will be provided with a free PE bag each class a different colour so this will help children identify their bags as we have to fit 150 children in and it is proving difficult with them all being red! Old red ones can be used for swimming. The cloakroom will be organised and named but we need to maximise space.
  • Pupil Premium Pupils and Service Families will receive PE shorts, a PE top and a school sweat shirt/cardigan on their first day back.
  • Book bags, PE bags for reception children and swimming caps can all be purchased online on your ‘sQuid’ account during the holidays and will be ready for you to collect from school on the first day back. The new nursery bags can be purchased from the office in September.

3. Y6 French Visit
Not all families were able to attend the meeting last week, but information can be obtained at the company’s website under courses for schools/Chateau du Broutel where lots of information and pictures can be obtained. We hope this helps.

4. Y6 Leavers Concert/Presentation
This was a lovely occasion very well supported and enjoyed by parents/carers. All the children spoke and sang really well. They were all presented with a bible or faith book.
The following awards were made to celebrate particular achievements:

Head Teachers Award – Danny Lea-Shaw
Academic Award – Biben Benny and Shuhena Miah
Effort Award – Kodi Amison and Hughie Knight
Progress Award – Alfie Barnett and Kara Tatler
Overall Contribution to School Life – India Spooner
For Participation in the Life of the Church – Jay Edwards-Cherry
Sports Award – Kyle Lovatt
Head Boy – Moriell Sepe
Head Girl – Nicola Tams
Deputy Head Boy – Charlie Malbon
Deputy Head Girl – Shuhena Miah

5. Health and Well Being Week
This has been our focus this week and classes have learnt about road safety, food hygiene, dental hygiene, healthy eating, fire safety, hand washing, drugs education and the benefits of exercise. These are important topics especially in a week when Stoke-on -Trent’s poor dental hygiene was in the news and the fact that 11% of 5 year olds are obese and 23% of 11 year olds. We do have a reputation as a healthy school and want our city to be a healthy one too. We ask parents/carers not to give children sweets on school premises for this reason.

6. E-Safety Week
All classes have had an input on e-safety, looking at ways to keep safe on line, the dangers of social media and how to deal with potential problems. Y6 produced posters and one is included for information from Kodi Amison, Holly Milne and Nicola Tams.

7. Facebook
We recently have had an issue with adults posting defamatory remarks in the public domain about the school and about staff. These comments have been found to be malicious “motivated by vicious purposes” and other comments posted by parents/carers with an axe to grind, in a most childish way, who clearly are not setting an adult example to their children. The authors according to Staffordshire Police could be guilty of incitement to hatred. Regrettably, we had this last year as well, and the staff are very cross and disappointed. As a consequence they have asked for 2 members of staff for clubs, to protect themselves which will unfortunately mean that fewer clubs will be offered on September.
However, the school who has again achieved better than NATIONAL STANDARDS at the end of Y6, will continue taking actions as appropriate, even if this means: making referrals, following our policies and not awarding certificates where not deserved. Luckily the vast majority of our parents/carers are really supportive of this excellent school and we thank you for your great support.

8. Outstanding Behaviour Award
These were given out on Wednesday to the children whose behaviour is exemplary and there were so many. We are so proud of this group as you must be. Other children will receive their next award this week. There will be a special tea party on Monday.

9. Reading at Home Certificates
These are being given out this week to pupils who have read at least 3 times a week. This is a new venture we will be continuing next term. There have been many awarded which is super, although unfortunately some families have not supported this.

More information and tips on the ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ can be found here.

10. Next Week

  • Monday is PE day and all children should come in PE kit for the day. A busy and fun day has been planned for all classes.
  • Tuesday is normal uniform where we will have an assembly and award attendance prizes and values champion prizes. We finish at 2:00pm so classrooms can be organised for painting and jobs. Y6 will be dismissed at 1:00pm so staff can finalise their assessments for high school.
  • We say goodbye to Miss Carson who is leaving us to train as a teacher, we thank her for all her hard work and wish her all the best for the future.

11. Disco
We made the decision to include everyone in this terms disco. This is because we wanted everyone to be involved in our Y6 leaver’s celebration disco. This means that this year everyone was invited to two discos because our spring disco was also for good attendance.

12. Home School Link Worker Information
Well another school year has finished – where has the time gone!! I would like to thank all those that attended Family Workshops (new ones will be arranged for the new school year) or any of the coffee mornings. Don’t forget the croissant and coffee morning tomorrow, 9:00-10:00am.
Please be safe over the holiday. If you need any advice etc over the holidays you can contact me by e-mailing me your telephone number and a short explanation. I will look at e-mails once a week and then give you a call. My email address is
I hope you all have a lovely break!

13. Weekly Awards – data collected w/b 29/06/15:
Class Attendance: 99.4% – Y3/4
Whole School Attendance: 96.8% (Government target is 95%)
Pupil Attendance Awards: Leah Screen and Maria Xanthopoulou

14. Dates for your Diary
Friday 17th July Stanley Head Visit ~ Y5/6 ~ all day
Friday 17th July Reception Graduation ~ 9:10am, parents/carers of R1/R2 welcome
Monday 20th July PE Day ~ all children to be in school with PE kits on
Monday 20th July Stanley Head Visit ~ Y2M ~ all day
Monday 20th July NO BREAKFAST CLUB
Tuesday 21st July NO BREAKFAST CLUB
Tuesday 21st July End of Term ~ School closes at 2:00pm (1:00pm for Y6 only)

Finally I hope all our families have a great summer and are proud of all that the children at St John’s have achieved. I thank you for your continued wonderful support.
I thank all my staff teams for their outstanding work, effort and commitment to our school and your children. They really are an outstanding group that is my privilege to lead.

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor