Our Bullying Policy by the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


This is the charter that school council representatives have put together to inform you how to react when being bullied!

How should we treat our friends?

Use nice qualities: Show kind actions:
Kindness Play with your friends
Respect Help them with problems
Be helpful Listen to them
Be polite Share with your friends
Be forgiving Co-operation
Trust your friends
Be happy

How should we speak to each other?

Don’t shout
Be polite
Don’t retaliate to rude comments

What should we do if we are worried?

Use the worry box
Tell someone you trust
Talk to your friends/adult.
NEVER keep it to yourself.

How should we treat people around us?

With respect
Don’t be impolite
Be friendly
Use your manners
Treat other adults as you would treat your parents.

How can we show kindness?

By doing simple things:
Open doors
Help carry things
Help with jobs
Include other people
Use our manners
Treat others fairly
Respect property and people
Don’t forget to smile

What shouldn’t we do?

Be violent to others
Be ignorant
Disobey rules and requests
Don’t take your anger out on other people.