Parent/Carer Questionnaire Results 2015

Parent/Carer Questionnaire-Teaching & Learning October 2015

At St John’s we periodically ask for your views and opinions on different topics – this is because we feel it is vital that home and school work in unison in our joint responsibility of educating our pupils. You are listened to and actions have always been taken as a result of your views on previous questionnaires.
Thank you for your help as 98 questionnaires were filled in, read and analysed.
1. Has your child started the term well? 99% said Yes

2. Is your child happy at school? 98% said Yes

3. Are you happy with the start he/she has made with reading? 100% said Yes

4. Do you regularly hear your child read at home? 97% said Yes

5. Can you make any suggestions that would help your child’s reading?

  • Books that children enjoy and are interesting in (4)
  • Encourage lunch time reading club more
  • Books with harder words
  • More guided reading with children who ‘struggle’
  • More 1 to 1 reading
  • Books on Topics
  • Library to lend books
  • Everything good
  • Encourage more expression when reading
  • Very happy with reading
  • I will make more effort helping my daughter to read

6. St John’s has a focus on pupil learning in all ways – do you agree? 100% said Yes

7. Can you make any suggestions to improve our learning?

  • Make it harder
  • Giving out lined books to improve handwriting
  • Change reading books more regularly (5)
  • More assessments
  • Go over learning 2/3 times
  • Parents to do more reading and writing at home (3)
  • Suggested apps/websites for parents/carers to use at home

8. What family learning course might you be interested in?

  • First Aid course
  • Cooking
  • Maths
  • Homework help
  • Reading
  • Arts & Crafts

9. Do you find the newsletter informative? 100% said Yes

10. What information would you like in the newsletters?

  • Very happy with it
  • Newsletter is brill
  • Covers everything
  • More about children’s adventures
  • Dates for diary
  • News about awards the school has received
  • Like reading about what the children have been thinking about that week
  • Cards with term dates needed

11. Are you happy with your child’s homework? 98% said Yes

12. Can you make any suggestions to improve our homework?

  • More Maths and 4 rules work (3)
  • No suggestions
  • Good
  • Some homework too hard
  • Please remind child to do (4)
  • More essays
  • Providing materials
  • More writing
  • More comprehension
  • More creating and making homework (4)
  • Less homework

Dear parents/carers

Your positive comments about the teaching and learning at St John’s in this questionnaires. The results are rewarding for the staff and the school and shows how well the term has started and crucially how happy the children are. It also shows great parental support for the emphasis we place at St John’s on reading. One comment was especially lovely, ‘the teachers and TA’s do an amazing job’.

However as a result of the questionnaire the following actions will be taken so we can improve even further:

  • We will make sure that reading books are changed 3 times a week and put a number of staff in both EY and KS1 to check this.
  • 1 to 1 reading will still have a priority and we will try to use the TA’s to do more and any University Students we have.
  • We will look to purchase some new reading books for EY and KS1 (last year we financed KS2 read books).
  • If a child wants a harder book parent/carers can ask for additional ones as well for extra practice.
  • In KS1, (Y1, Y1/2 & Y2) there are 2 guided reading sessions each day.
  • Information about Stoke Library will be cascaded to families.
  • We will also encourage all our parents/carers to hear their children read at home although the majority, I know already do which is so crucial in Stoke as we work together to raise Literacy standards.


  • We will give out some lined books for handwriting practice for younger children to do at home for homework shortly.
  • I can reassure parents/carers that all staff go over learning many times until it is understood.
  • We will continue our focus with reading and re-introducing our reading at home reward system.
  • Apps/Websites will be added to our school website.

Family Learning

  • Mrs Ramsden will try to arrange parent/carer courses in all the areas suggested throughout the year.
  • Parental phonics demonstration sessions are starting this week and will cover KS1 (Y1-Y2) and Early Years (Nursery & Reception). Later we will cover guided reading and calculation sessions that parents/carers can attend.
  • For parents/carers that cannot get time off work to attend, we will give out additional information to read at home.


  • I am so pleased you find it useful but will add information about school awards on a regular basis which is a super idea. We will also add articles about a class of the week with photo’s and check all the diary dates as far as possible in advance (Mrs Bailey in the office organises this).


  • Unfortunately this always divides opinions as some want more, some want less. Staff decide when to give out although it is the same across the school and Monday is the beginning of the learning week in class but I will ask staff.
  • Children will be reminded to do their homework and will be sent to catch up club at lunchtime if not completed and privileges withdrawn e.g. computer club at lunch time.
  • Maths will continue to have a high focus as under the new curriculum children need to know tables up to the 12 times tables by Y4.
  • Writing/comprehension tasks will be sent from time to time.
  • More homework will be addressed by adding a challenge homework each week for both KS1 and KS2 that children can take from a box in the corridor. Mrs Wolfe will organise KS2 and Miss Pickerill KS1. Mrs Wolfe also organised a holiday homework project.
  • We will add a creative and making homework every 4/5 weeks.
  • We will also give all children from Nursery to Y2 a phonics or maths book to work at home with a parent/carer.

Actions we are unable to take

  • Mrs Chapman takes 1 reading club at lunchtime and some children who have not read at home read but staffing lunchtime supervision means that we cannot organise any more.
  • We cannot give out any more materials.
  • We can’t reduce our homework as research indicates work at home with parent/carers has even more impact than work at school.

St John’s CE (A) Primary School really serves our community and we hope you are happy with the actions we are taking as a result of your views and much valued opinions. The staff at St John’s really appreciates your time.