Home School Agreement

At St John’s CE (A) Primary School our aim is to always provide high quality education for all our pupils.

Our partnership with you as parent/carers is crucial in our joint responsibility of educating your children. We seek to develop with you every child’s full potential through excellent teaching & learning. Teaching is tailored to all children’s needs and also promotes self-esteem, motivation, good citizenship and a lifelong love of learning.

Agreement for School

To help your child we will do our best to:

  1. welcome parents/carers into the life of the school and keep you informed about general school matters
  2. offer a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of your child
  3. make sure your child works hard and is encouraged to do his/her best
  4. prioritise good work and behaviour and celebrate your child’s talents/achievements
  5. contact you as soon as possible, if we are concerned about your child’s work or behaviour and get back to you as soon as possible if you write to us or phone us
  6. let you know regularly how your child is progressing
  7. set your child regular homework tasks including reading, phonics, spelling etc
  8. provide a range of extra-curricular experiences, activities and visits designed to enrich the children’s school experience

Agreement for Parents/Carers

To help my child at school, I will do my best to:

  1. make sure that my child attends school regularly and is on time; contact the school as soon as possible by phone or in writing if my child is absent
  2. collect my child on time after school but will contact the school if an emergency arises
  3. encourage my child to complete homework tasks, including spelling/phonics and reading
  4. support the schools Healthy Eating Policy and not give my child drinks or sweets/chocolate on the school grounds
  5. make sure my child wears the school colours, appropriate footwear and hair, according to the School Uniform Policy
  6. work with and support the school to try and make sure that my child behaves well and get in touch if there are any problems at home that may affect my child’s work or behaviour
  7. attend open evenings/Pupil Passport reviews for parents/carers or make an alternative appointment
  8. speak directly to a member of staff if I have a concern/issue rather than discuss on social networking sites which can cause legal issues
  9. be positive about school and St John’s community

Agreement for Pupils

To help me do well at school, I will do my best to:

  1. work hard and listen carefully and follow instructions the school and close rules
  2. talk at home about what I learn at school
  3. talk to the teacher or someone at home if I am worried or find my work hard
  4. read my books to someone at home and bring my book and signed diary to school every day
  5. do all of my homework on time each week
  6. not miss school and be on time
  7. wear the school colour, sensible shoes and hairstyles
  8. make sure that I have the correct equipment for PE, visits and special days

This can be downloaded and printed from here.