Primary PE/Sport Premium 2017 – 2018

Primary PE and Sport Premium 2017/2018

This funding is provided by the Government to improve primary PE and school sport. It is ring fenced and allocated to the head teacher to achieve self-sustaining improvement in the quality of PE and sport. Our allocation is approximately £16,000 and £10 per pupil.

Our Vision

Our vision based on the department of Education’s vision, is that all pupils become physically literate with the knowledge, skills and motivation to equip them for a heathy lifestyle and life-long participation in physical activity and sport. We promote healthy lifestyles daily and focus on 2 high quality P.E. lessons through a broad and balanced curriculum, increased staff knowledge and training, additional activity through the day and sporting opportunities. The school budget is also used to help achieve these crucial aims and the promotion of healthy lifestyles that is central for the children at St. Johns.

Key Objectives for our Sport’s Funding Allocation and impact Costings
1.To provide a greater range of sporting opportunities for all pupils:-

%               P.E. has a high profile at St. Johns and lessons are organised to be strenuous and have high impact. It helps kick start healthy, active lifestyles. All children are given a full sport’s kit to help them feel confident and improved working together.

%               A programme of after school P.E. activities is provided across the age ranges, both at during and after school. TFS/external coaches are employed to deliver some of these.

%               A range of break/lunchtime sporting clubs increases participation and enthusiasm for exercise and the twice weekly Style Mile for all classes and indoor active session at break times. Additional TA time ensures all children are included. Both will increase participation and help achieve the Gold School games Mark having achieved Silver this year. The Stoke 6 provide additional opportunities,

%               Specialist kits to wear at events to develop self-worth and team work.

%               Quality and varied P.E. resources have been purchased for lessons and extra -curricular activities. High quality resources mean children are more likely to take part in clubs. Cooperative play equipment helps working together and reduces any conflicts at lunch time.

%               Competitive sporting opportunities in a variety of sports; table tennis athletics, Fitzy Fox, Girls and Boys football, hockey, tennis etc. are financed for travel and staffing costs.

%               An extra swimming lesson and coach has been purchased for a KS2 class.

%               Sport’s leaders in upper KS2 amongst G&T pupils are used to develop leadership and extend their knowledge and skills and a TA undertakes training sessions.

%               Stanley Head PE Days for all KS1 & KS2 pupils to focus on physical fitness.










£5250 PP


2.To improve the teaching and expertise of staff:-

%               Training for staff through the Open Network and coaching including supply cover, as research shows this is more effective than just watching a sport’s coach. Monitoring by the SL takes place.

%               New Val Sabin scheme of work has been purchased for use throughout the school, which increases teacher subject knowledge in teaching P.E. and impacts in lessons.



Supply cover



3.To promote healthy lifestyles amongst our pupils and families:-

%   In addition to 2 hours P.E. from reception to Y6 the children will have a 10 minute activity (PA) session each day.

%   Active lunchtimes are promoted through the provision of quality resources.

%   A sport’s healthy lifestyle week is held each year and various intra class competitions are held each term.

%   The ‘Food for Life’ Brook accreditation has been achieved in 2015 and will impact on health promotion with food. Healthy packed lunches are rewarded with stickers by staff.

%   School cycling/scooting courses take place regularly. New scooters and a scooter shed have been purchased.

%   Specialist sporting opportunities; Taekwondo, curling and rowing to increase skills development to encourage lifelong active lifestyles.

%   Work takes place to help children make informed choices about healthy lifestyles and parent courses are held on healthy eating. This will encourage pupils to make healthy lifestyle choices.

School Budget











4.To promote school sport throughout the city:-

A percentage of the premium is used to support the sport’s network established by Helen Moores (the former Stoke South Sport Co-ordinator) to develop physical activity and competitive sport amongst primary schools that are members of the OPEN P.E. network. This network offers lots of opportunities to collaborate with the Youth Sport’s Trust and active School’s Programme. It also provides quality professional development for our teachers.


Evaluating the Impact

In September 2016 all the KS1 and KS2 children were given a fitness test and scores reported to parents. The test was repeated in July 2017 during a 2 day PE, games skills and activity focus, during Health and Well Being week and 56% of all children improved their scores. The aim now is to continue this focus and impact which is impacting in the school. Only 5% dropped out of after school clubs 2016/7 and a greater range of sports was offered.

The percentage of children achieving length or better at school swimming for 2016/7 was 94%, compared to a city average of 73%.

The percentage of obese children in Y6 has reduced to 12% compared to a city average of 24%. According to class surveys, 95% of children enjoy PE and feel fitter.