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 Office Information

Office Staff

For your information our staff are Mrs Oldfield (School Business Manager), Mrs Barnes (School Bursar), Mrs Varley (Office Liaison Associate) and Mrs Bailey (Admin Assistant) – please feel free to contact any staff member for any information/help required.

Please note the office will be closed each day from 9:30am until 11:45am & 12:15 until 2:50pm except for emergencies.

Home School Link Worker

Our staff member is Mrs Ramsden, who is always willing to chat with you re any issues/concerns you may have about your child, their health or school related queries including attendance. Please ask for her at the main office.


Clothing with our school logo is available at Smart School Uniform at The Barracks, Newcastle – opposite the bus station under the arch. Alternatively you can purchase clothing from other outlets without our logo as long as it is the correct colour.

Book Bags/PE Bags are available from the school office priced at £3.50 each.

Swimming Caps are available from the school office priced at £1 each.

Reception class uniform

reception-uniformFoundation class uniform and PE uniform

foundation-uniformpe-uniform--foundation-ks1Key Stage 2 class uniform and PE uniform


We have many information forms e.g. Free Meals Application, copy Trip Letters, copy Newsletter, Request for Special Leave of Absence etc, available from the stand just inside the Office Reception Area – please feel free to call in and collect anything you require. Please ask at the office if you cannot find what you are looking for or check on our website (

Cheque/On-line Payments

We actively encourage payment through the on-line registration scheme known as SQUID for dinners/trips/book bags/PE bags/swim caps and wraparound nursery fees. You will be issued with details of SQUID within the first few days of your child’s admission to our school. This system is in place to stop the risk of children mislaying payments or you not receiving your change. Alternatively you can pay by cheque (cheques are payable to St John’s CofE (A) Primary School).

General Information

Telephone Calls

St John’s has an automated telephone system (telephone 238889) – please select option 1 to report your child’s illness on their first day of absence giving your child’s name, class and reason for the absence. Can we ask that any other telephone calls made to the school office are for EMERGENCY reasons only and for all other matters please see the next item.

Messages to Class Teachers

If you have a message to be relayed to your child’s class teacher e.g. medical appointments, collection of pupil by another adult, concerns/worries of your child/yourself etc then please either send in a note to the class teacher or inform the staff member who is on the door at the main entrance who will take down a note and pass on your message. This again helps cut down on the interruptions in class when teaching & learning is taking place and as it is the class teacher that needs this information in the first instance they can then, if needed, forward notes to the school office via our established ‘office bag’ system.

Money/Forms/Letters/Reply Slips

Can all the above please be sent in with your child to their class teacher as we have a good system in school and we want all children to use this system, which is all part of learning – this also leaves the office free to deal with any queries or answer telephone calls. Please send all money in a sealed, named envelope or purse with your child’s class, the amount of money enclosed and what it is for. Staff will not accept any money that is not in a sealed envelope or purse.

Class Letters/Newsletters

We send out letters/newsletters on a Thursday only, as much as possible, as again we wish to reduce the time staff spend each day handing out items to pupils but please continue to check your child’s bag daily.

Thank you for your consideration in these matters.


Paid School Meals

At St John’s we run a Cashless Catering System – please see additional information for new families. A PIN number for cash payments & on-line account registration details will be generated overnight, once your child has attended for their first day and is registered on the school system. If you have any queries regarding the system please ask at the school office.

Please note once a school meal has been booked on the morning class register a refund cannot be given if your child does not take that meal e.g. if they are sent home sick, they do not return to school from a medical appointment but were expected to, a meal is booked but you collect your child early for any reason, a packed lunch has been booked in advance for a trip but your child is off school ill on that day etc.

If you are aware that your child normally has a school meal but one is not required on a particular day because they will be absent during the lunch break please send a note in to the class teacher so that they do not book one for that day and also tell your child – the office are unable to make any changes once the register numbers are passed from the class teacher to the catering staff.

Free School Meals

If you know/think your child is entitled to Free School Meals please speak to the school office. All children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal under the government Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme.

Packed Lunch from Home

If you wish for your child to have a packed lunch each day please send them in with a named lunch box/bag – please include a healthy lunch.

Example of a Healthy Packed Lunch

  • sandwich – 2 slices of bread with a filling that will not sweat in warm weather
  • yoghurt /cereal bar / bag of crisps / piece of fruit / small box of dried fruit (NO nuts allowed)
  • carton of juice (NO glass bottles or fizzy pop allowed)
  • No chocolate/sweets

Thank you for your consideration in these matters.

Downloadable and printable forms:

Admissions forms

Admissions policy version 9
Applying for a nursery placement
Application for nursery class admission
Applying for a reception class placement
Application for reception class admission

Cashless Catering information

Insight to the cashless school meal System
How to Guide for the cashless school meal system (sQuid)
Biometrics Info
Biometrics FAQs
Biometrics Consent

Other forms

Free school meal application form
Pupil leave of absence
Holiday list 2013 – 2014
Attendance colour code system
Information for Espresso Home Access
Parent/Carer Maths Questionnaire