School Council Attendance Policy

School Council Attendance Policy March 2018

Why is good attendance important?

  • You are learning
  • You do not miss vital learning.

What will you miss?

  • Important information
  • Guided reading
  • What you need for the first lesson.

What do you miss if you are late?

  • Spellings
  • Phonics
  • Guided reading
  • Make the lesson late for everyone in the class

What rewards are there for good attendance and punctuality?

Disco Best class attendance
Visits Prizes
Juice and biscuits Certificates
Cinema voucher Trophy
£5 at the end of the school year Good attendance trips

What do you think ought to happen to children who are regularly late or absent?

Detention Staying in for the time they were late
Miss disco Parents / carers to be in trouble
Catch up with work Parents / carers fined or sent to prison

Top tips from all the classes

Aim to be early Eat breakfast quickly
Set an alarm Go to bed earlier
Make yourself a reminder poster Try and organise your gear
Have a daily routine Get dressed quickly
Wake up earlier

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