Mazzei’s Monthly Reading Tips

Welcome to March’s Monthly Reading Tips.

Remember that you can use Bug Club ( to enjoy reading together because it also has comprehension questions.    This is also good practise for our Y6 and Y2, who will be taking their Standardised Attainment Tests this year.  Please remember to write it in your child’s diary and initial it.

All our children are trying to get onto the Premier League if they are in Upper KS2, and the top of the Reading Rocket if they are in Lower KS2 or KS1.  In Upper KS2 (Y4M, Y56M and Y6P) everyone starts in the National League.  When they have read at least 10 times they move up to Amateur Players; both of these are in the classroom.  The following awards are in the corridor so that everyone can see their achievements:

League 2 – 15 times or more

League 1 – 20 times or more

The Championship – 25 times or more

Premier League – 30 times or more

Well done to Brodie Sinclaire, who in week 5 of the term is already in the Premier League.  This means she has read more than 4 times a week, which is our target for all our children.


Look out for next months ‘Mazzei’s Monthly Reading Tips and find out who our ‘outstanding’ readers are.