Good behaviour

Parents Guide to Good behaviour

Give Praise

• Praise helps children to remember what we’d like them to do, how we expect them to behave

• Praise helps children to feel good about themselves, so they are more likely to behave well

• Praise helps us to notice all the good things about our children, rather than mostly focusing on their faults.

• Praise helps us to feel good too – it’s no fun having to tell children off all the time

Set Boundaries

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of rules. You can replace the word rules with guidelines, agreement, contract or code – whatever suits you. The point is that children need to know what we expect, to know where the boundaries are and to respect them.
To help them, keeping to the rules is rewarded, and breaking the rules is penalised.

Most of all have fun with your child!! Children grow so quickly. Spend time with them, even if it spending 5 minutes listening to them read. Help them with their homework, plays games with them, go for walks. This will give you a chance to talk to them, find out how they are going on, how they are feeling or if they have any concerns. Enjoy!