Exploding madness!


This is a picture of a volcano

The pupils of y5/6P made a volcano! It happened on 13 December 2012 it happened in a classroom, to show the structure of a volcano. When asked Mrs Peake said, “It was important for children to see what I was trying to show them instead of pictures, so building the model volcano and having a go of erupting a volcano themselves.

The pupils built the volcano by building gravel and rock to the tube, then they put vinegar in the tube and the volcano erupted the pupils were very fascinated by this they thought this was “great” according to George Beech- Daly a pupil n year 5/6 P.

The pupils were studying a topic which was called “What is so cool about planet earth? The pupils learnt how and why volcanoes erupt, what they look like inside and from above.

Reported by Thomas Beech Daly, Elliot Brown