Photography & Video Image Policy

Revision/Review History

Version Date Comments Review Date
15 Summer 2017 Approved and issued (no amendments) Summer 2018
14 Summer 2016 Approved and issued (no amendments) Summer 2017
13 Summer 2015 Approved and issued (no amendments) Summer 2016
12 Autumn 2014 No amendments, approved and issued Summer 2015
11 Autumn 2013 Amended, approved and issued Summer 2014
10 Summer 2013 Approved and issued (no amendments) Summer 2014
9 Summer 2012 Approved and issued (no amendments) Summer 2013
8 July 2011 Approved and issued (no amendments) Summer 2012
7 July 2010 Approved and issued (adopted from LA) July 2011
6 June 2009 Amended, approved and issued July 2010
5 September 2008 Amended, approved and issued July 2009
4 September 2007 Approved and issued September 2008
3 September 2006 Approved and issued September 2007
2 September 2005 Approved and issued September 2006
1 September 2005 First Draft

Consent Form for the use of photographic images

St John’s CE(A) Primary School together with Stoke-on-Trent City Council, their partners and the local press sometimes require the use of photographs and images of local school children to promote the school, council services and the city.

In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we are required to seek the permission of parents and carers before recording and using such photographs and images.

Photographs and images may be used for the following:

  • School displays
  • School website
  • City Council’s magazine – Our City
  • Stoke-on-Line the City Council’ website
  • Brochures, leaflets and exhibitions
  • Press coverage
  • Video footage

Please note that photographs and images will NOT be used to support any documents that have negative connotations and could cause distress to the person involved.

I have read and understood the information above and give permission for my child to be photographed and I give permission for images of my child to be included in marketing and publicity materials.

I also agree that any photographic images I take at school events will be for my personal private use only and will not be posted onto any media/social networking sites.

Name of Child:

Name of Parent/Carer:


Signed Parent/Carer:

Photo/Video Image Policy – Version 15 – Summer 2017