Surprise seder plate

Surprise seder plate lesson at St John’s

Children in year 3/4 at St John’s Primary school, had a special lesson on the Seder plate. The children looked at the different foods and what they represent. Liam Bates said “the lamb shank represents the death of a lamb which they killed to put on to the doors so the angel of death could Passover the house and go to the Egyptians.”

A Seder plate showing the 6 traditional items.

Miss Clowes, who is the class teacher organised this unusual lesson on willow art day because the class was split in half for Willow art activity.
Miss Clowes told our reported Sneha Miah that “ The children were all really happy and well behaved during the Sedar plate lesson, I was very proud of them all.

Reporter Sneha Miah