Parent/Carer Questionnaire Results 2016

Parent/Carer Questionnaire-Teaching & Learning November 2016

At St John’s we periodically ask for your views and opinions on different topics – this is because we feel it is vital that home and school work in unison in our joint responsibility of educating our pupils. You are listened to and actions have always been taken as a result of your views on previous questionnaires. 124 questionnaires were received.

1. Has your child started the term well? 99% said Yes
2. Is your child happy at school? 98% said Yes
3. Are you happy with the start he/she has made with reading? 99% said Yes
4. Do you regularly hear your child read at home? 98% said Yes
5. Can you make any suggestions that would help your child’s reading and reading throughout the school?

  • More reading on own
  • more choice of books (6)
  • poems/nonfiction
  • writing practice to match
  • use of tablet
  • more information on the reading scheme
  • more comments by staff target to work on
  • books changed regularly (3)
  • pushed more
  • asking questions
  • flash cards to be used at home (3)
  • reading at home regularly (3)
  • provide more reading materials (3)

6. St John’s has a focus on pupil learning in all ways – do you agree? 98% said Yes
7. Can you make any suggestions to improve our learning?

  • More technology
  • staff who specialise in certain areas
  • stop pre-cursive handwriting and leave until Y5 & Y6
  • mark on the diary if he/she needs to improve on anything
  • book recommendations per year group to families
  • more information on reading
  • more information on what they have been learning in the week (8)
  • getting children to read newspapers/magazines
  • more homework (8)
  • allow high achievers to move on and up
  • more spelling to learn to home (4)

8. What family learning course might you be interested in?

  • Cooking (4)
  • everything (4)
  • crafts PTFA
  • more information about this
  • English
  • Maths (4)
  • sports
  • English writing
  • things not in working hours
  • phonics for working parents/carers
  • ideas to help children to learn

9. We purchased ‘My Maths’ and ‘Active Learn’ (bugclub) both on-line programmes to help with children’s learning. Do you use them? 63% said Yes
10. Are you happy with your child’s homework? 96% said Yes
11. Can you make any suggestions to improve our homework?

  • More activities (7)
  • less written work
  • more activity based
  • more creative homework
  • more drawing (8)
  • prizes and stickers given for homework
  • more research related
  • more problem solving
  • to allow them to think outside the box, 2 or 3 books for homework
  • too much set; learning at school is enough
  • more to practice at home
  • more homework (16)
  • rewards for homework
  • holiday homework
  • make daily worksheet for phonics clearer (4)
  • harder homework as my son finds it too easy (6)
  • art homework (2)
  • projects for children (4)
  • homework for weaker children’s areas
  • more homework (6)
  • issue of not having access to laptop at home

12. Do you like our ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour system? 97% said Yes
13. Can you make any suggestions to improve our behaviour schemes?

  • Knowing if my child goes off green
  • implications of red cards for a pupil
  • increase levels of punishment for repeat offenders
  • check uniform for school and swimming re: speedos
  • not sure about ‘good to be green’
  • ‘very happy with everything’
  • ‘my children take pride in behaving well’ (4)
  • a very good system (24)
  • can’t make any suggestions; very happy (21)

Results of the Questionnaire
Thank you for your responses of our target sharing open evening. Your views are crucial to us as St John’s continues to become an ‘Outstanding’ school. Our end of Key Stage 2 results are better than National so there is a lot that we are doing really well already.
It is lovely to note how pleased you are with how the term has started, how happy the children are and how pleased you are with the reading. It proves what a happy and effective school St John’s is.

As a result of your views we are taking the following actions:
1. Reading; we are so pleased you recognised our focus on reading is successful.
• Information about reading and our reading scheme will be cascaded.
• As will some recommended reading books for each year group
• Books are changed at least 2/3 times a week, older pupils as they finish them. I will however remind staff that this must happen at least 3 times a week.
• Some new books have just been added to all KS2 classrooms and we will add some to the younger children’s areas.
• Staff already have regular training on hearing children read. All the support staff had an after school session by Miss Mazzei the week before half term about questioning. We will also issue more tips to you to help with this.
• I will ask staff who do sign reading diaries to add some progress comments and next targets to some that they hear read each day and will continue to promote home reading as it has been suggested, including those parents/carers who do not support their children with hearing them read.
2. Homework/Learning
• This is split between those who want more homework and those who want less. However, we will continue to set what we feel is a reasonable amount, but I will ask staff to add a challenge.
• Also additional gifted and talented challenges will be set weekly by Miss pickerill in KS1 and Mrs Wolfe in KS2 which children can take if they wish and for which we award a KS1 & KS2 challenge cup each week.
• I will ask staff to make clear what the homework is so it is simple to follow, also ask staff to add stickers and stampers. Also, clarify the phonics homework for you.
• Staff will also be asked to set a creative homework each half term and a project and will include some problem solving when relevant. Homework is set each half term e.g. Y6 are completing a research project.
• The Government recommends schools set homework and I believe it helps children know that learning does not just take place in school. It is also set each night at high school, so sets a good standard for their future learning.
3. Family Learning
• I will ask the Home School Link Worker, Mrs Ramsden to take account of these suggestions when she plans courses.
• I will try to get 1/2 of these for working parents/carers on phonics/hearing children read and maths tips.
• We will have some English speaking coffee mornings which Mrs Ramsden is keen to do.
4. Behaviour; Good to Be Green
• This is clearly very well supported by parents/carers. Thank you and we will continue this successful scheme.
5. Actions that we cannot take
• Children on the special needs register will continue to be set homework as we have high aspirations for all of our pupils and the Government have raised standards so children leave school with sufficient skills to gain employment and to aim high.
• We can’t have 2/3 books for homework, although KS2 have an English and a Maths homework book and will be given study books to work on at home for their SATS after Christmas.
• Children who receive red cards do have consequences and are not picked to represent the school, but we can’t be more severe as we hope they will improve their behaviour.

Thank you once again for taking the time to relay your views and opinions, I’m sure that some of these recommendations will have a positive impact on the children at St John’s.

Mrs Bloor