Our Attendance Policy by the School Council

We think good attendance is important because if you don’t come to school you won’t learn anything or may fall behind. You also won’t see your friends!

If you don’t come to school on time you will miss lessons. If you miss even 1 day you would be missing more than you think. You won’t be as clever as others and you will miss all the fun. If you are late, even that is better than missing school.

You get:
Certificates, prizes, attendance trophy and rewards including juice & biscuits and money If you don’t come you will be letting your class mates down.

Good Tips:
1. Wake up earlier if you have been late.
2. Don’t stay up too late.
3. Leave the house earlier.
4. Come to the Breakfast Club.
5. Do your homework at night.
6. Get everything ready the night before.
7. Keep healthy by eating lots of healthy food and take exercise.

Written by:
Jessica Clarke, Danny Lea-Shaw, Laura-Lou Hopley, Charlie Malbon, Ben Burgess, Elise Steventon, Jay Johnson, Lucy Adams, Joe Johnson, Molly Adams, Harry Lake and Chloe McCourt.

July 2011