Summer Term 12

Newsletter Summer Term 12

Dear Parent/Carer

As the term gallops on quickly we have so many exciting events happening at St Johns, it is difficult to keep track. However, all are organised to give maximum opportunities to your children for learning and fun.

1. KS1 Stanley Head – Pond Dipping/Nature Days
All three KS1 classes; Y1, Y1/2 and Y2 had an exciting day last week at Stanley Head. The children were full of tales about newts and butterfly hunts. All three visits were provided free for all families and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

2. School Dinner Prices
From September the price of a meal from Y3 to Y6 goes up to £2.45, Nursery’s will be increased to £2.05. This is due to increases from City Catering. This still represents good value for a nutritionally balanced two course meal with a drink.

3. Town Mixed Rounder’s Tournament
This was held on our wonderful grounds last week and our team were runners up. A special well done to William Kidd, Berrie Johnson, Amber Gregory, Lily-May Barlow, Tyler Barlow, Oscar Dix, Osman Hashemi, Ryan Bithell, Grace Leese and Ella Curzon who all competed brilliantly as a team.

4. School Games Gold Award
Last week we successfully met the criteria for the Gold Award for promoting school sport and sporting activities this year (it has been Silver for 2 years). This is for our work on promoting sport and activities in the school to all groups of children, as well as at lunch time and after school. Promoting healthy lifestyles is a core at St Johns and all the staff buy into this. Special thanks to Mr Walter, Miss Cruxton and Miss Pickerill who do such a lot of work on this at lunchtime and after school.

5. British Council International Award – Foundation
As a result of work with international links, the school has gained this award. Again, it reflects our varied curriculum throughout the school. Well done to Miss Edwards who led the project.

6. Family Picnic
This was held last week and was very successful. It is an opportunity for our families to talk to each other, whilst sharing food. Families managed to find shade under the many trees and enjoyed themselves.

7. Arson Attempt
We were able to pass on the names to the police of the local yobs who set fire to a bush by the path and continued their brainless acts at night by the Croft Nursery. I have contacted the police and Councillor Jackie Barnes a few times about these excluded pupils and hope they are soon off the estate.

8. School Concerts
The children have been working hard for two weeks ready for our three performances this week. Please check you have your tickets as the children are brilliant.

9. Swimming Awards
Beginner’s Certificate: Hamzah Bashir, Joshua Tok, Sasha Steele, Rabiullah Rahmati,
Matthew Piesse-Mills, Ana Litoiu, Angel Johnson, Mohsin Ali, Donna Agyei-Tiejeda &
Angelika Szklarska.
Length Certificate: Rian Webster.
This is the government expectation that children achieve by Y6. It is so important children learn to swim and it would be great if families took the opportunity to go swimming over the summer as school cannot get children to the expected standard alone.

10. School Safety
We have recently had some bushes and trees cut down that were overgrown. We have also had an additional fence added by the Newcastle Lane emergency entrance and 3 more CCTV cameras added. Two cover the entrance and another the missing corner of the KS2 playground, which we used this week to solve a false allegation. I think you will agree that these actions will make the school even safer. Mr Preston now goes out each morning to check the children are safe. Please do not let your children play on the trim trail or exercise bikes before school, they need to be learning.

11. Health, Fitness and Well Being Week
On Friday we start our Health, Fitness and Well-being week with a PE day. Over the course of the next 4 days the children will look at e-safety, water safety, safety in the home and road safety. Also, relationships, mindfulness and healthy eating will be covered. So you can see this is an important week.
The children need to come in their own PE kit on Friday 13th July (swimming goes ahead as normal). Early Years are having their own ‘WOW Day’ and will need to come in their own Sumer Themed Clothes. We have a dance instructor coming in, fitness tests, orienteering and scooting/cycling.
Reception Graduation next Wednesday 18th at 9:05. All are welcome.
The children also need to come in PE kits on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th when they will be taking their school PE kits home.
On Friday 20th July we finish with a service for Y6 and children should be in normal school uniform

12. Classes
The class structure for next year has now been completed after lots of deliberations and the classes are.

Mrs Peake
Miss Jackson
Mr Wiggins (Miss Whalley)
Miss Edwards
Mr Meir
Miss Morris
Miss Mazzei
Mrs Brown/Miss Chapman
Miss Lovatt
Mrs Connelly
Miss Butter (Mrs Clarke)
Miss Pollock (Mrs Mills-Farmer)

13. Bump Up Morning
This is on Thursday 12th July, when children will move classes and meet their new class teacher (in most cases, Miss Mazzei is on a safeguarding course). Staff have planned some fun and interesting activities for the children.

14. Attendance
There has been an improvement this year along with our academic results. We have run a competition to find the best class. The results are
1st Y5/6, 97.56%
2nd Y5, 97.31%
3rd Y1/2, 96.70%
All three classes are having a tea party on Friday afternoon, time on the trim trail and some prizes. Very well done to these classes.

15. Academic Results
This year all our key stages report an improvement in attainment which reflects the excellent teaching at St. Johns as well as the great support of parent/carers and Governors. We can all be very proud.

EY- 72% good Level of development

KS1-Phonics Check 78% (an increase of 7%). Reading 74% (an increase of 14%), Writing 60% (an increase of 3%) and Mathematics 77% (an increase 17%).

KS2-TBC as a few being checked Reading 79% (33% GD), Grammar 85% (36% GD), Maths 85% (21% GD), Children will get their results tomorrow.

16. Y6 Fund Raiser
Y6 are undertaking their annual fund raiser by selling ice creams and drinks. They have agreed with my suggestion, to collect for the Donna Louise Hospice. Over my teaching career there have been children I have taught treated there and a few who sadly died there. We are making a collection at the concerts and selling lollies and ice creams this Friday (13th), please support this fund-raising effort for Y6.

17. Toilets
Over the last 2 weeks we have had some children who think it good manners to block up the toilets and smear soap on the mirrors. We have had to buy bars of soap and take out the easier liquid soap now. If someone in your house is undertaking this behaviour, please let us know.

18. Reminders

  • All children will be given a new book bag next week.
  • Children who are Pupil Premium will be given a jumper/cardigan.
  • White PE tops and shorts will be given out in September to all children.
  • Families need to buy their children black pumps.
  • Children keep the same colour coded PE bags. If new are needed they are on sale via parentpay.
  • On the last Friday we close at 2pm as four rooms are being painted and staff have to clear up their rooms. Gates will open at 1:45pm to help you. School re-opens to pupils on Wednesday 5th September for pupils.

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Bloor