Summer Term 5

Newsletter Summer Term 5

Dear Parent/Carer
As we have started to enjoy some glorious weather; let us hope that summer is finally here. There has been a lovely learning atmosphere at St Johns this week.

1) KS2 SATs
These have taken place this week and the children in Y6 have been fantastic. The tests have gone brilliantly and the children are very pleased and confident. They have had a real focus all year, and booster classes since January have been enjoyed by the children that have contributed to a confident group of children heading for the top/middle sets in high school, getting ready to achieve great things.
We gave all the children breakfast and despite what sometimes you read in the papers, the children who have been very well prepared have enjoyed them. The children will be going to Liverpool on Friday to see the Slavery Museum and look at the Titanic Exhibition as a reward for all their hard work. I would like to thank all the Y6 parents/carers for their great support for Y6.

2) Class of the Week
Y1 letting the butterflies go as part of their science lesson.

3) Club of the Week
Set point science club experimenting with Miss Pickerill.

4) Friday
Clearly, this was a very unfortunate incident that was dealt with really well by the staff. The children did not know what was going on and we had lockdown procedure in place; no one in or out. The police were very complimentary about the school and we have had some good wishes and thanks from parents/carers. One or two parents/carers said they should have been told earlier, but they would probably not have known what was involved and that fact that the phone lines needed to be kept free. Our priority at St Johns is always the safety of the children and staff.

5) Events Activities in School

  • Well done to the Y5 cyclists who passed their Level 2 cycling award .Cycling safety is so important.
  • The School Council juice and bar sale raised £92.56.
  • Y4 mini tennis team competed in a tournament at Trentham. Chloe Kirk, Lola Howard, Bethan hill, Charlie Hindmarsh, Landon Coates, Hasen De Silva, and Joshua Tok all played really well and represented the school brilliantly.

6) Summer Weather
Normally when I mention this it rains! However, can I please remind parents/carers to apply any sun cream at home before school as stated in our Safety in The Sun Policy! We make sure that water bottles for children are filled daily. For our new parents/carers all children have a named water bottle that is sterilised weekly. We also reduce lesson time outside if needed.
It has been lovely to see children in shorts, summer dresses and cotton tops. We do insist that children take their jumpers/cardigans off on sunny days so they do not over heat.

7) Kenyan Mission Staff Visit
Last week 2 workers from the ICFEM mission came and took an assembly. Ruth and Solomon work in Kimmilli where I visited our partner school Matili FYM. They told the children all about Kenya, how the children walk miles to school and have to take in their own pencil. The children walk home to eat as no food is provided and the families get no benefits. Classes are over 90 but the behaviour and desire to learn is wonderful.
They thanked us for our letters and the 4 cows we have bought the school to give milk to the younger children before they go home. The children were fascinated and it made us feel very humble as we have not done that much really.
The children have asked if we could buy another cow so we have agreed to some events to do this. Next Thursday we will be selling juice and bar/crisps for 50p to fund a cow. Please support this.

8) Fun Run
A reminder this is on Saturday at 9am and open to all families. There is a medal for every finisher. Please come along and join in, the forecast looks lovely for Saturday.

9) Drop Off Zone
This normally works really well for families dropping off children. But a parent has complained that someone this week has been pulling out without looking. Please take care when you bring your car onto our site.

10) Friday
Y6 are leaving for Liverpool at 9am so there will be no cars allowed on site on Friday. Please use the drop off zone or if you live near walk in.

11) Manchester Visit
On Saturday 45 older children went with myself and 3 staff members to the ‘Manchester Museum of Science and Industry’ as a reward visit for children with 95% or better attendance. It was also a reward for families. They really enjoyed the visit. On Thursday afternoon younger KS2 children with 95% or better attendance are visiting the Monkey Forest.
Good attendance is so important for attainment and 95% is the government standard. We have not done a reward visit for KS1 as some parents/carers objected on Facebook with offensive comments to rewards for attendance. However, I will give a prize after half term to children with good attendance in KS1 as there are so many who received the awards in class assemblies.

12) Dates for your Diary

Thursday 17th May Afternoon
Attendance Award to Trentham Monkey Forest
Friday 18th May
Y6 Slavery Museum Visit, Liverpool
Saturday 19th May
May Fun Run – 9am – 10:15am
Tuesday 12th June
Sports Day 1
Thursday 14th June
Family Picnic 1:45pm – 2:45pm
Friday 15th June
R1/R2 Class Assembly (parents/carers welcome)
Tuesday 19th June
Reserve Sports Day
Thursday 21st June
Reserve Sports Day
Tuesday 26th June
Reserve Sports Day
Saturday 7th July
Community Summer Fair; 12pm – 2pm

13) Celebration Assembly
Our children/classes who received awards on this week are:

Lily-Rose Gray
Anaya Khalik
Ankith Puli
Keera Moss & Jasmine Hall
Matthews Piesse-Mills
Jessica Chittock
Reece Sheldon
Oliver Woodward
Beth Brennan & All of Y6

Smart School Uniform
Headteachers Award
Phoebe Sykes
Dusty Bin Award
Lunchtime Supervisor Behaviour Award
Selim Saygili & Matthew Bradburn
Eco Trophy
Time 4 Sport
Attendance Reward – Cinema Voucher
Karinna Filip
Y6 Prefects Award
Special Achievement Award
Leighton Barnett

14) Attendance Awards
Given out for data collected w/b 30/04/18:
Whole School Attendance: 96.5% (Government target is 95%)
Class Attendance:
• 1st Place – R2, 100%
• 2nd Place – Y1/2, 99.3%

Pupil Attendance:
• 1st Place – Ryan Bithell
• 2nd Place – Aaron Sajan

15) Catering Assistant Vacancy
City Catering are still looking for a catering assistant for St John’s school kitchen. The vacancy is for term time only, working over 5 school days. Please contact Sally Jackson for an informal chat/for more information on 01782 236462.

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor